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Friday, June 17, 2016

Book Review: Destiny (The Chosen One Trilogy Book 3) by Mireille Chester

Destiny (The Chosen One Trilogy Book 3)
by Mireille Chester
November 16th 2015
Pages: 330
In the final installment of The Chosen One Trilogy, Hayden’s fight to defeat the evil Braw comes to a climax. Will Hayden’s pack and the allies they’ve assembled be victorious, or will the nightmare that has haunted Jasper for months come true, ending their long-fought battle for peace in Quelondain? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to this romantic fantasy.

People from all over have joined to together to follow Hayden, as the Chosen One, to mark against Braw before they are all destroyed. All Braw would need to do is touch Hayden with his staff and he would destroy all shifters. Then he would be able to move on and exterminate the next race. Hayden hates fighting but know that it is necessary to save the world and no cost is too high because she always puts the well-being of others before her own.

This has been a very creative trilogy with familiar shifters and new beings that I haven’t experienced before. A world with true love and fate that any true romantic shouldn’t miss.

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About the Author:
Mireille Chester is a fantasy author who likes to spend time in made up worlds filled with magic. She is a firm believer that no hero is perfect and that all villains are burdened with a tiny shred of humanity.

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Mireille now resides in the beautiful prairies of Saskatchewan. Wife and mother, she spends most of her time with her three children and husband. When she is not writing stories or grooming dogs, you can find her on the lake fishing with her family.

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