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Sunday, February 4, 2024

New Release: Awoke: A New Adult Paranormal Fantasy (The Unseen War Book 1)

We're celebrating the release of Awoke this week with a book tour! Read on for more details!

Awoke (The Unseen War Book 1)
by K. T. Conte
February 1, 2024
Genre: NA Paranormal Fantasy
đź–¤Grim Reaper Forbidden Romance
đź–¤Black Bad-A%$ FMC
đź–¤Black, Scottish MMC
đź–¤Dystopian World Building
đź–¤Malcontent Spirits
đź–¤Anime Vibes

When the Veil between the Living and the Dead Shifts...

Turning eighteen is more than just a rite of passage for Katya Stevens; it's a chilling awakening. Suddenly thrust into a world she'd believed was a mere figment of childhood nightmares, she finds herself where the dead refuse to rest, and the balance of life teeters perilously.

Her once-hidden ability to see the departed reveals not only the world's deadly mysteries but also the depths of her soul. Gregor, an enigmatic Grim Reaper, isn't just a harbinger of death but a symbol of the battling forces at play—especially The Want, spirits distorted by their defiance against the natural transition to the beyond.

But Katya's destiny is larger than she ever imagined. A beacon in legends, she stands between hope and havoc. As she delves deeper into the ethereal realm of Ager, she confronts not just the malevolent Wanters but the shadows of her own heart and the complexities of early adulthood.

If the spiritual battles of 'Bleach' and the transformative journeys of 'Sailor Moon' captivated you, and if you've been enthralled by novels like 'City of Bones', 'Daughter of Smoke and Bone', and the dark supernatural realms of 'Angelfall', then 'Awoke' is your next adventure. Explore a universe where Grim Reapers serve as the staunch defenders against malevolent spirits, and where a profound forbidden romance unfolds between a mortal with unparalleled power and a Reaper. 'Awoke' weaves a tale inspired by the depth and drama of beloved fantasy tales and the intricate story lines of notable anime series, promising a world where every decision echoes with universe-altering consequences.
"Awoke: The Unseen War" masterfully combines fantasy, mystery, and self-discovery. K.T. Conte's imaginative world of Ager, where the supernatural intersects with the journey of protagonist Katya Stevens, showcases vivid imagery and deep character development. Katya's evolution from an ordinary teen to a legend amidst a beautifully haunting realm highlights the novel's unique blend of the ethereal and the emotionally complex. A standout in fantasy literature, this novel is a must-read for its enchanting narrative and profound exploration of growth and adventure. ~ Readers' Favorite

K.T. Cote's Awoke grabs the reader's attention, delivering a tale that is as suspenseful as it is emotionally layered. ~ Feathered Quill

About the Author

K.T. Conte
K.T. Conte, a devotee of the written word and all things wild and fascinating, first discovered her passion for books at the tender age of two. Even then, as an avid reader, her journey to becoming an author was already on the horizon. An African-American author with a flair for breathing life into stories, K.T. holds a B.A. in English from Boston College and a law degree from Suffolk University Law School. While she is a licensed and practicing attorney, K.T.’s first love has always remained books. The enchanting dance of words across a page and the powerful narratives they weave continues to captivate and inspire her every day. Over the years, she has shared her Massachusetts home with a delightful blend of characters – the enchanting specters in the closet, her loving husband Everett, a couple of mischievous building fairies, and her beloved daughter, Ella.

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