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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Kickstarter: The Haunted Zone: Horror Anthology by Women Military Veterans!

Author and Sheep Reviewer Pamela K. Kinney is part of The Haunted Zone: Horror Anthology!

Color-illustrated, spine-tingling horror by 21 women veterans as only they can write it. Award winning authors and fresh new voices!

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THE HAUNTED ZONE is a Horror Anthology by Women Military Veterans! We bring you a never-before, one-of-a-kind collection of writers. We have gathered 70,000 words in 25 unnerving short stories and poems for your horror-filled delight. Have you seen a horror anthology crafted by women veterans? We sure haven't, so we accepted the challenge and then some.

Authors and Artists

This anthology highlights twenty-one kickass women authors. But it doesn’t end there because everyone involved in this project, including the artists—all are military veterans. You’ll find experienced writers alongside remarkable, fresh voices within these exceptional pages of dark stories, poems, and art.

They bring to the page classic horror as well as deeply haunting issues like domestic violence, suicide, traumas of war, loss, revenge, and the emotions entwined in these topics, weaving tales that bring us together in our humanity. Women warriors who express what we fear to talk about with others, carrying the pack of societal burdens, at home and on the battlefield of life.

When these women heard the call, they showed up ready to deliver spine-tingling hauntings that linger. 

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