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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Second Look Book Review: The Whimsy Witch Who Wasn't (Tales of Xest Book 1) by Donna Augustine

The Whimsy Witch Who Wasn't (Tales of Xest Book 1)
by Donna Augustine
May 4, 2020
374 pages
When they kidnapped me to Xest, they thought I was a nobody, another lowly whimsy witch to work in their factory. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Everybody has bad days, stories of horror and woe. Unless they have the wind calling their name and ghosts telling them they have bad debts, I don’t have time to listen. I’m too busy with the hot guy who yelled at me because of some stupid feather, and the strange people jumping through puddles and kidnapping me to Xest.

If you don’t know where Xest is, join the club. They say it’s somewhere north of North, and east of East. It sure doesn’t look like any place I’ve ever seen.

So yeah, top that day and maybe I’ll hear you out. Right now though, I’ve got to go help the hot guy keep the darkness at bay over by the Unsettled Lands, while trying to not blow things up. It’s the only way I’ll ever get back to Salem.

Tippi was living a life in the shadows, trying to blend into the background so no one could see here. Her boss begged her to sit in on a séance even though Tippi knows that it is fake but gives in, nonetheless. When things go differently than expected, Tippi finds herself being kidnapped and taken to a world that is nothing like hers, Xest.

When Tippi’s kidnappers sell her to the factory her only goal is how to get back home. Tippi is considered just a lowly whimsy witch who has little to no power and she doesn’t disagree with the assessment. She even tries to use it to get back home. When Hawk sees Tippi in Xest, he knows that she is the one that can help him with the Unsettled Lands.

When Tippi starts working for Hawk it’s hard to tell what their true feels are for each other or if they even know they have feelings towards each other. It does not help that Belinda is constantly thinking that Tippi is a threat to what she wants for herself, Hawk. The other employees are more welcoming to Tippi than Belinda and even Hawk for that matter which makes her stay in Xest just a little more tolerable.

This is a new series by Augustine and it’s as imaginative as always and was truly a pleasure to read.

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Donna Augustine was an odd child, had a brief moment of conformity in early adulthood and then decided to embrace her craziness as the years rolled by. It's her inner crazy that she credits with coming up with the ideas for her books. One part hypochondriac, a few dashes of paranoia, topped with a sliver of uptight and delivered with a relaxed flair, she kicked the proverbial box down the yellow brick road a couple years ago to embrace her true self.

She can be reached by a carrier pigeon, set free in a south by north direction, where she resides in Neverland with her two Siberian cats. Cats who, by the way, aren't as hypoallergenic as she believed they'd be.

For the conventional minded, and those of you without a pigeon on hand, she can be reached at She responds to most emails within three dusk periods.

P.S. For those of you looking for the discarded box, it was sitting beside the road for a while but has since disappeared completely.

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  1. I am always up for a new series from Donna Augustine! One of my go to authors!