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Friday, February 11, 2022

Excerpt: The Dreadbound Ode Series by Jordan Loyal Short + giveaway

The Skald's Black Verse (The Dreadbound Ode Book 1)
by Jordan Loyal Short
Genre: Epic Grimdark SciFi Fantasy
Brohr has been lied to, abused.

All he wants is to live in peace, away from the ignorance of his village, to outrun the raging ghost which haunts him.

But a hidden evil seeks to harness his fury.

Accused of murder, hunted by ruthless soldiers, Brohr delves the way of the Skald, unlocking forbidden blood magic as he unearths terrible family secrets.

When the red moon is broken, and all is lost, it’s up to Brohr to lead a rebellion, or face the end of the world!

An epic blend of norse fantasy and grimdark sci-fi!
Praise for the Dreadbound Ode...

"Rich in detail, bringing his tale to life with a foreboding atmosphere and characters that are intense. Good dialogue, rapid-fire action scenes, explosive magic and wicked political machinations." -Tome Tender

"This is extremely well-written grimdark and if you like your fantasy and sci-fi gritty...this is a book you should pick up." -Booknest

"The Weeping Sigil never stops. It has a relentless forward motion. It's painful, and its glorious, and there are twists and turns that I never saw coming. It made my heart pound and yes, there was even a tear or two." - Sarah Chorn, author of Seraphina's Lament

"Perfect for grimdark fans." -Grimdark Magazine

"[The Weeping Sigil] took everything that I had loved from The Skald’s Black Verse and lifted it to a whole other level, and I for one can’t wait to see what Jordan Loyal Short will do next. This is a fantastic book, great for anyone who enjoys a delectable mix of fantasy and science fiction, with a good dash of grimdark." - Beneath a Thousand Skies

"I love the cultures, the magic system, the spaceships and the interplanetary communication. There's lots of action and peril. It’s a great book! I’d very much recommend it." - Lee Conley, author of the Dead Sagas

Someone shouted Brohr’s name. A woman. Brohr looked up, squinting through the blood to see his old friend Vili’s mother, Inga. She spat on him and shouted “Brute!” before the crowd swallowed her up again.

Brohr tripped over a step he hadn’t seen. Two soldiers grabbed him by the arms and hauled him onto the gallows. Someone detached his shackles from the chain linking him to the other prisoners. Each of them was led to a wooden box beneath a noose by a pair of legionaries. The prefect shouted to the crowd, but Brohr wasn’t listening. He looked over at the other men as he mounted the wooden box. He realized the troublemaker who had been added to the execution was Sten’s brother. The siblings looked at one another, saying something, but he couldn’t tell what. His ears were roaring. He looked out over the crowd; they shook their fists, their lips curled back, teeth bare, snarling.

One of the soldiers looped the noose over his head and cinched it tight around his neck.

Birgit stood at the far end of the square, holding Vili’s hand, shoulders trembling as she sobbed. Brohr’s face flushed, his ears burned. He felt naked, humiliated that they should be here together, that they should see him like this. A sudden panic seized him that he should say something, should think something, somehow find a way to make sense of it all, maybe even to make it better before they—

“For Torin.” The legionary whispered in Brohr’s ear and kicked the box out from under him.

The first sharp pain shot through his body as his fall snapped the noose taught. It was unfair that they had manacled his arms behind his back. What chance did he have now? He struggled against his own suffocating weight, his feet desperately seeking the edge of the box, just out of reach.

The rope constricted around his neck. With every strain, every second, it strangled the retreating light, set panic like a wildfire.

The Weeping Sigil (The Dreadbound Ode Book 2)

Travels in the Dark (The Dreadbound Ode Book 3)

About the Author
Jordan Loyal Short is an author of epic fantasy. His first novel, The Skald’s Black Verse, is a dark and beautiful story about families, cultures, and beliefs at war with themselves. The protagonist, Brohr, must navigate the tangled loyalties and unforgiving biases of a planet conquered by invaders from another world. Using black magic, and the bizarre bond he shares with his stillborn brother’s spirit, Brohr unravels the truth about himself and an eon spanning war that has reached its end game.

Jordan has worked in a variety of industries, as a web developer, bartender, copywriter and more. He lives in Washington state with his wife where he is currently daydreaming about the end of the world.

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