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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Book Review: Gray Dawn (Black Hat Bureau - Book 10) by Hailey Edwards

Gray Dawn (Black Hat Bureau - Book 10)
by Hailey Edwards
January 28, 2024
Pages: 264
Black Hat Bureau, Book 10
In this tenth and final installment of The Black Hat Bureau series, Rue races the clock to find her little moth girl before it’s too late. As much as she wants to believe that Clay will protect Colby, he isn’t himself when he’s under the director’s thrall. And the director would toss a loinnir back like a shot of pure magic if he got his hands on her.

As if Rue doesn’t already have enough heaped on her plate, Luca is spreading her poison west in a twisted game of take-out roulette. Now Rue must decide if saving one life is worth sacrificing the dozens of innocents Luca will kill if Rue doesn’t make stopping her the top priority.

As the director, Rue ought to put her agents’ lives and the Bureau’s purpose above her own, but Colby is her child and—right or wrong—Rue would burn down the world to save her.


I’m so very sad to say goodbye to this series! I think I say that every time I finish one of her series, but it is so true! The way she writes I get so invested in each character that I feel like I know them, and I don’t think I could even name which one is my favorite!

In this final installment Rue is racing to find Colby before her grandfather finds that Clay has her in his pocket. When Clay is controlled by him, he isn’t himself, doesn’t remember people or things and must obey everything he’s told to do, and it breaks him each time he is back to his true self to learn of the things he has done. Rue knows as the director, she needs to put the lives of her fellow agents, other paras plus the human race above the life of one but she just doesn’t know if she’ll be able to do it. If things weren’t complicated enough Luca is now spreading poison throughout the United States and seems to always be just a step ahead of her. If she could just have more hours in the day she might just survive.

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Denise B
About the Author:
USA Today best-selling author Hailey Edwards writes about questionable applications of otherwise perfectly good magic, the transformative power of love, the family you choose for yourself, and blowing stuff up. Not necessarily all at once. That could get messy.

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