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Monday, April 28, 2014

Book Review ARC: Slightly Spellbound (Southern Witch #4) by Kimberly Frost

Slightly Spellbound (Southern Witch #4)
by Kimberly Frost
With two kinds of magick at odds inside her and two gorgeous men vying for her attention, Tammy Jo Trask is used to being pulled in opposite directions. But in the latest Southern Witch novel she’ll have to make some serious decisions—like how she intends to stay alive.

Tammy Jo’s romance with the wizard Bryn Lyons is on hold while her ex-husband is in town trying to remind her of the good old days. Choosing between them isn’t easy, and it doesn’t help that a skeletal creature is spying on her, a faery knight is hunting her, and she just made friends with Evangeline Rhodes—a rich witch who thinks her own family is trying to kill her.

When Evangeline disappears under suspicious circumstances, Tammy Jo is determined to find out what happened. As she uncovers a secret more dangerous—and personal—than she could have imagined, she also discovers that, in both love and magic, you can’t stay neutral forever.

Slightly Spellbound is a Fun with a capital F read. Just how much did I love this book? I enjoyed it so much I hopped over and purchased the prior three installments before I even finished reading it. The world building is great and the characters are wonderfully excentric and colorful. Tammy Jo is a local southern gal who has a family history that leaves her part witch and part fey with both magics in one package resulting in uproarious consequences. She has a pure heart, is wonderfully funny, and to top it all off she is a baker of all things awesome in the pastry world.

In this installment she runs afoul of a creepy skeletal creature, the evil step family of a new nutbunny friend, a strange hunky new fey with a bad attitude, gets gnawed on by an alligator, shot, and I don't even know where to begin about her love life. There was never a dull moment and I was glued to my reader gobbling up each tasty page. Slightly Spellbound is definitely a recommended read for those who enjoy murder, mayhem, mystery, and magic with a taste of humor in the mix.

5 Sheep


About the Author:
Kimberly Frost is the national bestselling author of the humorous Southern Witch series, which includes Would-Be Witch, Barely Bewitched, and Halfway Hexed. She was the 2010 PEARL award winner for best new paranormal author, and her paranormal romantic suspense "Etherlin" series launched in November 2011 in the multi-author Christmas anthology, Tied With a Bow, followed by the January 2012 release of All That Bleeds (Etherlin Series, Book 1)


  1. Great review. It's nice to find a book we like so much that we just have to go and get all the books that came before it.

  2. I love this series! I'm so glad others are meeting Tammy and her crew! She is quite awesome!

    1. great to hear! I hadn't heard about this series till it showed up for review. After reading Denise's review I need to get on it...

  3. Oooo I have the first book! Why haven't I read it yet? This sounds fantastic. Thanks for the review!