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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Awaken Me Darkly, yawn...going back to sleep.

Awaken Me Darkly by author Gena Showalter is book 1 in her Alien Huntress series. This book came highly recommend but fell awfully short for me.
Frist, let me just say that after watching Disney's Bolt movie about 100 times I cant hear the word "Alien" without thinking of those hysterical hollywood pigeons. lol I JUST CANT!
So going into this I tried my best to wipe that from my mind and take these "Aliens" serious, it was, needless to say very hard for me.
And now my review:
Mia Snow plays an "Alien" hunter in a kind of alternate reality, this book asks the reader to believe that "Aliens" came to earth 70 years ago to live amongst us. Please, like our government would hide such things from us. They always tell us everything, never leave anything out, open and honest is their policy. I mean, duh!
Mia is a hard nose, take no crap kind of girl and I did like her I just had issues with how the writer described the action. It felt like stick figure fighting to me. Example:
He. Strikes. I. Jumped. On. His. Face.
Blasted. My. Pyre-Gun.
Dead. He. Is. So. Dead.
Blah. Blah.
BORING! It was just really really boring for me, no flow to the action. I want details when I read a book, I love to feel what the characters are feeling especially during action pages. Let down. I was completely let down.
Now the "Alien" men were so so, but they weren't even close to my vamp men. Thats not to say vamps are my only love, but please try and be at least up to par with those guys!
Overall the book was a let down, but not the worst I have read. And after all this I may read the second one just to see if things get better....will I be let down again? I hope not. :)
Dont hate me Pepsi!


  1. Hahaha. Of course I don't hate you! lol. What can I say? I'm not as hard to please as some people.. kd.... lol. We are all entitled to our own opinions.. the fact that yours is wrong is just sad. haha. Love ya :)

  2. lol nice. :) hey its how i felt, but i still may read the next one just to see if it gets better. xoxox