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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Book Review: Hell’s Highway (The Devil’s Daughter Book 3) by G.A. Chase

Hell’s Highway (The Devil’s Daughter Book 3)
by G.A. Chase
January 15, 2019
Having put down the latest batch of escaped doppelgangers, Sere Mal-Laurette felt she’d earned a little time off from demon hunting. She was wrong.

Her inattention has allowed a new batch of hellions to rise from the swamp and abduct Rampart Thibodaux. With the hot ex-Navy SEAL’s blood and soul infecting her, Sere has no choice but to jump back on her motorcycle to rescue him. Her quest will cost her dearly but also bring her closer to being human than she could have imagined.

Sere’s emotional roller-coaster ride of human experiences, however, is overshadowed by the rise of a new devil – one who isn’t satisfied with simply claiming hell as his only domain.

Sere had hoped for a break after sending the last group of doppelgangers back to hell but when Bart is kidnapped she has no option but to rescue him. What she finds on this mission are real emotions for Bart and she is unsure what to make of them. This mission could be the costliest of them all.

The sizzle heats up between Sere and Bart in a way that Sere had only imagined. When Bart infected her with his blood the connection became something that no one on the team expected. The characters in book 3 of the Devil’s Daughter series have developed and become something that you can relate to. Power is the ultimate want of evil and one of the most powerful and old families of New Orleans is no exception.

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Denise B

About the Author:
G.A. Chase's first official foray into writing was the science fiction series Technopia under the name Greg Chase.

But his passion for New Orleans pulled him from the stars back down to Earth. He fell in love with Big Easy the moment he ate his first dish of crawfish etouffee in a French Quarter restaurant. Gazing at the neighboring two-hundred-year-old structures, he announced to his wife, fellow writer Deanna Chase, that he could easily live in this city. Her look of shock indicated she thought he had been possessed by one of the city's demons.

That was in 2003 and that spirit still hasn't turned him loose. By writing stories inspired and based in New Orleans he hopes to placate his personal demons and angels.

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