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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Resurrection, holy sheep what a good book!

The Resurrection is the debut novel from author Mike Duran. You may remember Mike from the interview we did last month. Not only is he a great guy, he also writes a pretty darn nifty book. :)

The Resurrection follows the life of Ruby Case, a devout woman of faith, wife and mother who loves her family and community; if help is needed, she is the first to lend a helping hand. Though life has not always been easy, Ruby has kept the faith and continued to follow her heart; with the help of her very sexy and charming husband Jack Case.
*sigh* ;) I shall continue wishing on a star for that man to enter my life. Just saying. hahaha

After an amazing gift (or curse as some see it) is given to Ruby, she ha
s some tough choices to make in her life. She turns to her church and the newly appointed Reverend, who struggles with demons of his own, trying to make some sense of the situation.

What happens when a town is cloaked in the darker forces of this world, or the next? Can one woman stand alone and fight the enormous evil? Will anyone stand with her or have we become so jaded that people all look the other way?

I was amazed with the amount of history and knowledge that fills the pages of this book. Throw in a big handful of suspense, add a few dashes of wicked twisted men and one crazy lizard, and you have a good book on your hands. So wonderfully written and well delivered I could not put it down! If Mike continues to write like this, he will have a fan for life! Go get this book and try not to eat the pages. lol

Getting 4 and half demon butt kicking sheep!

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