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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Fantasy: Aultemus by Mike Burke

Welcome to the book tour for Aultemus by Mike Burke. Read on for more details! 

by Mike Burke
February 22, 2024
Genre: Fantasy/ Mythical Creatures
Lightning, but not from the sky. From the trees, from maybe even your friend. Magic is woven into everything in this reality; from the birds (they don't like you calling them that) in the sky, to the rocks deep in the earth.

Aultemus, Syora, Railo, and Feuson have to set out in this reality, but this is their reality, and they're quite fond of it. They have their own struggles clawing at their minds but that's why they're together.

There's someone who plans to get rid of magic in their world, the magic that makes it special, turning a blind eye to the sacrifices they must make to reach their goal. The adventurers want to stop him but is that why they're really doing it? Is it the right thing to do to stop someone doing evil things, or are we all in it because of the sunk-cost? Can we even overcome our true nature with all the magic in the universe?

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