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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Comic Review: Creepshow Issue #2 (of 5) from SkyBound Entertainment (Image Comics)

Creepshow #2 (of 5)
Series: Creepshow
Arriving: October 26, 2022
Diamond ID: AUG220174
Imprint: Skybound
Image Comics
The Creep scares up two all-new standalone stories in this star-studded anthology based on the hit Shudder TV series.

DAVID & MARIA LAPHAM (STRAY BULLETS) terrify with the tale of a tree whose roots grew so deep they reached Hell...and the girl who sat beneath it.

STEVE FOXE (RAZORBLADES) and KELLEY JONES (Batman Sandman) share the shocking story of legendary comic creator Sal Medina-and the dedicated fan who went too far.

I forgot how much I love this format for horror storytelling. I remember reading reprints of Tales from the Crypt (my mom use to read them and told me about them.) I've never watched the Creepshow TV show on Shudder TV, but I heard about it becoming a comic book... I couldn't wait to indulge. My GenZ daughter once told me when I talked about all the cool stuff from my generation, "Is it really good, or is it just nostalgia?" HA! Creepshow #2 (I missed issue #1 *sob*) was both.

The nostalgia was comforting and the two stories in issue #2, "The Gorgamorahh Tree" and "Creator's Rites," are everything I love about horror comic shorts. I can't talk about the stories because that would spoil the fun. But if you enjoy horror anthology comics you will definitely want to check out Creepshow from SkyBound.

Check out the artwork for each story.

5 "Creepy" Sheep


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