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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Alien Tango, Kitty strikes again!

Alien Tango, the latest book from author Gini Koch, is one fun ride. If you have yet to read this book or the first novel in her series, Touched by an Alien, then I recommend you run out and grab this series today. :)

Alien Tango follows the story of Kitty and Martini (no, not the drink, even though you could drink this man up), the gung-ho butt kickers working to rid the world of supreme fuglies. Kitty is one sassy/spunky chick, she loves her music (Aerosmith is a fav) and loves her man. She just also happens to be really good at ridding the world of the evil that would love to come over and kill us all for fun.

Martini is the love of her life and also happens to be one hunky piece of alien beef (or tofu for you veggie lovers out there). He may not always understand Kitty's logic but he has learned to trust her judgement, no questions asked. For the most part. Men take a while to break in, as all us ladies know. :P

The action, adventure and sarcasm continue strong in Alien Tango. Did anyone see where I put that darn rocket launcher? *looks at Amber* Quite a few crazy plot twists leave the reader on the edge of their seat. Meddling family and some fun lovin' gators round out the excitement. And as always, Gini brings the hot and heavy romance! Woot woot for me!!
I thought elevators were hot after TBAA but now....*licks lips* now I want to find the closest storage room to have a little fun in. ;)

I am giving this book the highest rating we have and looking forward to the next addition coming out this April.


  1. Can't wait to read this one! Gini has created a series that has left me addicted! I love Kitty and Martini :)

  2. I completely agree with 5 sheep. Baaaaaa! I love the alligators. Just SO Kitty.