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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Get Him to the Greek, lol funny!

Get Him to the Greek directed by Nicholas Stoller is a raunchy (Rated R for a reason) comedy staring Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.
Plot as follows:
Aaron Greenberg (Hill) gets things done. The ambitious 23-year-old has exaggerated his way into a dream job just in time for a career-making assignment. His mission: Fly to London and escort a rock god to L.A.s Greek Theatre for the first-stop on a $100-million tour. His warning: Turn your back on him at your own peril. British rocker Aldous Snow (Brand) is both a brilliant musician and walking sex. Weary of yes men and piles of money, the former front man is searching for the meaning of life. But that doesnt mean he cant have a few orgies while he finds it. When he learns his true love is in California, Aldous makes it his quest to win her backright before kick-starting his world domination.

As the countdown to the concert begins, one intern must navigate a minefield of London drug smuggles, New York City brawls and Vegas lap dances to deliver his charge safe and, sort of, sound. He may have to coax, lie to, enable and party with Aldous, but Aaron will get him to the Greek.

Quite a few good laughs throughout this movie and tons of adolescence humor that is becoming a "norm" in todays current comedies. But its all in good fun, and keep that in mind before you go. Cause it gets a lil dirty dirty baby!
Some guest appearances/cameos of rock and entertainment stars of today added to the mix give a feel of authenticates. Lars?! gimme fuel gimme fire!
P. Diddy did a decent job in this film, playing a record company executive is not a far stretch from his normal life but he does some humorous jokes that are well delivered. I was actually pleasantly surprised. :)
Now the down sides I have to point out about this film are: some scenes that are pointless and led nowhere, a little bit of dragging here and there, some choppy editing and yeah I get it the guy is an idiot rock star but did we need all those songs? It became a little too much, maybe the actor wanted some more dream fulfillment? Don't know.
Overall not bad, if you want a laugh and have a good since of humor check it out. But leave your Jeffery's at home.

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