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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight Saga Eclipse

The Twilight Saga Eclipse directed by David Slade hit theaters across the nation last night at midnight, many dedicated fans lined up to see the latest film. Of course yours truly took part in the action, arriving at 6pm at my local theater I was the FIRST in line! HAHAHA we beat the teenage girls and claimed our old fogey power supreme! Suck it kids, we (being 20 somethings) rocked it. :P
Shout-out to my brother who also took place in this late night event up in Portland OR! :)
And now on to my review.....
Eclipse, staring Taylor Lautner as sexy teenage werewolf Jacob Black, Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert "the sex god" Pattinson as Edward "the delicious" Cullen round out the main cast in this film.

Bella Swan is reunited with the love of her life (and vampire), Edward Cullen. Her life is back to the way it was before the Cullens left, except for one major thing. Before Edward left, Bella had not considered Jacob Black (werewolf) her best friend, and she is in vain trying to make Edward and Jacob make peace and be friends. She is torn between the love she feels for Edward and the strong friendship between her and Jacob. Can she make them see reason, and can they be good to each other to keep from hurting Bella? And there are new dangers lurking around the corners; Seattle is stalked by mass murderers beyond humanity. Who's behind this, and what connection does it have with Bella?

I have a few minor issues with some sequences in this movie, I do understand the need to make the movie "audience friendly" but still the issues remain.
First, why was it this movie had the most sunlight on Edward and very little sparkle action going on? Sunlight = Sparkle but not so much in this one, did the director think we would all just forget about that? I didn't.
Second, Bella does not just ride off on the back of Jacobs bike in front of him. Edward would have lost his mind had she done this to him in the book. Third, Renee (Bella's Mom) does not ever give her a blanket made out of shirts! The woman cant cook, acts like a child, why on earth would we believe she could sew? Come on Summit its just more crap you want to push out for us "fans" to buy! Tacky and I hated that part.
The 2 parts that bugged me the most are Bella being at the newborn bonfire with the Cullens when Jacob gets hurt, and the end scene when she talks to Edward about feeling like the Vampire world is where she has always belonged. Um no! Thats not until the next book people! Come on. That was just wrong to add in and you know it!
Hated the new Victoria, ugh she was awful. Gross and gross.
Ok, there were a ton of good points I really want to touch on, Jaspers back story loved it. Rose and how she became a vamp, the Quileute legends were amazing, the tent scene and newborn fight sequence were out of this world good.
I the actor who plays Charlie (Bella's dad) is so good, he fits the part perfect.
Overall the movie was good, I set high expectations on the films because of my love for the books. During the movie its always hard hearing anything due to all the screaming girls, too many hormones and no idea what to do with them. :P
So I will be seeing this again in a quiet early morning showing, this I will recommend to all of you. But no matter how you see it just make sure you do. :)
Team Edward

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