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Friday, March 22, 2024

TV Show Review: Halo Season 2 TV Series - SPOILERS ALL OVER THIS

 Halo Season 2 TV Series
Creators: Steven Kane, Kyle Killen
Stars: Pablo Schreiber, Shabana Azmi, Natasha Culzac
Rating: TV-14
Episode length: 1h
9 episodes
Genre: Science Fiction, action, adventure
With the galaxy on the brink of destruction, Master Chief John-117 leads his team of Spartans against the alien threat known as the Covenant. 



Halo, the series season 2, has been one heck of an action-packed ride! If you're reading, you've been warned about spoilers ahead. We pick up season 2 not long after the timeline of the first season. John and the team of Spartans are "benched" and forced to just train all the live long day. Boring!

The new management at the UNSC is shady AF from the start, but no surprises there. Never trusted any of them. Maybe Cortana was the only exception, but it was hard to tell what she was really up to for so long. All the suits want is to make weapons and win the war. At all costs. Which, okay, I get that humanity is on the line, but some dirty tactics and so freakin' sneaky!!!

So the team is forced to watch the action from the sidelines and, in doing so, watch their Master Chief John leader seem to fall apart. (Side note: Pablo, who plays Chief John, is a 6 foot 5 demi-god of pure alpha male. LOVE HIM!) As the viewers, we see what the 'powers that be' can't, and so we know that his lady love/hate, Makee, is alive and well. Plotting and brewing back with the covenant and still searching for the artifacts. I don't know why she went back with them. They wanted her dead, so makes no sense to me. She's a total wild card.

We get to see lots more of Soren and family, plus the mysterious Kwan Ha. She holds some kind of powers or abilities that have been alluded to, which tie together the three main characters. Dr Halsey is still manipulating everyone, all the time but she's still a very intriguing character that you really have no idea what she will do next. No matter what, it will always be something for her own gain.

Captain Keys gave one of the best speeches before battle time that I've heard, maybe since Braveheart. That man can rally the damn troops! Loved his heart at the end, even if he too has been part of some very awful behavior to obtain these kids.

Long live Vannak! What a guy, what a soldier and what a friend to his team. You just start to see another side of him, and it's snuffed out. At least, in the end, he dies a freaking hero.

Some weird parts of the overall storyline left some gaps for me about what was going on. If I had played the game, maybe I would have known. But as just a viewer, it's like things are glossed over. If you know, you know, kind of feeling. But that said, what another fun ride on a show with so much more to offer than visual effects and bang bang shoot'em up.

We end this season with some gross virus that is turning everyone so far into almost zombie-like creatures and gross bug things come out of them. Was very scary and gory in parts, plus with Dr Halsey now infected and on ice, we just have no idea if she can make it. Her daughter better be working on that cure! Hope she paid attention in chemistry.

Tons of character depth, intergalactic high jinxes, well-acted thoughtful characters, heartfelt moments, loss of likable characters, and certainly a scifi show that makes you feel like you're right in the thick of it all. I can not wait for season 3! Soren's a single dad now, this ancient city and tech, is Kai alive or dead, what will happen next?!

I highly recommend this one for everyone of all ages. Video game or not; it is so enjoyable!

Getting 5 "never understate Master Chief" Sheep





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