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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sheep Review: Hotter on the Edge anthology

by: Sharon Stogner
co-founder & media relations

Three novellas of science fiction romance
On the edge of space...
On the edge of danger...
On the edge of desire...

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All That Glitters by Erin Kellison
Cheated out of a fortune by the Sol royal family, lowborn Simon Miner will do anything to get his revenge, no matter how ruthless. When Princess Mica Sol, a terraforming expert, is shot out of the sky on the way to her sister’s lavish wedding, she fears the worst—scavengers—and flees into an alien jungle to avoid capture. But the man who pursues and captures her is none other than Simon, her former lover. Passions reignite as violence rocks Sol City, and Simon and Mica must fight for love, family, and their world… or lose everything.

To Buy a Wife (A Dark Future Novella) by KC Klein
In a harsh land where corruption rules and women are few, cold realist Hudson Land must purchase a wife to save his farm. Instead of an auction, he witnesses the start of an execution. With his first look at a beautiful woman in years, Hudson knows he has to have her—no matter the cost. Lake, a chemist and a rebel fighter, is resigned to her death, but when some back-hill farmer rescues her from the chopping block she has no intention of simply becoming his wife. She’s pledged her life to the Rebellion and being bought for some stranger’s bed doesn’t change a thing, even if his soft caresses are damn distracting. As lies and secrets build between them, are the quiet moments they’ve shared enough to stand against two warring factions in a world where only the strong survive?

Enslaved by Starlight by Jessa Slade
Transformed by empathic crystals into the perfect paramour, Benedetta Galil is the last treasure of her fading world. When raiders attack—seeking to corrupt the crystals and conquer all of charted space—she gives herself as a prize to the one man in the universe who values freedom over power. Mercenary sheership Captain Corso Deynah left oppression behind him on a burning planet and has no use for a sex slave, even one as seductive as Benedetta. But while he stubbornly resists her body, her fierce spirit tempts him, and he will risk everything—his ship, his seclusion, the very stars—to win not just her passion but her love.

I don’t know what makes a great Sci-Fi story, but if the author has me believing in the world they created then that is a win in my opinion. I am going to give my thoughts on each individual story for this review.

All That Glitters was by far my favorite in this collection, it is no secret I love the way Kellison writes. I think this was her first attempt at Sci-fi and she hit it out of the ball park. There is the perfect balance between world building detail, story, and romance. There never was an info dump and it all flowed seamlessly together and I felt as if I had visited Sol. This is a complete story with well-developed likable protagonists, secondary characters, and multiple storylines. I would say Kellison has the formula for a novella perfected. This is the second novella of hers that I have read and I can say the same for her other one, Shadow Touch, too. Yeah, I am a fan girl, but with good reason.
5 Sheep

To Buy a Wife was another well written story with characters with whom you could connect. This story had less world building and focused more on the development of story and characters. I was a little turned off by this story but not for any fault of the author. It just bothers me that the heroine is so independent and yet still craves to be owned by the hero. This isn’t unreasonable since this way of life is all she has ever known, but it still irked me. To Buy a Wife didn’t have a whole novel experience that I found with All That Glitters, but it was more in line with most novellas. A good solid read.
3.5 Sheep

I was never able to connect with the author’s voice or characters in Enslaved by Starlight. I couldn’t find myself caring about the romance and I wasn’t able to buy into the world building. That being said, the hero is a smexy alpha male and you can’t go wrong with one of those. I didn’t like the heroine, but it think that is just personal preference. This story wasn’t meant for me, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t for you.
(not going to rate)

So overall a great summer read and a chance to try some new authors at a great price. I can guarantee you will be a fan of Kellison after this though, yeah, I am fan girling again.


  1. I missed this one. It is now on my TBR pile on my Kindle.

  2. yay! If you have never read Kellison you are going to be pleasantly surprised.