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Monday, February 27, 2012

Advertising with Sheep

Want to place an Ad with the Sheep? Well then gather round the fire folks and keep reading to find out how!

Here at I Smell Sheep we pride ourselves on meaningful posts about men (oh yeah the sexier the better baby!) and their deep relationships with women (who could kick your butt ten ways to Sunday!). We dip into the Paranormal a smidgen *winks* and some Urban Fantasy, with comics and manga to add plenty of variety to our site. Conventions and expos, you name it and we're out there beating the pavement (or getting in our car and pretending we ran all the way) to bring it all to you.

So here's YOUR chance to promote what you have going on or coming out. Ad space is now available on our site, and we have competitive rates at reasonable prices to fit any budget. Starting at $20 for a 2 week runtime you can get your marketing on and help support our site at the same time. We love doing what we do here at I Smell Sheep and making a little cha-ching on top keeps all the wheels greased and running. [Feel free to use extra grease on sexy vampire men. Or women!]

As the sales pitch ends, we just want to once again thank everyone who takes the time to stop by, interview or follow us. We're here to stay and hope you'll be with us. Email us for more Ad prices, site stats and any additional information.

NOTE: We do not in any way exchange money for influenced reviews. We give honest and truthful reviews for free at all times.

Much Sheep Love!


  1. Can't seem to find any contact or email info on your site. *scratching head*

    1. Sherry, you should have my email address. If not send me a message to k28dalton (at) yahoo (dot) com :)