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Friday, April 4, 2014

Guest Post: Christine Pope (DARK ANGEL Blog Tour) + giveaway

Top 5 Reasons Why Jerome Is the Place to Be During the Zombie Apocalypse 

True, the Witches of Cleopatra Hill series is about, well, witches. But as a big Walking Dead fan, I’m always evaluating locations as to their viability should the big ZA actually occur. This got me thinking about Jerome, Arizona, the setting for the Cleopatra Hill trilogy, and whether it would be a good place to be if the dead (or the infected, depending on which flavor of zombie you prefer) start swarming.

1. Isolation. Jerome is perched on the side of a mountain, with only one road leading in and out (Arizona 89A). Since it’s a narrow two-lane highway, it would be easy to create barricades to keep the undead and other undesirables out, especially since the highway is cut into the side of the mountain and has deep drop-offs on the side.

2. Small population. Jerome’s permanent population is only around 450 people, which would make it easier to control outbreaks. The population tends to swell on the weekends because of tourist traffic, so it would be better if the outbreak occurred on a weekday, preferably Wednesday.

3. Local food resources. A lot of people in Jerome garden and grow their own fruits and vegetables. The mountain above the town is also heavily populated with deer, rabbits, and other wildlife. Small hunting parties could go out to procure game to feed the town. (And let’s not forget about the food on hand in the various restaurants in town; there’s a high ratio of eating establishments to residents because of the tourist trade.)

4. Frontier spirit. A lot of the residents of Jerome are artisans, craftsmen, etc. and can create items necessary for survival. Also, Arizona is an open-carry state, so there probably won’t be a shortage of weaponry. ;-)

5. Small-town camaraderie. It’s a lot easier to pull together and work to stay safe when everyone in the town knows everyone else. There may be some tourists trapped in the town when the ZA hits, but they should figure out quickly enough that it’s in their best interests to work with the regular townsfolk. If not, as Stephen King put it in The Stand, “there’s always the road….”

Dark Angel
Witches of Cleopatra Hill, Book 1
By Christine Pope

Coming April 2014

Jerome, Arizona, isn't just one of the most haunted places in America—it's also home to the McAllister witches and their extended clan. Angelica McAllister is the prima, the most powerful witch in her clan, but even she has to be on her guard, as the warlocks from a rival clan want nothing more than to capture her and bond her powers with theirs. To prevent this catastrophe, Angelica is expected to marry a compatible man from her clan. Never mind that she's not interested in any of them, and is instead haunted by the face of a man she's seen only in her dreams. 

About the Author:
A native of Southern California, Christine Pope has been writing stories ever since she commandeered her family’s Smith-Corona typewriter back in the sixth grade. Her short fiction has appeared in Astonishing Adventures, Luna Station Quarterly, and the journal of dark fiction, Dark Valentine. Two of her short stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Christine writes as the mood takes her, and her work includes paranormal romance, and fantasy and science fiction/space opera romance. She blames this on being easily distracted by bright, shiny objects, which could also account for the size of her shoe collection. After spending many years in the magazine publishing industry, she now works as a freelance editor and graphic designer in addition to writing fiction. She fell in love with Sedona, Arizona, while researching the Sedona Trilogy and now makes her home there, surrounded by the red rocks. No alien sightings, though...not yet, anyway!

GRAND PRIZE: $50 Amazon gift card + paperback copy of the book
RUNNERS UP: 3 runners-up, $10 Amazon gift card each + ebook

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