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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kory M Shrum: Five Things That Would Happen if Jesse Sullivan Met the Winchester Brothers #Supernatural + giveaway

Five Things That Would Happen if Jesse Sullivan Met the Winchester Brothers #Supernatural

I love me some Supernatural. I’ve been a huge fan since Season 1, back when Sam and Dean were scrawny pretty boys. (No really! Watch episode one and compare it to an episode from the latest season—they’ve really filled out!—not that I’m complaining. *wink wink nudge nudge*)

From day 1, I’ve loved everything about them. Their tortured hearts. Their brotherly pranks. The way they totally kick ass and look amazing when they do it. So as both an author and a fan I couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if my heroine Jesse Sullivan came across the Winchesters in some universe.

Here are five things I think would most certainly happen should Sam and Dean cross paths with my Jesse:

1) They would most certainly mistake her for a monster, try to kill her, and fail…a couple of times.
Jesse is sassy and churlish and a little amoral. She dies but doesn’t stay dead. And I’m pretty sure Sam and Dean would think she was some kind of monster straight away. They’d see the glowy force field or the explosive pyrotechnics being wielded by someone who, at least at first glance, looks highly unstable and what else could they do? Attack!

Their first encounter would probably be miscommunication galore since communication is not Jesse’s strong suit. They’d be in their fake agent uniforms with badges and Jesse would assume they were from her evil father’s legion, and they’d fight. They might even manage to take her down once or twice (the Winchester Boys have skills!), but my girl doesn’t stay dead.

Bottom line: It would be one hell of an introduction.

2) Jesse and Sam would probably have a brief but passionate affair

Once things passed the initial “explosive” introduction, I think Sam would be the first to listen to reason. Jesse would explain her NRD, her situation, and the big bad that she’s warring against. Being the intellectual one (Sorry, Dean!), he would come to terms with her situation and bizarre powers more quickly than Dean. Then she would charm the pants right off of him. Literally. He would remind her of her ex-Lane and we all know Sam has a thing for monster girls. The chemistry would be instant.

*Kiss kiss* *fade to black*

3) Jesse and Dean would have a sass out, but eventually come to appreciate each other over pie.
Angered that another beautiful wench as seduced his brother, Dean would confront Jesse. She matches Dean in her sarcasm fluency, so I imagine a FANTASTIC scene in which they just fire comment after comment at each other until they both burst into huge grins, accepting the other as their equal in wit and charm. A truce is called and they head to the diner to consume lots of pie, where Jesse can explain her situation and offer to help the boys fight off their current foe. They get three slices each and they share, passing the plates back and forth.

4) They would totally bond over the stress of having an unstable angel for a “friend”

During said pie-eating, bonding session, Jesse and Dean come to realize they share something in common—an unstable angel friend who usually leads them into trouble rather than away from it. Dean will talk about Castiel’s charming but sometimes catastrophic melomania. Jesse will counter with “At least other people can see your angel. Everyone just thinks I’m insane.”
More pie is ordered.

5) They would kick some major bad guy butt…but then amicably part ways.
Once the boys are thoroughly team Jesse, they borrow upon her awesomeness to destroy <insert enemy here>. They are fascinated with her force fields, firebombs, and insta-healing powers and no-nonsense approach to business. She is dazzled with how good they look shooting and casting blood spells to ward off angels and demons etc. At the end of the battle, they are thoroughly impressed with each other. Dean starts to think he wouldn’t mind having a girl in the backseat of the impala. (Heh.) Especially one so pretty and useful.

But Jesse goes on alone to continue hunting her genocidal father and save the world from certain destruction.

All three of them hope to run into each other again.

Worth Dying For (A Dying for a Living Novel Book 5)
by Kory M. Shrum
277 pages
May 2, 2016
A supernatural suspense novel about a snarky anti-heroine and her motley crew trying to stop the unstoppable. The fifth novel in the popular Dying for a Living series, Worth Dying For picks up two months after the events of Dying Light. 

The gang is in New York and much to Jesse’s surprise, they are all still alive. Jesse, Ally, Rachel, Gideon and Maisie have managed to stay off of Caldwell’s radar for months. But when your enemy can control minds and teleport, there isn’t a safe place in the world where you can hide. They have a plan for stopping his genocidal reign, but it will require a 2500-mile road trip to Cochise, Arizona, the abandoned military base where it all began.


“So what’ll it be?” I ask her. “Water? Juice? I don’t think we actually have Gatorade, but I can walk down to the store.”

“Water’s fine.” Ally falls back against cushions and grins up at me. A light pink blush spreads over her cheeks. She finger-combs her hair. “My hair is so pretty. I love my hair.”

I snort. “I love your hair too.”

“What else about me is cute?” she asks.

“Everything.” I fluff the pillow for her and search the room for a blanket. I yank a red velvety throw off the back of a chair as Gideon slips out of the bedroom and passes me on his way to the mini fridge. He grabs one of the wrapped water glasses from the bar above.

“Grab us one too.” I have zero problems assigning tasks to other people. Sometimes I wonder if it was a mistake going into death-replacing. Sure, I was a great death replacement agent, and dying for other people is cool, but I’m really good at bossing people around.

It’s like a calling.

Gideon fills two water glasses with some fancy bottled water from the fridge and hands me a glass. I don’t dare remind him that Ally vowed not to drink this water yesterday. She ranted about the effect of plastic on the environment for ten whole minutes. I could’ve reminded her that the planet is about to explode anyway, but that meant Gideon would’ve won the argument and I’m Team Ally all the way.

I put the glass of water in her hand. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. “Here you go. Drink up.”

She waves her water around. “I just feel so good, you know?”

I smile. “I can tell.”

She runs a hand through her hair. “It’s a new year. A new beginning. And we have a great plan for kicking Caldwell’s butt.”

“We do.”

“And you’re so cute and you kissed me.”

With arched eyebrows, Gideon closes the bedroom door behind him. Thankfully, the sound of the television comes on, affording us some privacy.

I sink down onto the sofa beside her. “I’ll do it again if you want me too. I’ll kiss you a million times.”

She bites her lip and I’m about to lose it. I lean forward to kiss her but she starts talking again, so I hang there mid-smooch, lips puckered.

“Life is so good right now. No one is stabbing us, burying us alive, beating us up, or kidnapping the dog,” she goes on, her voice echoing inside her water glass. Her face pinches. “That means we are probably about to die.”

I press my lips together and sigh. “Don’t say that. You’ll jinx us.”

It’s difficult getting her to sit up, but I manage it. I want her to drink this water. I tilt the glass toward her lips, encouraging her.

“This is good,” she says and frowns at the water. “Is this tap water?”


“Because I’m not drinking that $15 water Gideon bought.”

“It’s tap,” I say again. “You’re just too drunk to taste it.”

Ally shrugs and finishes the glass. Then she hands me her empty glass.

“You want more?”

“No,” she grins. “I want something else.”

“We’ve got chips, but that’s about it. And Rachel can’t close a bag to save her life, so they’re probably stale.”

She shakes her head, grinning.

Then I realize what she’s saying.

“Oh.” I smile. “Okay.”

She crawls over the pillow between us and pulls herself into my lap. She straddles me, wrapping her arms around my neck. She kisses me once on the cheek, probably a missed target rather than a sweet gesture, and then manages to get my mouth the second time.

She pulls back. “God, is it you or is it really hot in here?”

“We’re still wearing our coats.”

She laughs and looks down at herself. “Oh. Right.”

I reach up behind her and pull her jacket off. “Better?”

She snuggles up to me. “You’re still hot.”

“Thanks for noticing.”

“Let me help you take your coat off.”

“Okay.” I let her attempt to pull off the jacket, but it’s not really going anywhere and she accidentally pulls my hair twice. So I help her get my jacket off and throw it over the arm of the sofa. One of the throw pillows falls to the floor with a poof.

Ally doesn’t stop there. She slips her hands under my shirt, giving me a curious look. “Is this okay?”

I try to find the voice to tell her it’s more than okay. She would have been naked an hour ago in the grubby bathroom of some bar if she wasn’t such a germaphobe.

She is so beautiful. Her eyes are bright, reflecting the lamplight. Her face is flushed from the alcohol, her smile lazy. Her eyes half-closed. My heart pounds in my chest, thudding against my ribs so hard it hurts.

“What’s wrong?” A frown creases her face and I think she can hear my heart throbbing. “Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“Don’t be stupid.”

I reach up and pull her down into my arms. I kiss her, even more deeply than I did on the balcony. I slip my hand under her shirt and unsnap her bra with one twist of my fingers.

She gasps in my mouth and the sound of it makes my whole body shudder.

“Lay down,” I command.

She laughs, surprised, but her voice goes all deep and breathy. “Yes, sir.”

I climb on top of her, positioning myself between her legs. I kiss her neck and she squirms, bucking her hips up against mine.

“Do you love me?” she asks.

“More than anyone.”

“Are you sure?”

I cover her mouth with mine. “Please stop talking.” I pull back. “Unless you want me to stop.”

“No, no.” She grabs the front of my hoodie, twisting it up in her fists and pulls me down on top of her.

About the Author:
I like to make things up and then write them down. When I'm finished, I clean it up, put a cover on it, and call it a day. When I'm not writing fiction or poetry, I teach writing to college students. I try to compensate for my incredible physical laziness by having a very active mind and imagination. I've dabbled in everything from fortune-telling to martial arts and I study drawing and French. I'm pretty bad at both. Currently, I live in Michigan with my partner, Kim, and our fat rescue pug, Josephine.

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