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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Urban Fantasy Author Kaylin McFarren: Writing Sex Scenes + giveaways

Writing Sex Scenes by Kaylin McFarren

Have you ever struggled with writing a great sex scene? I have and I know many other authors have as well. Details, location, interactions, and dynamics within the story tend to evolve as the story progresses. I have found it works best to position myself mentally within the scene, and this works best if the sex act doesn’t disturb you as a writer. Otherwise, consider superimposing famous heart-throbs, or mentally inserting a secret crush as your main character. Imagine the drama visually playing out in front of you then begin writing your love-torn scene. It can be fun if you allow it to be.

Make your readers care about your characters, whether it’s concern for them, love, or hatred. Your characters may come from different worlds, have vast differences in ages, or struggle for the balance of power between them. But secretly or publicly they are drawn to each other like magnets. Once we know how this dynamic works, we will know how and why they fancy each other. And remember these characters have one aim after they’ve gotten to know each other, and that is to have sex and lots of it. Readers of erotica also have one singular desire and that’s to see them fully engaged in a truly believable way.

Consider placing your characters in a sexy environment. Depending on their age, situation, energy, athleticism, or pure machismo, the back seat of a car or an empty stairwell might be just the place for a quick, rough first time, and that might be enough for some readers. But as any good erotic writer can tell you creating a sexy scene in a specific location is often a challenge. Some readers pick up an erotic novel to get away from the dirty mean streets of real life as a means for escapism. Take your characters to a place where you’d like to be—a moonlit beach, an elegant penthouse, or a soft fur rug in front of a roaring fire. Just remember that garish lighting and deadly silence are not the best ambience. Well, not for the first time at least. You can really have fun with your characters as the novel progresses, but always take their feelings into consideration. Sex in a switched-off elevator, a riding stable, or an empty art gallery can be a fun scene to write. And you can keep your readers on their toes if you have the meek heroine take the lead and allow your readers to see how the hero or villain responds to that.

Build up sensuously to the physical act with suggestive conversation, which will either be blatant and in your face, or playful and teasing. Remember that characters don’t stand woodenly about before becoming intimate. Have them eating, drinking, dancing, singing, and involve your readers in that experience. Then show them what their clothes look like and how well they fit. Are they formal or tight? How good does it feel as they come off? Unbuttoning cut-off jeans can be just as sexy as unzipping a ball gown. Make it tense, passionate, breathless, but above all, take it slow.

In real life, the first time you have sex with someone new is often urgent but ends fast and sometimes disastrous too. However, this is fantasy. So although there can be some hesitation, shyness, and teasing, ultimately everyone, including the reader, needs to be on tenterhooks—restless, like scratching an itch, and salivating, like the desperation to drink cold water in the Mohave Desert.

Slightly unrealistically erotic couples tend to come together, but if you want to be more realistic, let them climax before one another finishes and show who is the generous one, who is the thoughtful one, and who is selfish character in your story. Are they both equally considerate, and if not, will they become so as the novel progresses?

Finally, the climax in sex scenes is often the hardest to write. After the shivering and shuddering, do they fall asleep, analyze their emotions, or do it all over again? I often have a knock at the door, rolling off the bed, or a phone call after the act, so the couple are never totally at ease or have the opportunity to take each other for granted. Just be brave in your writing and it will naturally flow to the benefit of everyone involved.

Kaylin McFarren
Stories that touch the soul

Annihilation (Gehenna Book 2)
by Kaylin McFarren
February 3, 2022
Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 9781685640569
Publisher‏: ‎ Creative Edge Publishing LLC
Number of pages: 493
Word Count: 143,000
Cover Artist: Amanda Tomo Yoshida
You can’t escape from what you are

With the death of Lucifer, Queen Lucinda assumes control of Hell, ordering her soldiers to prepare for a doomsday war with Heaven. Craving eternal power, she devours the souls of gifted demonic beings, acquiring their abilities to destroy her perceived political enemies.

Meanwhile, the Black Crows meet with the Knights of Darkness in their hidden headquarters, plotting against Lucinda in their efforts to maintain peace and the balance of power. Consumed by hatred over Crighton Daemonium's unrequited love, Lucinda is unaware of the secret conspiracy brewing, or that Lucifer's spirit has returned to Hell inside the body of a soul–trapped demon.

Reclaiming his throne, Lucifer punishes his daughter for her act of treason. However, his obsession with Samara, Crighton's beautiful daughter, leaves him incapable of controlling his stolen body. After forcing her into submission, he names Samara the new Queen of Hell yet continues his authoritarian rule. When an insurgency breaks out on Earth, he becomes distracted long enough for her to be kidnapped by Nexus rebel forces, believing her to be the prophesied savior of their planet.

Is Samara the Phoenix, destined to destroy Lucifer? Or is she his soulmate and the true Queen of Hell?

"Annihilation, the sequel to Kaylin McFarren's award-winning Soul Seeker, is a decidedly Shakespearean thriller. Amidst the supernatural world, the novel is essentially a classic story about love, betrayal and power between and among royal families. McFarren's blatantly "human" portrayal of Samara Daemonium's youthful obsessions set her up to be both victim, royal and a star in a wholly compelling coming-of-age story. To get this most out of Annihilation, readers are highly encouraged to read Soul Seeker first." -- Bella G. Wright,

"Get ready for the steaming, twisted plot of Kaylin McFarren's Book 2 in the Gehenna series - Annihilation—where nothing is as it seems, and enemies are closer than anyone may think. Recommended!" - Chanticleer Reviews

"Simply couldn't put this book down, even when every hair on my neck was raised. It's that good!" - Angela Fox, Publisher, Clackamas Review/Oregon City News

"This story is dark and decadent, and fans of such fare should find it largely entertaining." - Blue Ink Reviews

"Hell has a new ruler, Queen Lucinda. A thrilling venture into the depths of Hell offers unrelenting intrigue and fearsome characters, including timeless stories of love, friendship, sacrifice, and identity... plot twisting toward an epic battle." - RECOMMENDED, The US Review of Books

"Annihilation is truly absorbing, shocking at times, and virtually impossible to put down!" - Theodocia McLean, Book Marketing Global Network

"Left on a cliffhanger and ready for the next book in this fiery series, Annihilation is an intense, dramatic power struggle and like a jigsaw puzzle, lots of different pieces hide the bigger picture until the end. We are happy to add this book to the Indie Books We Love section of the LoveReading website." - Charlotte Walker, Love Reading

Excerpt: Chapter One - Annihilation by Kaylin McFarren
Two regiments of ram-horned, cloven-hoofed demons marched through the blazing corridors of Hell in preparation for the Red War against Heaven. Their stomping feet and thumping spears shook dust loose in the solid rock tunnels leading to twenty massive cellblocks, each identified by their cardinal direction: north, south, east, and west. Confined in one of the cells on the lowest level was Hecate, the Woodland Goddess and Queen Lucinda's loyal friend. Within a month of assuming control of Hell, word had reached her that Lucinda's new regime was responsible for numerous beheadings, boiling demons to death, and implementing monstrous atrocities against woodland creatures and outspoken opponents within her own council.

Believing their friendship would make a difference, Hecate arranged a meeting with Lucinda two weeks earlier and pleaded with her to abstain from cruel acts against mankind. "Think of your legacy...the positive impact you could make." The briskness she put into her voice was belied by the unshed tears glistening in her eyes. She shifted her position in the high-back chair and drew a deep breath. "Lucifer was brutal throughout his rein...up until the day he died. You've always made brilliant choices, Samara. I know that better than anyone. Lucifer made the worst decision of his life by sending Crighton to England, and only the Sovereign Sector is responsible for the consequences that followed. I'm just grateful that Lucifer didn't survive after that nasty battle with his brother, Castiel. If he had, who knows what would have happened?"

The Queen rested her chin on her fisted hands. "Indeed. But you need to remember that my name is now Lucinda. I changed it after meeting with the Knights of Darkness and taking control of Hell."

"Yes, of course. I'll never forget the day before that happened. I was in the old arena when Crighton's mother stabbed your father repeatedly," Hecate said somberly. "I understand she was welcomed into Heaven along with her soulmate, though I don't understand why..." She let her voice trail off, shaking her head. "I guess we should thank them for your justly-deserved position."

"I already have...thanked Crighton, I mean. I offered him a more substantial token of my gratitude as well, but he turned it down."

"Politely, I hope?"

"I was afraid to sit on the throne," she admitted. "That's why I waited so long to make changes. Tyrus helped Crighton escape from Hell, and Lilith played a large part in saving Ariel. But I was responsible for saving them all by agreeing to take my father's place."

"True enough, Lucinda." Hecate felt her eyes burn once more. She drew another deep breath before adding, "I'm sure your generosity will never be forgotten and will be celebrated for years to come."

"Since I managed to keep them alive, I suppose it's time for the three of us to assume our rightful responsibilities."

"Three of us?"

"That's right. Crighton, Tyrus and myself. We have a lot of unfinished business to resolve."

"Of course, Your Majesty." Hecate smiled at her, believing she was making progress.

"But first," Lucinda said, "I'd like to discuss your view on the way Tyrus' allies are likely to respond to our meeting. Especially with them opposing me at every turn. Then I'd like your personal impression on how the loyalists in my council will interpret your views on diplomacy in the woodlands. After that, there are a couple of treasury issues I promised to investigate. It's past time that my advisors and I established a tax structure and common currency. And now that we have the Imperial chambers remodeled and relaxed rules in place regarding horns, tails, and bat wings, we can start thinking about other things like enforcing appropriate punishment where it's due."

"Since you brought it up, don't you think it's a bit extreme...the way punishment is being handled? I thought you wanted to be a just ruler...the exact opposite of your father. If that's true, then why are you taking extreme measures with outcasts, human souls, and defenseless creatures? They would sing your praises if you allowed them to– "

"–run rampant and refuse to obey my laws?" Lucinda growled. She stood up with her eyes blazing red hot and her thin lips frowning. "So, that's why you're here. Not to support me but to oppose me like the rest of the ingrates in my kingdom. Leave and never come back here again! Your deception will not be forgiven or forgotten. Is that understood? I want you out of here...NOW!!" she screamed.

Book 1

About the Author:

Kaylin McFarren has received more than 60 national literary awards, in addition to a prestigious RWA Golden Heart Award nomination for FLAHERTY'S CROSSING - a book she and her oldest daughter, New York Times/USA Today best-selling author Kristina McMorris, co-wrote in 2008. Prior to embarking on her writing journey and developing the popular THREADS psychological thriller series, she poured her passion for creativity into her work as the director of a fine art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon; she also served as a governor-appointed member of the Oregon Arts Commission.

Her award-winning time-travel adventure, HIGH FLYING, asks challenging questions that will linger long after the final twists are revealed. Jumping to the supernatural-horror genre, Kaylin's clever GEHENNA series leads readers into the pit of Hell, through the mechanisms of secret societies, and across the Earth’s crust, ever raising the stakes for her leading duo—a wicked demon and guardian angel presented with shocking revelations.

With each story she writes, this author delivers unexpected twists and turns and keeps her readers on the edge of their seats, leaving them guessing and thoroughly entertained. When she's not traveling or spoiling her two pups and three grandsons, Kaylin enjoys giving back to her community through participation and support of various charitable, medical and educational organizations in the Pacific Northwest, and divides her time between her homes in Portland, Oregon and San Diego, California.

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