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Sunday, September 24, 2017


Writer(s): Dave Dwonch
Artist Name(s): Arturo Mesa (Pencils)

Geraldo Filho (Colors)
Rated: T+ $14.99
For centuries, a secret world government has employed the INFINITE SEVEN, the world’s greatest assassins, to do their dirty work. The only way to become a member is to prove your worth by killing one of them. But what happens when Anthony Zane, a teenage boy from the suburbs, accidentally does just that? Action hero archetypes are reimagined in the blockbuster series of the year! Collecting issues 1-4 of the ongoing monthly series.

NOTE: Fans of the James Bond, GI Joe and 80s action films will LOVE Infinite Seven!

I'm always saying how much I love Action Lab Entertainment Comics. And one of my favorite writers is Dave Dwonch (Even got to meet him at NC Comicon once). He has another new comic, Infinite Seven. Equal parts humor, action, and WTF just happened?

The Infinite Seven is a group of secret assassins that work for The Shadow Cabinet, a secret world government group. They are in constant battles with the secret terrorist group Chimera. The Infinite Seven is made up of all the hero archetypes, such as a martial artist, a streetwise undercover cop, a tortured soul sorcerer, a commando, a cowboy, a Professor X, and a bad ass female.

Enter, Anthony Zane. He would be the Skywalker of the story. Anthony is your stereotypical tech nerd. Smash Brannagan is the arrogant, impulsive shoot first ask questions later kind of guy. Which ends getting him accidentally killed by Anthony. Who must now take up the Smash moniker and be a part of the Infinite Seven.
Kill Replace Kill is the first volume and includes issues 1-4. We learn about all the heroes and villains as well as watching the funny and tragic transformation of Anthony into Smash. There are a lot of WTF-ery moments you don't see coming and lots of action hero vs villain fighting. Even a small romantic subplot for Anthony (he has a Mary Jane).

The artwork has a (this is where my lack of an artistic description vocabulary shows) pencil sketch like quality...not sharp and clean. The color palette is muted. There are great facial expressions and an interesting variety of panel configurations.

Infinite Seven is a humorous action comic with twists that keep you guessing.

INFINITE SEVEN VOLUME 2 will be available in a comic book store near you on November 29, 2017. Preorder the book using Diamond item code SEP171064.

4 "Kill. Replace...kill" Sheep


David Dwonch has a Kickstarter (13 days left) for his latest comic:
Prom of the Dead

An 80-page coming of age graphic novel set against a very different kind of zombie outbreak. The horror begins.. on prom night!

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