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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Review: The Elemental Detective by Kristen Weiss Blog Tour + giveaway

Riga Hayworth, Book 5
Published by: Misterio Press
December 21, 2013
Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery
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Mermaids, menehunes, and murder.

Riga Hayworth just wants to relax with her new husband on their Hawaiian honeymoon. But a body on a Kauai beach pulls them into a murder investigation, sending the supernatural world into an uproar.

When Riga detects traces of magic at a murder scene, she knows she can’t ignore the call. There’s necromancy afoot, and she must prepare for the battle to come. But can Riga fight the forces of nature? Or will they destroy her and everyone she loves?

Book five in the Riga Hayworth series of paranormal mystery novels, The Elemental Detective is a fun, fast-paced urban fantasy blending romance with the supernatural, and exploring the magic of Hawaii.

The Elemental Detective is the fifth installment in the Riga Hayworth series. Riga is a lovely woman who bears a striking resemblance to the famous actress from the 1940s. She is also a metaphysical detective who finds it her responsibility and calling to investigate crimes and/or unusual occurrences involving the supernatural and supernatural baddies. Over the prior four installments she has faced off with many different foes, as well as experienced changes in her own metaphysical/psychic powers and abilities.

This story opens with Riga and her new hunky hubby on their honeymoon in Hawaii. She wants nothing more than to kick back, relax, and forget all the craziness and mayhem they have gone through over the past months and enjoy her man and their time together. She is tired and wants nothing much to do with the world of other and the constant mantra seems to be this is supposed to be my honeymoon . . . Well it is definitely a truism that sometimes life just does not happen the way we want and this certainly can be said for Riga, who is definitely not pleased about the interruption once again in her life. Not only does her faithful friend gargoyle show up, but there are bodies found, black necromancy stirring the air, pooka appearances, and the call of new elemental magic seeking Riga drawing her in and coming on board. The more she resists, the greater the threat becomes and poof the mayhem box opens again. 

The writing style continues to be clean and smooth with some wonderful world building with a peak at new mystical beings and culture. This was a very enjoyable read with continued character growth and while it was not my personal favorite in the series, it is definitely not an installment for fans of the series to miss. I would suggest starting at least with book one, The Metaphysical Detective, however, if you are new to the series as there is too much back-story that would be missed beginning with this book. I am very much looking forward to Riga's next adventure and have every intention of continuing on with the series and recommend to those who enjoy bit of mystery with some mystical mayhem and colorful characters thrown in the mix.

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About the Author:
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Kirsten Weiss is the author of the Riga Hayworth paranormal mystery series: The Metaphysical Detective, The Alchemical Detective, The Shamanic Detective, The Infernal Detective, and The Elemental Detective.

Kirsten worked overseas for nearly fourteen years, in the fringes of the former USSR and deep in the Afghan war zone.  Her experiences abroad not only gave her glimpses into the darker side of human nature, but also sparked an interest in the effects of mysticism and mythology, and how both are woven into our daily lives.

Now based in San Mateo, CA, she writes paranormal mysteries, blending her experiences and imagination to create a vivid world of magic and mayhem.

Kirsten has never met a dessert she didn’t like, and her guilty pleasures are watching Ghost Whisperer reruns and drinking good wine.

You can connect with Kirsten through the social media sites below, and if the mood strikes you, send her an e-mail at

Grand prize: Riga's mini-magick kit (including spell paper, a quartz crystal, herbs for incense, and a candle) and a signed copy of The Elemental Detective.

Second prize: a purse charm plus e-copy of The Elemental Detective.

Third prize: an e-copy of The Elemental Detective. US Only please.

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  1. Looks good. love the heroine's name :) too
    thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Very nice review Denise, thank you! I will add this series to my wishlist!

    1. Thank you Aurian. This series is definitely worth the wishlist, especially if you enjoy eccentric characters and magical mayhem. I have really enjoyed reading it and have it on my watchlist for upcoming installments :)

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  4. Thanks for taking the time to write the review!

    1. It was my honor, I can't wait to see what you have stirring in the pot next :)