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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Covet, WARNING: this is NOT a vampire book

Covet, the first book in J.R. Wards The Fallen Angels series is guessed it angels. I picked this book up after reading her amazing Black Dagger Brotherhood books (review on those coming soon). A very talented author who quickly rose to the top of my reading list, that is until I read this book....

Not only are angels lame compared to vampires (its true and you know it), the powers they posses are pitiful. And wings. What wings? These angels ride Harley's, and thats kind of cool but I would rather fly then drive thank you very much! Come on no wings? Thats like being into vampires that sparkle and don't burn in the sun! (oh wait....I like those so forget that last part)

I had issues with the plot in this story, first word that pops to mind would be "lame". The book moved along at a snail's pace, it took forever to get to an end and when it came I was left wondering why she even wrote this book.

The good side for me was that she did mention some previous people and places from her other series. She mixed in some old with all the new, maybe to help the reader cope or maybe she is like me and just likes to continue stories with past characters. Either way that was cool, but if thats the only thing that saved this book it was far too little.

I could get into men with wings, given its done by the right author. Feathers? Yeah I would love to find them in my hair. (take me to the blue room!) ;)
Bring it on, don't make a half a** attempt and expect me to dig it. Cause I wont.

Giving this book away to anyone who wants it...until then it will remain as my door stop. :)

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