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Monday, January 14, 2019

Comic Review: Prom of the Dead by David Dwonch

Spores Vol. 1: Prom of the Dead
Sept 10, 2018
Dave Dwonch (Writer)
Dave Dwonch (Letterer)
Santiago Guillen (Artist)
Daniel Arruda Massa (Colorist)
Full Color/ 
90 pages/ softcover
Rated Mature
Behemoth Comics
Set against the backdrop of a secluded prep school, Spores Volume One chronicles the adventures of three friends as they try to survive the most terrifying event of their young lives: Prom Night. And the zombie outbreak isn't going to make it any easier! As the outbreak spreads rapidly through the school celebration, it’s clear that not everyone is going to make it out alive.

I know what you're thinking...another zombie comic. To be fair, yes, there are zombies but David Dwonch would never write a simple cliched zombie story. 

I first heard about Prom of the Dead on Kickstarter last year and immediately supported it because Dave has never let me down and the artwork was fabulous.
I got more than I expected. There is lots of zombie killing and people eating action with an incredible sense of doom and suspense throughout. The writing and art work together in perfect harmony resulting in a well-developed cast of characters that you are invested in before you realize it. Even the a$$hole characters (this is high school after all). The story moves fast and plot twists abound. Oh, the disappointment when I turned a page and there was no more! And we're not talking a big cliffhanger ending, just the next phase of the story type of thing.

If you're looking for a comic with horror, humor, high school flashbacks, nail-biting suspense, and a plot meatier than a human thigh then give Prom of the Dead a look.


5 "Supernatural reference for the win" Sheep


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