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Monday, June 24, 2024

Character Confessions: Langston's vent session with his author Morgan Sterling + excerpt

Langston’s Vent Session with Morgan

Langston: Hey, Morgan. We need to talk.
Morgan: Oh no, what did I do now?

Langston: You know exactly what you did. You made me an astrophysics professor—cool, I can handle that. But did you have to make me so awkward around women?
Morgan: (laughs) Well, Langston, you needed some flaws to be relatable. No one likes a perfect character.

Langston: Relatable? Is that why you had me nearly choke on my words every time I tried to talk to Aurora in the beginning?
Morgan: Hey, it's called building tension. Besides, you turned out pretty smooth once you got comfortable. Remember that lecture scene?

Langston: (rolls eyes) Oh, you mean the one where I was so nervous I almost dropped my laser pointer? Real smooth.
Morgan: You did great! Aurora was totally into it.

Langston: Speaking of Aurora, why did you have to make her so perfect? She's talented, gorgeous, and confident. I felt like an awkward teenager all over again!
Morgan: Perfect? Aurora has her own insecurities and issues. She's just good at hiding them, unlike someone who fumbles with his glasses during a serious conversation.

Langston: (sighs) You just had to bring that up, didn't you? Anyway, there are a few backstory details you left out. Like the time I almost set the lab on fire trying to impress a girl in college.
Morgan: Oh really? Do tell!

Langston: Well, I was trying to show off my skills with a Bunsen burner and some fancy chemical reactions. Let's just say it ended with the fire alarm going off and me spending a week cleaning the lab.
Morgan: (laughs) See, these are the kinds of stories that make you relatable. Besides, look at how far you’ve come.

Langston: True, true. But you could have given me a break. Like that time you had me debating whether to call Aurora after ---our first date. I had a full-on meltdown!
Morgan: (smirking) It was endearing. And it showed your vulnerable side.

Langston: Vulnerable, huh? What about when you made me spill coffee on myself right before a big presentation?
Morgan: Okay, that was just funny. Even heroes need to have bad days.

Langston: Yeah, yeah. Speaking of bad days, did you really have to make my mom so meddling? I love her, but the way she pushes me towards Aurora...
Morgan: She just wants you to be happy. Plus, it adds some comic relief.

Langston: Fine, I’ll give you that one. But you owe me a few more wins in the next book. Maybe a scene where I’m not a total klutz?
Morgan: Deal. But you know, Langston, it’s your imperfections that make readers fall in love with you.

Langston: (smiles) I guess so. But next time, could you at least let me keep my dignity intact during romantic moments?
Morgan: I’ll see what I can do. But no promises!

Langston: Figures. Alright, I’ve had my rant. Just remember, a little more finesse next time, please?
Morgan: Noted. Now go win over Aurora again.

Langston: (grinning) With pleasure.

Stellar Harmony (A Nerdy Love Affair Book 1)

by Morgan Sterling
May 31, 2024
Genre: Urban Romance
ISBN: 9798883229052
Number of pages: 211
Word Count: 59,926
Cover Artist: Morgan Sterling
An Urban Romance Written In The Stars

In the vibrant streets of Chicago, Langston, an astrophysics professor, and Aurora, a gifted musician, find solace in each other's embrace. But as their love blossoms, they must confront societal pressures and personal demons. Will they find harmony in the chaos of their lives? Dive into this captivating urban romance filled with passion, self-discovery, and the wonders of the cosmos.

We reached across the table to clink our glasses together.

"No one understands me either," we said in unison.

I blushed. His scent of fresh soap and spiced cologne intoxicated me as if I could taste it on my tongue.

The server asked if we needed another round, but we both declined. Langston waved him off kindly and said we should get some air.

Outside, the cool night air felt good against my skin. The stars twinkled above us, and Langston pointed out constellations like reading a book. Orion, Cassiopeia, and others. I let out a small gasp when he told me there was one that resembled a man with a star for a crown.

"Wow. That's the first time anyone's ever shown me that," I whispered, goosebumps prickling my arms.

He smiled. "Imagine how people used to look up at stars, see images, paint pictures." He blew out a breath in a cloud in the cold air. His nose was starting to turn red. He looked adorable. But he didn't seem to notice the cold as he looked up. "Fantasies in the sky."

He looked down at me but said nothing as he wrapped his arms around himself to stay warm.

"So, tell me about your fantasies," he murmured into the silence.

"Huh?" I blinked, caught off guard by his directness.

He chuckled. "You know, what do you like to dream about when the stars come out? What turns you on?" His voice was deep and husky, sending shivers down my spine.

"I don't know," my eyes lowered nervously. "I've never really thought about it." My cheeks flushed as I realized how naive that sounded.

"I don't think that's true," he began, taking my hand into both of his. He blew onto them, his hot breath hitting my cold skin. And his lips, so soft, brushed against the palm of my hand.

A moment later Langston pulled me in for a warm kiss. When our lips met, a fire ignited, spreading like wildfire through my veins. Langston's mouth moved against mine with a fervor that matched the intensity of the kiss. His lips were soft and pliant, molding perfectly to mine.

I tasted the remnants of the wine on his lips, an intoxicating blend mingling with the sweetness of his breath. His heat enveloped me, seeping into my skin. Gathering my hair peeking from under my hat, he tangled it in his fingers, willing my head back, my lips parted. His other hand slipped past my bomber jacket, onto my butt, pulling me closer.

A moan escaped me instinctually. It was all he needed to pull me in further, his tongue exploring my mouth.

My pulse pulsed, feeling him press against me.

"God damn it," he said, pulling away, searching my eyes as I searched his back for answers to unasked questions.

"I think- I think I should head home." I took wobbly steps back, cold air rushing between us. I did not come to Chicago for this - the last thing I needed.

I waved briefly and left him confused on the cold Chicago street. And if he felt only a pinch of what I did, I also left him horny as hell.

About the Author:

Explore the captivating narratives of Morgan Sterling, a seasoned wordsmith whose storytelling prowess transcends boundaries. Spanning various genres, from contemporary to paranormal and urban romance, Morgan's narratives challenge conventional norms, spotlighting the allure of imperfection. Within Morgan's literary universe, characters are intricately layered, diverging from traditional romantic archetypes. Here, protagonists may embody antiheroic traits, and heroines navigate their journeys with authenticity and fortitude, illustrating the boundless nature of true love.

As a minority woman blerd (black nerd) with a penchant for romance and an imaginative flair, Morgan draws from personal encounters to craft authentic and diverse tales. Motivated by a quest for representation in literature, Morgan embarked on a creative odyssey to fill a void, merging romance with the fantastical realms of science fiction and fantasy.

Beyond her literary endeavors, Morgan is a polymath of varied interests. From indulging in cosplay to immersing herself in anime, comic books, and lingerie, she draws inspiration from her eclectic passions, infusing her creative process with vivacious energy. Influenced by literary luminaries like Octavia Butler, Dean Koontz, and Rebecca Roanhorse, Morgan's narratives transport readers to both familiar and fantastical worlds, captivating them until the last page.

Morgan lives in the Southern United States, but fully embraces her 1st generation status as a Caribbean-American. Though her pen allows her to live many lives, she lives real life with her husband, children, and pets.

Embark on a journey through Morgan Sterling's enchanting realm, where love transcends conventions, and imperfections are celebrated with reverence.

Embark on a cosmic journey of love and discovery in #StellarHarmony Dive into this #UrbanRomance and follow Langston and Aurora as they navigate the complexities of love, passion, and self-discovery. #RomanceReaders #BookRecommendation #Spicyread


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