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Friday, June 19, 2020

Excerpt: Feral (Wolf Ranch Book 3) by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale + Giveaway

Today we have the blog tour for WOLF RANCH: FERAL by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Feral (Wolf Ranch Book 3)
by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pack Rule #3: The alpha must mate. The stronger the alpha, the greater the danger. Moon madness could claim me any time now. I’ve looked all over the continent, gone to mating games, but I still haven’t found the she-wolf meant to be mine. I’ve already become too feral in bed. I’m not safe—not for random females. Especially not the human variety. One just moved into the ranch next door. She’s way too tempting. And I’m way too dangerous. I have to stay away. I don’t dare get near her. Because I would die before I ever let anything harm the little human. Including me.

Catch Up on the Series:  

Well, shit. 

Having my mate point a gun at my chest was getting to be all too familiar. 

I lowered my head and shifted back to human form—right there in broad daylight on Natalie’s porch—something that went against every pack rule. Never show yourself to a human. Never let the secret out. She was pointing a gun at me and knew damned well how to use it. I needed to show her who I was before she shot me. 

I hadn’t meant to shift back there. I’d planned to distract the damn bull, but when it got too close and my mate’s life was threatened, my wolf leapt to the surface without warning. 

I hadn’t even considered shifting. My wolf had made the choice all on its own. 

The gun in Natalie’s hand didn’t waver, and she didn’t look surprised to see me rise to my full height and stand there, buck naked, except for the tattered clothes hanging off my limbs. 

“Hold it right there.” She sighted me over her left arm. She wasn’t fooling around. “You’re not coming any closer until you tell me exactly what you are.” 

She looked sexy as hell in her little running shorts and snug tank top. Her skin glistened with sweat and her hair, while pulled back mostly in a ponytail, was wild about her head. 

I held out my palms. My cock had the unfortunate idea to get hard at the sight of my mate, such a beautiful badass in her fighter’s stance and my hat on her head. 

“Easy, angel.” I advanced slowly. “I think you already know what I am. And you should also know that I’m no danger to you. I told you before I’d never hurt you. I’ll always protect you from danger.” 

“You’re a werewolf.” 

Slowly, I shook my head. “We prefer the term shifter.” 

Standing there silently, she studied me with those fierce green eyes. Considered. Finally, she glanced down at my boner and her lips twitched. She lowered the pistol and took my hat off with her right hand, then tossed it to me. 

“Thanks.” I used the hat to cover my jutting erection. “Can we step inside? I don’t make it a practice to stand out in public with my dick swinging in the wind.” 

“Oh, I didn’t see it swinging.” A smile formed on her face as she backed into her house and let me pass. “Looked pretty sturdy to me.” 

“That’s all for you, angel.” I shut the door behind me and advanced on her. 

She stopped retreating, letting me in close. She gripped my wrist and pulled the hat away from my crotch, guiding it up to my head instead. “Is this why you’re so big? Because you’re a wolf?” 

“My dick?” 

“All of you.” 

I offered her a shrug and a small smile. I was reassured she hadn’t shot my ass, and I was inside, both good signs. I’d fucked up before. There was a chance I’d do so again. “Something like that.” 

She peered up at me for a moment, then shook her head. “This is nuts. I don’t believe it.” 

“I think you do. Question is, what are you going to do about it?” 

She looked down at my erection and reached for it. Wrapped her fingers around the base in a firm grip. Stroked. “About this?” 

About the Author: Renee Rose
USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR RENEE ROSE loves a dominant, dirty-talking alpha hero! She's sold over a half million copies of steamy romance with varying levels of kink. Her books have been featured in USA Today's Happily Ever After and Popsugar. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won Spunky and Sassy's Favorite Sci-Fi and Anthology author, The Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance, and Spanking Romance Reviews' Best Sci-fi, Paranormal, Historical, Erotic, Ageplay and favorite couple and author. She's hit the USA Today list five times with various anthologies. 

About the Author: Vanessa Vale:
Vanessa Vale is the USA Today bestselling author of sexy romance novels, including her popular Bridgewater historical romance series and hot contemporary romances. With over one million books sold, Vanessa writes about unapologetic bad boys who don’t just fall in love, they fall hard. Her books are available worldwide in multiple languages in e-book, print, audio and even as an online game. When she’s not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys and figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker. While she’s not as skilled at social media as her kids, she loves to interact with readers. 

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