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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Excerpt: Uncovered Treasures: Challenge of the Deep (The Fifth Elemental Book 1) by Gina Manis + giveaway

Uncovered Treasures: Challenge of the Deep (The Fifth Elemental Book 1)
by Gina Manis
October 8, 2021
Genre: Pirate Fantasy Adventure Romance
A new element is on the horizon.

Five years ago, Brier left everyone behind, including the woman he loved, Celine. The sea has now become his home, and the waters are not as calm as they once were.

A storm blows in and wrecks his vessel on a deserted island. At least, that is what he thinks until the mage from his past shows up. Alice isn’t the sweet nun he remembers. She pushes him away, but there are dangers on this island, and he can’t leave her alone.

Alice can’t believe her sister mages have sacrificed her to do the bidding of the Elemental Fire. He wants to make Brier the Fifth Element by giving him peace and love, only to strip it away and turn him into an Elemental God.

Loving Brier is not an option. It doesn’t matter he makes her feel things she never has before. To let him in, she will give her heart over to be broken.

The temptations of love will only bring death sooner.

This is a pirate fantasy adventure romance built in an Elemental World and will be a total of three books. It is told in an exciting new twist from mostly a man's point of view. See personally the thoughts that run through a man's head when he comes up against his greatest challenge. The love of a woman.

I turn, moving out of the water, looking down the shore in both directions but still see nothing. When I find out where I am, I will make plans to go to the convent. I can send word to Celine of where I am so she will know I am safe. Whether I tell her what Sara has done or that it includes Brier is undecided. I know she still has feelings for him, even after all these years. He cared for her also, or else he would never have agreed to become the Fifth Element.

Having my mind made up in the plan, I jump over the waves as they rush around my legs and, once able, sprint from the water. I nearly jump out of my skin when I see a man sitting by my bag and clothes.

The ground trembles beneath my feet causing me to stumble as I stop. My arms come up to cover my naked breasts from his view. His eyes roam down my body that is only clad in that tiny underwear. Oh God, he sees me as no man has ever looked at me before.

He is a pirate! His hair is short but braided, and there is a long scar that runs down the side of his face. He leans back on my bag, his legs wide in dark blue pants with a white shirt. I see the sword strapped at his waist, hanging over and into the sand.

“Did you enjoy your swim?” His voice. There is something oddly familiar about it, but I can’t place it. I look down at my shirt lying right beside him, but there is no way I am getting closer to him to retrieve it. “Do you speak, Goddess?”

Should I run? What are you supposed to do when you are standing naked in front of a man? I am so frightened I can’t even move.

About the Author

Website-FB-TwitterGina Manis grew up in South Alabama, where country living is a way of life. She has a small farm with lots of animals, and she is proud to live a simple life with her family.

Growing up, she had problems with reading until a friend had her open up a romance book one day, and the lights came on. She started to write poetry and short stories, and though she liked it, she didn't feel she was good enough to become a writer.

She worked hard in her career as a manager to businesses until she started her own online, where she was successful for eleven yrs.

As her family grew with a husband and four children, a mother and lots of animals, she gave it up to live a more leisure life and started writing in her free time again.

Now she is looking to publish all the books she has written finally. Romance books have always been a passion of hers, and that is what she writes. She loves fantasy, suspense, mystery, and giving birth to characters that go in them.

Her first book to publish, The Water Princess, will be just that, the first. There will be many more to come in the future.

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  1. I love the cover and synopsis, this is a must read for me. Thank you for posting about this book

  2. Thanks for the great post. I really want to read more of this book.