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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sheep Book Review: Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan

Spirit Bound, by author Christine Feehan, is the second novel in her spinoff series Sisters of the Heart, a Sea Haven novel. Christine as a writer is solid, there are no major grammar errors and no lack of imagination. Unfortunately this latest addition IS missing some essential material including a fluid storyline and sadly lacks in-depth characterization. I really wanted to like it more!

Lethally sexy undercover agent Stefan Prakenskii knows a thousand ways to kill a man-and twice as many ways to pleasure a woman. So he's looking forward to his new mission: arrive in the coastal town of Sea Haven and insinuate himself in the life of Judith Henderson, an ethereal beauty with ties to the crime lord he's determined to trap...

This time around our protagonist is Judith, a young and talented artist who works with paintings and kaleidoscopes. She's smart and gifted with elemental talents and the ability to emotionally influence people around her. There was a lot of build up around Judith, her past and the hurt she inadvertently caused those around her, the dark nature of her gifts and the enormous power she could possibly wield. I waited patiently 'till the end to see this magnificent manifestation of abilities only to be let down. Maybe Judith will use more of her abilities in coming novels, but this book lacked a significant payoff to its own emotional buildup. Aside from her abilities, Judith for the most part seems the vulnerable type of gal who's pretty on the eyes and whose kind nature make her the victim the majority of the time. I would have liked a little more bite from our heroine, but alas it never happens.

We have a major shift in the balance of power with Judith and her sisters, their influence stretching out of their farm and into the tiny village of Sea Haven. Tornadoes and crashing waves are assaulting the town from all sides, but miraculously none of the citizens of this town get hurt. A huge wall of flames is also running along the streets and gun shots are going off like mad, but no one seems to notice. The girls themselves have to call the local Sheriff to come down and investigate. Why does no one in this small town of folks wander outside to see what all the fuss is about? I have no clue, but this scene only adds to the overall feeling of disappointment with this story.

Enter Stefan Prakenskii, the Russian assassin sent to Sea Haven for a few reasons, one of which is to protect Judith from a psycho ex-lover who's going to escape prison. Stefan's character is all alpha-male and "I'm the boss so deal with it". I liked the guy to a point, but the Mr. Bossy-pants routine starts to get old. He's a tuff dude that knows his stuff, but the ego needs to get a nice reality check from Judith or some more character growth needed to take place here. Which unfortunately it does not. I felt like he bossed his way into her life, bossed her into loving him and then bossed her into staying with him after countless lies and deceit. No can do buck-o!

Not only is Stefan an arrogant type of guy, he's been trained to become a killing machine. So much build up is placed on Judith's ex but by the time push comes to shove the whole scenario is wrapped up without a fight. I wanted to read about Stefan beating the snot out of this guy and Judith getting in a nice rib kick! But negative points aside, I did like the steamy romance that takes place between our main two. Their dialog for the most part was intriguing, especially when bringing up past histories that have shaped both of their lives. The town of Sea Haven itself has a plethora of material that can be tapped to produce more wonderful stories. It's a stunning backdrop the author is using to paint this visual picture, I just wished the characters and story itself was worked out a little better.

Overall I'm on the fence about continuing this series. While I enjoy her other works and will actively read those, the Sea Haven saga may get washed out to sea with the coming tide.

Getting 2 and 1/2 Lake County Sheep


  1. sorry it didn't do it for you. With an author that write so many books, they can't all be winners with everyone. Clever comment at the end ;)

  2. LOL "the Sea Haven saga may get washed out to sea with the coming tide."
    Cute. I felt the same way about this installment. Judith was a victim and Stefan did nothing but lie and bully.

  3. I don't agree. I love this book and its characters. I'm too romantic probably but I love the way Christine Feehan draw vivid emotions. I love this hard brothers and the way those women enter deep into them became their anchor and salvation. Sorry for my strange english, I'm italian but I read a lot in english because here there are not so many wonderful paranormal romances.

    1. sissy63 I'm so glad you got more out it then I did! I really and truly am so super thankful for that. Christine is a VERY good writer and I love her other series and books (ps I will another review coming soon for a different book I just read of hers!) so I'll keep going with her. Maybe not on this one but still staying in her world.

      I too love the images she can draw with her words. I think maybe for me, personally, this one was not what I hoped for. Thanks for commenting and stay tuned for what's coming up! :)

  4. I love Christine Feehan's Dark series, but the other books she's written just don't do it for me like the Dark series has. I've tried reading them and tried liking them and just didn't. But I whole heartily recommend the "dark" series.

  5. @Mary the dark series is on my tbr pile so I'll make sure to get into those...sometime this year. I hope! lol

    1. "Dark Destiny" rules! Thanks for the review - I go up and down with Feehan too. But I have to give her credit - she was my intro to paranormal romance,I may never have gotten into it otherwise.