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Monday, April 24, 2017

Exclusive Excerpt Spotlight: Cold Reign (Jane Yellowrock #11) by Faith Hunter + giveaway

Cold Reign (Jane Yellowrock #11)
by Faith Hunter
Release date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: Roc
Price: $7.99
ISBN: 978-1101991404
Jane Yellowrock is a shape-shifting skinwalker…and the woman rogue vampires fear most.

Jane walks softly and carries a big stake to keep the peace in New Orleans, all part of her job as official Enforcer to Leo Pellissier, Master of the City. But Leo’s reign is being threatened by a visit from a delegation of ancient European vampires seeking to expand their dominions.

And there’s another danger to the city. When she hears reports of revenant vampires, loose in NOLA and out for blood, Jane goes to put them down—and discovers there’s something unusual about these revenants. They never should have risen.

Jane must test her strength against a deadly, unnatural magic beyond human understanding, and a ruthless cadre of near-immortals whose thirst for power knows no bounds…

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Eli had his battle face on: no emotion. No reaction. Edmund looked dead. His fangs should have flipped down. He should have ripped into Eli’s arm. He should have vamped out, insane with hunger. But he did nothing, which was infinitely worse. Eli pressed his bleeding wrist to Edmund’s mouth, gravity draining the blood in over Ed’s tongue. Some drizzled out his lips. Pooled in his cheek.

“Come on,” Eli demanded. “Drink, you sorry, fanged piece-a’-shit.”

Nothing happened. Except watery blood pooled slowly on my floor. “Jane,” Eli said. “Call him.”


“You’re his master. He’s healed you, so he’s tasted your blood and shared his own with you. Call him. Make him drink. Keep him alive.”

I started to say I had no idea what he was talking about, but Eli snarled, “Do it.”

I started to say I didn’t know how, but Edmund looked like death-still dead, real dead, not undead. I closed my eyes and crossed my legs in a half-guru position. Beast? I called my carnivorous half. She didn’t answer, so I took a breath and dropped slowly into the Gray Between. Silver mist shot through with blue-black motes of power filled my mind. Beast? I know you’re here. How do I call Edmund?”

Beast does not know.

Gimme an idea. He’s . . . dying.

He is dead. He is dead for longer than Beast is alive.

Beast didn’t lie well, if at all, except by obfuscation. A thought occurred to me. How did you call kits when they got away?
She made a little mewling, coughing sound, which wouldn’t help at all.

Then I remembered the electric velvet feel of Sabina’s magics on the air when she called the Mithran vampires of New Orleans for a gather. And the raw, slicing power of Leo calling his scions to him prior to a feeding frenzy. That magic was all vampire, rich and deep and potent as death itself.

I reached out into the Gray Between. Took the silver mist and motes of my skinwalker magic into my . . . not hands. Into my mind. I usually used the magic to shift into an animal for which I had enough DNA material. But when I called Beast, it was different. Easier. I . . . I just thought about her, called her into being. I opened my eyes and looked down at the vampire. He was surrounded by the Gray Between. In the mist of my magics, he looked dead, pale and bloody and unbreathing, heart not beating.

About the Author:
New York Times Bestselling author Faith Hunter writes three series: the Jane Yellowrock series, dark urban fantasy novels featuring Jane, a Cherokee Skinwalker; the Rogue Mage novels, a dark, urban fantasy / post apocalyptic series and role playing game featuring Thorn St. Croix; and the Soulwood Series featuring Nell Nicholson Ingram.

There’s a tour-wide giveaway for copies of COLD REIGN and totes featuring Beast! Open to US residents only.


  1. I love the diverse world Jane lives in. There is no other story like it.

  2. I love the world building this author does and the different characters that populate it.

  3. I love how different the stories are.

  4. Angie(Baby) because of her inherent goodness and the her kicka$$ potential/temperment which is already developing.


  5. I haven't read Jane's books yet. I'm looking forward to. Thank you

  6. I love Beast. Beast can count to 5. :)

  7. I love Jane's strong yet vulnerable personality, her relationship with the Younger brothers, & Beast!

  8. I love how strong Jane is.

  9. I love how Jane has gone from being a total loner to making friends and family. I love how all the "bad" characters are a mix of ulterior motives and desires. Everything is shades of gray.

  10. I love this series! It is dark and dangerous. Jane is great fun to read.

  11. What I like most about Jane Yellowrock is her name. It's diverse and comes easily off the tongue.

  12. I have a few of these books I don't know why I haven't read any of them yet I do know they get great reviews and I get pushed to read them all the time but I don't have the first few I have like the middle and last few .lol