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Thursday, May 4, 2023

PNR Fantasy Author Charley Black: What are the must-haves for an apocalypse? + 2 Giveaways

What are the must-haves for an apocalypse? Collecting people… only mentally lol.

So you know how people ask what are your must-haves for an apocalypse or what’s one thing you would bring… etc. Well, this quirky thing that I do is I collect people… of course, that is mentally. I think it may be from watching too many disasters/zombie movies, but if this world ever ended by either a world disaster or a zombie apocalypse, I plan to survive but I also plan to make sure certain people in my life will survive as well. For example, I have a wonderful friend of mine who is a skilled cook, but she is also great at gardening as well. Gardner/Cook, check. I have another friend who is a police officer, and another who works for the police dept. Access to weapons, check. I also know quite a few nurses, but I am still searching for a doctor. Access to medical supplies and a medic, check. Then you also need several people who are outstanding fighters and protectors. I also collect those and have several on my list because what happens if they don’t survive is that you have to have options and alternatives.

I think at this point I only watch disaster/zombie movies in order to figure out ways to survive and what not to do. There are lessons to be learned in every movie. For example, my favorite Zombie movie is Dawn of the Dead (2004). A great example of survival at its finest, but my thing is I would have never left that mall. I would have found a way to either burn all the zombies or get them away from the mall. They were slow, and they created two awesome trucks and they could have made that mall their home base. There are so many things I would have done differently. 

Though you want to know the craziest thing is disaster movies scare me more than anything because they are the most real and they would be the hardest to survive. They are something I think about all the time. The two movies that scare me the most are 2012 because I can’t fly and don’t know anyone who can and then the other is Greenland. If you haven’t seen it, you need to because it is scary as hell. 

It’s the reason every person I meet if they reveal a useful skill, seems like a good fighter, or even if they have a great personality, I will simply add them to my apocalypse checklist, and if they are lucky, maybe if the world turns to crap I will come to save them. Keep that in mind if you ever happen to meet me. I’m not this crazy strong person, but I have the knowledge and a plan, so if you stick with me, the possibilities of survival I say are at least slightly higher than normal.

Entwined Within the Darkness (Within the Darkness Trilogy Book One)
by Charley Black
September 4, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
ISBN: 979-8986887708
Number of pages: 310
Word Count: 95, 963
Cover Artist: MiblArt
A wild evening goes demonically wrong…

Patience craves answers. Half a century after appearing on the steps of the witch academy, she was still no closer to recovering her lost memories and identity. Tormented nightly by visions of red eyes and burdened by dreams that, although connected, remain unclear. Patience, to distract herself, decides to defy the rules and enter the vampire club, Moarte, an act strictly forbidden for witches. Never expecting her best friend, Michael, to begin his transition into a full demon, Patience, desperate to save him, binds him to his vampiric lover.

To make matters worse, Lucius, the domineering brother of the vampire, whom Michael is now bound to, harbors a deep resentment for witches and especially for Patience. Even so, they must now work together to find a soul gem that will untether the bond before her best friend completely consumes his brother’s soul. As their unlikely alliance takes form and their attraction grows, Lucius’ presence draws out long-forgotten memories deep from within Patience. He may just be the key to unlocking her past—but will she be able to convince him that he needs her far more than he needs to kill her? Rediscovering her past and how it binds her to Lucius may just prove to be far more dangerous than either of them imagined.

Entwined, the first book in the Within the Darkness Trilogy, will leave readers in suspense. This enemies-to-lovers story will be filled with plenty of action, humor, and steam. So, prepare yourself, as the end of this novel leaves us with a cliffhanger, but not for long! Intended for 18+ readers, stay tuned to find out what lies ahead in this captivating trilogy.

A tremendous gust of wind came out of nowhere, blowing the umbrella out of her hands. She debated whether she should run the rest of the way home or chase after it when there was a sudden pull at her core in the direction her umbrella went. The sensation was strange, but her legs strode of their own accord toward the umbrella. She would usually fight this kind of enchantment, but her curiosity got the best of her. She wanted to know where it was leading her. It had to be an Allure of Soul’s charm, similar to the one found on the website, except this felt different. The pull was stronger than any charm she had experienced before.

She let the compelling force at her core lead her to the front of the double doors of an old industrial building. It looked like it was a nightclub. Picking up her umbrella, she saw a sign above the doors that read: Moarte.

Interesting. So this is Moarte. Club Death. Typical of vampires to name their club “Death.”

Strange creatures.

Realizing it had stopped raining, she folded up the umbrella. She must have become swept up in the enchantment because of the storm. Magic had a mind of its own sometimes. The weather constantly messed with enchantments, especially with lure charms.

Turning to walk away since the allure had done its job and got her here, she found her feet wouldn’t leave.

“What the hell?” She struggled to leave, thinking it was a fluke. She tried moving toward the door instead of away, and it worked. Then she tried to turn away again. Her feet wouldn’t move forward.

Fighting the enchantment became harder the longer she stood, so she gave in. Stepping up to the doors, she touched the handle. An image flashed through her mind.

It was too quick for her to see. A warm, familiar sensation washed over her, pulling at her memory. It ran through her body, brushing against her soul, then vanished as quickly as it came. She pulled on the door. It wouldn’t budge. She could unlock it, but there was a magical ward, and she didn’t want to risk drawing attention to herself by blasting off the door to a vampire club.

Vampires and witches were still mortal enemies. Even with the law outlawing the killing of witches in place, vampires were to be avoided.

This time, when she turned to leave, nothing stopped her. Her feet moved forward without incident.

Her thoughts traveled in a million different directions.

The first being, what the hell kind of enchantment was that if it wasn’t a lure charm? There were other enchantments that vampires used specifically to lure their victims into their clubs. It shouldn’t have affected her, at least not this strongly. She could blame it on the rain. Another possibility was something else was leading her there.

Following clues to her past wasn’t always easy. She went into many of her leads blind and knowing she would come out with disappointment. She always told herself she had at least had to try. Her instincts were telling her there was a clue in the club.

Walking up the stairs to her apartment, she knew they would go to Moarte tonight.

No… I couldn’t let that happen. She had followed too many clues already. Tonight was going to be about fun and doing something different. Remember: new energy in the air.

Though this differed from her dreams and nightmares, she had never seen a glimpse of memory before or that warm sensation. It never happened when she was awake before.

No, she wouldn’t think about it. Tomorrow was another day. She would chase it tomorrow.

She did this to herself all the time. All it did was add to her stress.

She promised herself she wouldn’t go anywhere near the club tonight.

About the Author:
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Charley Black is an up-and-coming writer and author who has been creating stories since she was twelve years old. Her early short stories dabbled in different genres, but her passion for romance novels — paranormal romance in particular — always shone through. Charley currently resides in Rhode Island, with her family and works at a local university. Debuting in September, Entwined will be the first of three novels set in the Within the Darkness universe.

Lucius and Patience must rely on each other and trust their growing bond to survive the obstacles and risks that lie in their path. With thrilling action, captivating romance, and unforeseen discoveries, Entwined Within the Darkness will leave you breathless.
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