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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Book Review: Rogues (A Novel from the Demon Accords - Book 10) by John Conroe

Rogues (A Novel from the Demon Accords - Book 10)
by John Conroe
May 19th 2016
Pages: 448
Demon Accords number 10. When a hunter is brutally mauled in northern Maine, it's presumed that a black bear is the killer. But an astute local deputy suspects a more supernatural element. His call for assistance is answered by the supernatural community sending one of their very best. If it takes a thief to catch a thief, who do you use to catch a werewolf? But nothing is ever simple in the preternatural world. There's more here than meets the eye. . . nose. . . ear. . . or fang.

Hoping to stay under the radar, Stacia goes undercover to Maine when a hunter is killed in a most brutal fashion. As she works the scene her mind goes to Declan more and more. DOAA is an agency Stacia would like to avoid, but when things heat up it seems that will be impossible.

This series is a series I wish I could read each week like a TV show. I hate waiting for the next book to release. The Demond Accords have a well-developed story line, with relatable characters that you fall in love with. I really hope there is no end in the near future to these fantastic books. Each book brings its own set of WOW to the table and this one was no different. Omega is an AI with unlimited potential. The only limits to this character would be if Conroe catches writers block! The chemistry between Declan and Stacia is well developed and deserving of some more attention.
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Denise B

About the Author:
Conroe wrote his first readable novel, God Touched, right after finishing his daughter's copy of Twilight and muttering: "Vampires don't farging sparkle!"

With seven more books in the series and a stand alone novel (Black Frost), he doesn't seem to be slowing down. He cut his reading teeth on the likes of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, JRR Tolkien, Robert Heinlein, Andre Norton, and H. Beam Piper.

Financial professional by day and author by night (actually by morning), he bangs out his stories with fingers that are usually sore from forge burns or getting beat up at the dojo.


  1. I'm so excited about this author and series! Hopping off to check it out now!

  2. Personally never heard of it, but sounds good. Makes me think of the "Supernatural" series.

  3. Read it again Sam.... as a committed fan I have to admit this is a series I cannot get enough of. New releases like Rogues just stimulate a hunger for more please. Regularly reread this series and when I am not able to read I will hit audible versions. Majorly cool books. Bless you John Conroe.

  4. I've listened to the audio books 4 times this year. I really love the books and there are so many things I want to see happen in their world.

    I imagine how Declan tells his Aunt about Stacia, what will happen when he goes back to school, how often will he see Stacia...

    I'd love to see the scene where he gets told that he can't play Wytchwar anymore, and how he goes off on that guy about Stacia.

    I'd love to see how Chris and Tonya tell everyone about the pregnancy. I'd love to see how Galina handles it. I bet Arkady gets really paranoid about their safety. How will the world and the President react?

    1. This is one of those series that I would love lots more books of. I would like to examine all the relationships and people all at the same time lol.
      I'm not sure which I would love more, seeing how Declan tells his Aunt about Stacia or the temper tantrum. I definitely want another book about Declan and Stacia. There were hints in the book about Declan and Stacia's future that I am dying to know more about!