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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Hawthorn Moon sneak peek tour: New UF series- Sons of Darkness (Night Vigil Series) by Gail Z. Martin

The Hawthorn Moon is the annual summer blog tour for Gail Z. Martin and features guest blog posts, giveaways, surprises, excerpts and more on a number of blogs worldwide. Find the master list of posts and goodies at
Coming Attractions—What I’m Working On Now
By Gail Z. Martin

It’s been a busy year so far, and we’re only halfway through! I love bringing out additions to existing series, and I also love starting from scratch with a brand new series. And while we’ve started the year off with a return to familiar characters, I’m working on a brand new series for a late-summer debut that I’m really excited about!

The books we’ve brought out so far have been: Tangled Web (Deadly Curiosities, book 3), Trifles and Folly/Trifles and Folly 2 (Deadly Curiosities short story/novella collections),

Storm & Fury (a collection of short stories/novellas from the Storm & Fury/Iron & Blood world).
And there’ve been two new novellas in the Mark Wojcik Monster Hunter series—Open Season and Deep Trouble. I really enjoy getting established characters into new situations that test them and help them grow, while giving readers a thrill ride along the way. 

My new book, the one I’m working on now, is Sons of Darkness, and it will be the first in the Night Vigil series, set in and around modern-day Pittsburgh, PA. (You may notice a recurring theme, since Iron & Blood and the Mark Wojcik books—co-written with my husband, Larry N. Martin—are also set in Pennsylvania, where we’re originally from.). It’s urban fantasy, maybe a bit darker than Deadly Curiosities.
Here’s the synopsis:
Demon-hunting former priest Travis Dominick works with the misfit psychics of the Night Vigil to fight supernatural creatures and malicious paranormal activity. When a series of disappearances, suicides and vengeful spirits cause havoc and death along a remote interstate highway, Travis teams up with former special ops soldier and monster-hunter Brent Lawson to end the problem with extreme prejudice.

And here’s a little more for a sneak preview:

We’re the Night Vigil. 

The run-down convenience store, the all-night diner, the last-ditch shelter or seedy motel, the redneck bar and the emergency room, and all the other places open on the graveyard shift—they’re Hell’s hunting grounds, full of easy marks and desperate souls, prey for evil things out there in the dark.

We keep the Vigil, looking for the ones who can still be saved, the ones who aren’t too far gone. We’re the misfits and the fuck-ups, unwanted by Heaven or Hell, given one last chance to atone for all the mistakes and missed chances, the pain we’ve caused others and ourselves, the good things we were afraid to do, and the bad things we embraced with open arms. We work the night shift, because that’s when evil walks. We’re the clerk in the all-night liquor store, the server in the 24-hour diner, the long-haul trucker who only drives at night, the counter person in the convenience store, the dog shift nurse, everywhere that never sleeps. We recognize the evil when we see it, and we use the skills we honed with blood and fire to stop it, whatever it takes.

Unfinished business ties us to the mortal world, to make atonement, find absolution, satisfy retribution, get things right. You won’t find a sorrier group of halfway house heroes. No illusions left—about ourselves, humanity, or what’s really out there in the darkness. Just a purpose, to go down fighting the good fight. Because this is our last chance.

One final chance to make it right, the thin red line of humanity against the evil that goes bump in the night, your best hope to make it through the hour of the wolf.

Don’t miss our other recent and upcoming releases! Vengeance (sequel to Scourge) is the second book in the Darkhurst series, and The Dark Road is the second Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures collection, coming in July!

Stay tuned—there are a lot more new adventures coming up!

About the Author
Gail Z. Martin writes epic fantasy, urban fantasy and steampunk for Solaris Books, Orbit Books, and Falstaff Books. Series include Darkhurst, the Chronicles Of The Necromancer, the Fallen Kings Cycle, the Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, and Deadly Curiosities. The Mark Wojcik Monster Hunter series and Iron & Blood in the Jake Desmet Steampunk series are co-authored with Larry N. Martin, along with the related Storm and Fury Adventures. She also writes urban fantasy MM paranormal romance as Morgan Brice, including the Witchbane and Badlandsseries.

Vengeance: A Darkhurst novel, is the second in a new epic fantasy series. Her Deadly Curiosities urban fantasy series set in Charleston, SC has a new novel, Tangled Web, and a new collection, Trifles and Folly 2. The Mark Wojcik Monster Hunter series includes Spells, Salt, and Steel, Open Season and Deep Trouble in a new comedic horror/urban fantasy series (Falstaff) and the Iron & Blood universe has the Storm and Fury Adventures collection of short stories, and an upcoming new novel, Spark of Destiny.

Gail is also the author of Scourge: A Novel of Darkhurst, Ice Forged, Reign of Ash, War of Shadows and Shadow and Flame in The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga, The Chronicles of The Necromancer series (The Summoner, The Blood King, Dark Haven, Dark Lady’s Chosen); The Fallen Kings Cycle (The Sworn, The Dread) and the urban fantasy novels Deadly Curiosities and Vendetta. Gail writes three ebook series: The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures, The Deadly Curiosities Adventures and The Blaine McFadden Adventures.

Her work has appeared in over 35 US/UK anthologies. Newest anthologies include: Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens, Gaslight and Grimm, Hath No Fury, Journeys, #We Are Not This, The Baker Street Irregulars, In a Cat’s Eye, and Afterpunk: Steampowered Tales of the Afterlife.

Find her at, on Twitter @GailZMartin, on, at blog and on Goodreads She is also the organizer of the #HoldOnToTheLight campaign

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