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Monday, March 29, 2021

WIP It Real Good: PNR Author Laura Simmons + giveaway

I’m writing a new fantasy romance about a male Angel of Fury named Pel who falls in love with Derica, a mortal woman. The plot hasn’t solidified yet, but here are a few lines I felt compelled to share…

W.I.P – Fury’s Fall

Derica had impressed Pel from the moment he first met her. She had suffered greatly in her young life, and yet her emotional resilience and kind, joyful heart was a beacon to the beings she helped every day. They loved her, and Pel was beginning to feel that same love, only deeper and in a surprisingly desirous way. Her sweet smile and shining eyes rendered him speechless at times, it was hard for him not to gaze at her and think of how badly he wanted to kiss her. He adored everything about her, especially her elven-like ears that she tried so hard to hide. Those ears had caused her considerable pain and humiliation from her overlords. As he stood there listening to her talk, he gently touched her strawberry blonde hair, moving it behind her ears. Then he took both of her hands and held them while he looked into her luminous green eyes.

“Derica, I adore your ears. You don’t have to hide them from me…or anything else for that matter,” he said in a deep, baritone voice.

She had never experienced an interaction like this, a man holding her hands and looking at her so intently. It made her feel warm all over and she returned his powerful stare with her own. This handsome, kind, and fearsome man she had recently befriended inspired strange feelings, leaving her blissful and light-hearted.

“Why do you adore them?” she asked, puzzled and yet flattered at his compliment. She couldn’t imagine anyone adoring anything about her, especially her hideous ears. But the feel of his large hands holding hers was thrilling.

“I adore them because they are a part of you, and I think you are beautiful, both physically and spiritually. If I could do nothing more than gaze at you forever, I would be grateful for the opportunity,” he replied still holding her hands and shocked that he had spoken those words without hesitation. This was a first for him.

She answered him with a brilliant smile and tightened her grip on his hands. He brought them to his lips and kissed each one with reverence, his eyes never leaving hers. No one had ever told her that she was beautiful, or even slightly attractive. In that moment she felt deliriously happy. Not wanting to deny their attraction any longer, they fell into each other’s arms. She clung to him, reveling in the sensations pulsing through her body. He buried his face in her hair and they held each other for a long time, delighting in the feel of being so close. Pel realized that he had fallen in love. He wanted nothing more than to escape with her to another reality where they could live happily together. He knew that wasn’t possible, but he would enjoy the fantasy for the moment. Holding her tighter, he wished he could bind her to him for eternity.

Little Bits of Karma (Karma Series Prequel)
by Laura Simmons
June 30, 2015
Genre: Reincarnation/Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Number of pages: 334
A captivating reincarnation romance of redemption and forgiveness.

Even though Holly O’Rourke is having problems with her longtime significant other, James, she has never entertained thoughts of infidelity…that is, until the day she has a chance encounter with Charlie, a handsome coworker. James promises he will change and work on their relationship, but Holly’s feelings for Charlie just won’t go away.

Distressed by her mixed emotions, Holly schedules an appointment for a reading with a psychic medium, where she discovers her adulterous past lives and their tragic consequences. Holly learns to do her own past life regression through self-hypnosis and uncovers not only lives that she shared with James and Charlie, but how the other people in her present life have been with her in the past—the threads of their lives interwoven for centuries.

Holly is stunned by recurring themes and the issues of karmic justice that need to be addressed. Where will her karmic path ultimately lead? Find out in Little Bits of Karma, an entertaining story about spiritual cause and effect.

Little Bits of Karma – Prequel
She hoped this woman would be able to tell her about her past lives.She arrived ten minutes early to the appointment. Martina was located within walking distance from the Metro. She lived in a small row house with a sign in the front yard indicating her services by appointment only. Holly rang the doorbell, and Martina opened the door.

“Hello. Are you Holly O’Rourke?” Martina Preston asked her.

“Yes. Are you Martina?” she asked excitedly.

“Yes, I am. It’s great to meet you. Come on in,” Martina said with a smile and extended her hand. Martina’s demeanor was friendly and inviting and Holly instantly felt at ease.

Martina was a little lady, standing no more than 5 foot1. She was in her mid-30’s with a round, pretty face with crystal blue eyes, medium brown, curly hair that fell past her shoulders, and a voluptuous figure. She was wearing a red checkered sundress and matching solid red espadrille shoes. She led Holly into a small room with gleaming hardwood floors and two white leather chairs and a round wooden table. There were two windows in this room. Martina pulled down the shades to block the sun. There was a large wooden cabinet next to one of the windows. The room was practically empty.

“Have a seat Holly, and we will talk for a few minutes,” Martina said. The two women sat in the white chairs across from each other.

“So, you are here today for a past-life reading, correct?” Martina asked.

“Yes,” Holly replied.

“First, I want to tell you what will likely happen during this session. I go into a trancelike state, and my voice might change. I sometimes take on the behavior of whatever spirit guide is there to speak through me. Usually it is my spirit guide working together with your spirit guide to access your past lives. Each of us has spirit guides to help us in our earthly incarnations. Your primary spirit guide is assigned to you before reincarnating into your current body. As you go through life, the circle of your guides expands, depending on the work you need to accomplish. When you reincarnate, you go through a veil of amnesia, and as you learn and grow in this life, you wonder, what the heck am I here for?

“We come from heaven, a place of total love and happiness. Your enemies in this life are dear friends on the other side. By incarnating into physical bodies, you learn a deeper appreciation for good things and even the bad. The potential growth from experiencing the bad is tremendous. There is no ‘bad’ in heaven, and if you never reincarnate you won’t know the difference between good and bad. There are many wonderful worlds to advance to in heaven after your schooling on Earth and your incarnations are completed.

“We plan our lives before we are born, and our spirit guides are here to help us achieve what we came here to learn and do. They do this by giving us intuitive nudges in the right direction, although we don’t listen to them most of the time. They do their best to keep us on track and guide us for our own good.

“Today, we will be accessing an area of the spiritual realm called the Akashic Records. This realm contains detailed records of your past lives and the past lives for every soul who has reincarnated. Your thoughts, dreams, and actions are recorded for eternity. Do you have any questions before we start?” Martina asked.

“No, I understand. We can begin whenever you are ready,” Holly replied thinking . . . Even our thoughts are recorded for eternity?That’s embarrassing . . . Thank goodness not just anyone can access them.

“Okay. I will ask the guides to show the past lives that might resonate with you at this point in time,” Martina replied and became quiet.

It took several seconds for Martina to enter a trancelike state. She began to speak and the voice was not her own. A deep male voice was speaking with a distinct Middle-Eastern accent:

“Hello, Holly. My name is Kavi . . . I am your guide.”

“You lived a life in Atlantis and fell deeply in love with your college teacher. He was married and would not leave his wife.You became pregnant with his child . . .” The voice paused for a few seconds.

“You lived a life in India in 1500 BC. You were a man in that life, and we were brothers. Your name was Sanjay. We were devout Hindus and ran a spiritual center together where we helped people better their lives . . .” Again, he paused for a few seconds before continuing.

“I see a life as a Roman Gladiator during the year of 47 BC.You were a prisoner of war and forced into fighting for the Roman’s entertainment . . .” More silence.

“You were a baby left on the doorstep of a monastery in Ireland in the year of 816 and raised by monks. You died young, as the monastery was raided and burned to the ground by Vikings. The Vikings gang raped you before cutting off your head . . .” Still more silence.

“I see a life in Germany in the 1340s. You were a young boy and your mother was mean and cruel to you.You left home on the day you turned 16 . . .” The voice again paused.

“I see you and the man who was your abusive German mother. You are both on a Spanish sailing ship in the late 1480s.You are engaged in a fist fight and you kill him . . .” More silence ensued.

Tough Karma: A Race Against Time (
Karma Series Book 1)

Sword of Vengeance (
Karma Series Book 2)

Karma: The Resolution (
Karma Series Book 3)

About the Author:


Laura Simmons grew up in northern Virginia and spent most of her career working for various Department of Defense contractors in the Washington, DC area. She has a fascination with all things metaphysical. She enjoys adult coloring books, writing, jigsaw puzzles, vacationing at the beach with her husband, and studying tarot cards and other types of divination systems.

Author web links: On my website, I have a page with a Play List for three of the books in this series. These songs made me think of my characters and their situations. They are the “movie” soundtracks for these stories.

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  1. This sounds like a great series, I love the cover on book 3. I believe in karma!

    1. Book 3's cover is nice.
      Book 2's cover is my favorite.

    2. Thank you! I still don't have a favorite, although when I published each new book, that cover becomes my favorite until I publish the next one :)

  2. Thank you! If you decide to purchase one or all of the books, I hope you enjoy them.

  3. I really like the covers of the prequel and book 1.

  4. This sounds like a great series and the covers are wonderful.

  5. Where do you get your ideas and how do you remember them long enough to get it down on paper?

    1. I tend to daydream a lot and I write things down when they come to me. Before long, I had enough material to start writing Little Bits of Karma. From there, the ideas kept coming :)

  6. I love the covers. The colors are amazing!

    1. Thank you. My publisher, Outskirts Press, does a fantastic job of taking images I have in my head which I put into a crude mark-up, and then deliver a fantastic cover!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful introduction to this series. I hope to read more.