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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Excerpt: Juno and the Lady (An Acre Story Book 1) by G.J. Kemp + giveaway

by G.J. Kemp
16th September 2021
Epic Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Fantasy
Publisher: SilverWood Ltd
Juno’s beloved Petra is dead.

Petra’s replacement, the mysterious Lady, has put Juno’s best friend Tilly under a dark spell that has left Juno with nobody she can trust.

With only Chax, her kitten, for company, Juno escapes from her school to a town at the bottom of the cliffs.

A town ruled by men.

Alone, scared, and without friends, Juno feels an unknown power growing inside her. A power she knows she will one day have to harness. With all lost, a dark figure from within the shadows cups her mouth and whispers in her ear to keep quiet.

Juno joins her new friends but just as she starts to learn how the world really works, the ill-tempered Dr Viktor demands an audience.

Juno and the Lady is a young woman’s journey into a land of the old ways, where men rule, and women are property.

With unlikely friendships, forbidden love and burning magic, can Juno change the conventions of old? Can she save the town? And will she figure out who the Lady truly is?

Juno sat on the edge of the cliff and let her feet dangle over the side. Chax sat next to her and licked her paws, showing no interest in what lay before her.

Juno bumped her shoulder into Chax. ‘Are those orchards to the east of the town?’

Chax lifted her head and sniffed the air. With a growl, she stood and faced north.

Juno tilted her head and sighed at the shouts of men echoing down the river.

She turned and gazed out across the lands below.

Chax meowed next to her.

‘Yes, Chax,’ Juno said, placing a hand to her brow. ‘That’s where we are going.’

About the Author:
A nomad at heart, GJ has lived in nine countries across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His career has included working as a Divemaster in The Red Sea, a zookeeper in Israel, and a proofreader in Sweden.Born with cerebral palsy, GJ has spent a lifetime trying to tie his shoelaces while standing up in the hope of not falling over. It is a constant challenge, but sometimes he occasionally succeeds.  Finding the love for writing later in life, GJ spends most of his free time going for walks and dreaming of story ideas. He hopes to one day have a small place on the oceanfront where he can walk his dogs on the beach.For more information please visit

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