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Friday, January 25, 2019

Book Review: Hell’s Hinges (A Fistful of Daggers Book 3) by SM Reine

Hell’s Hinges (A Fistful of Daggers Book 3)
by SM Reine
January 30, 2019
Pages: 400
Sophie Keyes has been taken. Accused of breaking the laws central to the universe, she’s at risk of being erased from existence—unless Lincoln Marshall can fix her wrongs for her.

Book 3 of the A Fistful of Daggers Series.

Hold on Reine fans this one is going to throw you for a loop. Book 3 of A Fistful of Daggers is extremely well written, and the format is totally different than her other books but never fear it only made the book that much better.

Sophie has been taken by the Traveler and Lincoln is determined to get her back. The problem with that is the Traveler seems to be able to stop anything from happening and knows everything. Sophie is being accused of breaking the laws of the universe which holds the fabric together and the only way to fix that is to correct Sophie’s wrongs. Lincoln together with Sophie and the Traveler will travel back to correct her mistakes if it’s the last thing they do.

The creativity and imagination in this one are terrific! The layer upon layer of intricate details is mind blowing and where all this goes next is anyone’s guess.

Denise B

About the Author:
Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I'm the New York Times Bestselling Author of urban fantasy known as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). You can usually find me writing on my treadmill desk at 2am whilst listening to dubstep. Yes, dubstep.

If you would like to know the instant I have a new book available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil! I'll only email you when I have a new release, which is generally no more than once a month. I can't write any faster than that. :)

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  1. Love it when a series rates that high at book III. Guess I need to be checking this out. :-)
    sherry @ fundinmental