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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mike Duran Contest Winner!

Happy New Year everyone!

We've got our first contest of 2011!

This time around, I was told by our virtual committee of 20 that they would only be available for a single vote. It would seem like Chuck the Woodchuck had convinced our voters that they were not being fairly compensated for their time... and are now refusing to do any more than a single vote per contest. Grrr! Dang Woodchucks!

To get around this, I had a series of orange ping pong balls with each contestant's name printed in a heat activated ink. I then asked one of the Marutachi (Midori) to mix the balls up and choose 4 of them using a claw machine.

When I stuck the balls under a heat lamp, we could see the names who'd be voted upon clearly...

The three names were put before the committee to vote and here is how that went:

Round 1

Shannon : 9
Nikiya : 6
Sharon S : 5
Nobody got a majority! The floor is open for debate!
Veronica champions Shannon calling upon Tenured voters to consider Shannon's mettle
Barbara champions Nikiya calling upon Female voters to consider Nikiya's greatness
Linda champions Sharon S calling upon MiddleAged voters to consider Sharon S's greatness

Round 2

Shannon : 11
Sharon S : 6
Nikiya : 3
The winner is: Shannon in 2 rounds!
Congratulations, Shannon!

Katie will be contacting you and you'll have one week to respond!


  1. Just wanted to thank you guys for the interview. I had a lot of fun and hope to set a precedent for all future male interviews on ISS. And congrats to Shannon. Thanks again! Have a great 2011!

  2. Orange Ping Pong balls....I have no idea how you come up with the winners Richard but it's fun to read. lol

    Congrats to Shannon!

    We send Mike Duran a big group hug from all the sheep. :)

  3. so close!!! . Congrats to Shannon

  4. OMG, that's hilarious!!! And thanks so much ... this was a lot of fun! Hugs to you all!