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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blog Tour de Force, Get Loaded. *Sponsor*

I Smell Sheep is proud to sponsor author and friend Amber Scott in the premier tour of Blog Tour de Force-Get Loaded! You can check out all the exciting details of the book tour at:

This is a fun tour that supports indie book authors, so lets make sure to show our support on this one. :) baaaaaaaaa!!!

Also, please be sure to sign up for the tours newsletter and you can be entered to win a Kindle, eBooks and gift baskets from the authors. How can you NOT love this tour?!

Good luck Amber we can't wait to hear all about the book tour! :)

Amber, Katie and Richard
"Because Woodchucks can't be trusted"


  1. Thanks Plot Mamas, we can't either! Make sure to check back for updates in the tours progress. :)