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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Book Review: Wolf at the Door (Lorimar Pack, Book 2) (Gemini Book 5) by Hailey Edwards

Wolf at the Door (Lorimar Pack, Book 2) (Gemini Book 5)
by Hailey Edwards
January 25, 2017
Pages: 289
Prison is no one's idea of a good time, and it's even worse for Dell. Confinement has her inner wolf snarling as she paces their cell, and there's no end in sight. Just as she reaches her breaking point, the pack liaison shows up with an offer she can’t refuse. Dell’s freedom in exchange for going to Faerie and recapturing the fae prince responsible for her current digs.

But this fool's errand won't be a solo mission. Isaac Cahill has lost Dell twice, and he’ll be damned if she slips through his fingers again. This time, he’s not letting her out of his sight. Even if it means earning more than a few love bites from his pissed off she-wolf.

What they discover on their perilous quest is that war is closer than anyone imagined. As trusted allies fall and dangerous new threats emerge, Dell discovers one defining truth. Isaac is hers, and she'll fight to the death for him. And, at the rate this war is coming, she might not have long to wait.

Dell is in prison for violating a treaty she didn’t know she violated let alone existed. Her wolf can’t stand being trapped in a small cell. She hasn’t seen anyone in weeks and is slowly going crazy. Thierry shows up with an offer Dell can’t refuse; her freedom in exchange for her and two team members to travel to Faerie and rescue the prince that she helped kidnap.

Isaac must prove to Dell that she is his one and only, even if his track record doesn’t prove much. He wants to protect her on this mission and prove to her that he loves her and won’t leave her ever again. Dell isn’t so sure she can ever trust Isaac and her wolf makes it hard because she has already claimed Isaac as her mate.

Another fantastic book in this series!

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About the Author:
Hailey Edwards writes about questionable applications of otherwise perfectly good magic, the transformative power of love, the family you choose for yourself, and blowing stuff up. Not necessarily all at once. That could get messy. She lives in Alabama with her husband, their daughter, and a herd of dachshunds.

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  1. Sounds wonderful. I love this series and author. Thank's for the review.