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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Excerpt Spotlight: Savage (Dragonrider Legacy #1) by Nicole Conway

Savage (Dragonrider Legacy #1)
by Nicole Conway
Sept. 2, 2017
Book Length: 355 pages
Publisher: Month9Books
Savage begins the Dragonrider Legacy series, a thrilling companion to the international bestselling Dragonrider Chronicles.

Never send a hero to do a monster’s job. Forty years have passed since Jaevid Broadfeather brought peace to Maldobar and Luntharda. But that fragile truce will be tested as darkness gathers on the horizon. The vicious armies of the Tibran Empire have crossed the far seas and are threatening to destroy Maldobar completely. Not even the dragonriders can match the Tibran war machines. And after an attempt to awaken Jaevid from his divine sleep fails, the fate of Maldobar is looking grim. Reigh has never known what it means to be a normal human. Raised amongst the gray elves in the wild jungle of Luntharda, he’s tried everything to fit in. But the dark power within him is bursting at the seams—refusing to be silenced. And while his adoptive father, Kiran, insists this power must be kept secret, Reigh knows he’s running out of time. As Maldobar burns, the world is desperate for a new hero. Destiny has called, and one boy will rise to answer.

“Becoming a Dragonrider” Scene:

Out of nowhere, the whole building shuddered under my boots. I spun around, expecting to see some form of a Tibran attack hailing down upon us. What would it be this time? A catapult? A monster? I didn’t have a weapon—no sword, bow, or scimitar.

I ran right into the end of a short, scaly snout. Two familiar, big, blue eyes the same hue as the sky stared at me.

I gave an undignified, I’m about to die, please someone save me scream. Thank the gods Aubren and Jenna weren’t there.

Scrambling backwards, I flailed my arms and tried to get away. The heel of my boot caught on an uneven stone tile and I went down, landing flat on my back.

Those big eyes appeared over me again. Cat-like pupils widened and that short snout sniffed me so hard it sucked up some of the front of my shirt.

“Gods and Fates,” I squeaked. “Please don’t eat me.”

The dragon made a humming, purring noise. It pulled back some and perked its small, scaly ears. Wait … Why was that look so familiar? Then I realized—this was the same wild dragon that had pulled me out of the Tibran’s tunnel and saved my life. It was back, and alone this time.

“What do you want? Look, I’m really grateful for before. You saved my life, and I appreciate that. But I don’t have any food.” I tried to bargain with it as I cautiously sat up.

The dragon flopped onto its belly in front of me, making the roof shudder. I swallowed, my heart still pounding in my ears as we stared at one another. What was this? A greeting? Not that I was any sort of dragon expert, but there was something impatient about the way it was staring me down.

This dragon was smaller than some of the others I’d seen. It had a more slender body, and its scales were shiny like they had a pearlescent coating on them. Their lime green color faded gradually into electric yellow along the dragon’s belly. Its back, snout, tail, and legs all had dark green stripes like a tiger, and there was a line of long yellow spines down its whole body. Two big horns on the dragon’s head curved back and sloped inward, like a stretched-out S-shape.

The beast was looking up at me and twitching the very tip of its tail, like it was waiting on me to do something.

“I … uh … ” I tried taking a step backward, away from it. “I’m just gonna go back inside now, so you should probably go back home.”

The dragon scooted closer and lay flat again, making a chirping sound.

“I’m not sure what you want.”

It snorted. Its hind haunches wiggled, like a puppy trying to get someone to play.


It scooted again, this time intentionally bumping its big nose against my knees. I tripped and fell forward, landing square on the dragon’s head. The monster yipped in delight and immediately stood up, tossing me backward so I landed right on its neck. Thankfully, I didn’t get impaled on any of those spines. I landed right between two of them, and barely had time to hang on for dear life as the dragon rose, spread its wings, and took off.

The last thing I saw were the four watchmen at the top of the tower rushing in to try to help me. They yelled and waved their arms, blowing their horns—but they were too late.

About the author:
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NICOLE CONWAY is an author from North Alabama. She graduated from Auburn University in 2012, and has previously worked as a graphic artist. She is happily married and has one son as well as a cat and a dog. She enjoys blogging, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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