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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Book Review: Kept (The Enforcers #3) by Maya Banks

Kept (The Enforcers #3)
by Maya Banks
Paperback, 368 pages
Published October 25th 2016 by Berkley
From the author of Mastered and Dominated comes the third Enforcers novel—the searing story of a woman who finds sanctuary in surrender...

He can’t change who he is...

A horrific childhood has made Silas the man he is today: dangerous, distrustful, and demanding. He’s lived in self-imposed solitude, convinced that no woman could ever accept his need for absolute control—in business and pleasure. That is, until a young violinist walks into one of his buildings and into his life.

She can’t change what she wants...

Haley has been struggling to fulfill her father’s dying wish: to attend a prestigious music school in New York City. But even working two jobs, she can’t afford the tiniest of apartments. Seeing her hopeless and near tears, Silas vows to help and protect her, no matter the cost to himself. But when Haley meets his every demand with unwavering acceptance and love, he is overwhelmed by her goodness and gentle spirit. He knows that the dark stain on his soul can never be erased—and rather than risk destroying the most beautiful thing he's ever experienced, he knows he'll have to do the hardest thing he's ever had to face. Let her go. But he's totally unprepared for the lengths Haley will go to fight for his love and a future brighter than the sun.

Hayley’s fathers dying wish was for Hayley to attend the most prestigious music school in New York City. Hayley has been doing everything she can to keep that wish, working multiple jobs, attending limited classes to work those jobs and practicing late into the night after her late shift just to make ends meet and keep that wish. She’s now at her wits end, she has to leave her apartment in just a few days and she has nowhere to live or any place she could afford anyway. She was in near tears when Silas saw her, his heart immediately leapt out and he had to help her, protect her anything to make sure he did not see that sadness again. In a matter of minutes his life changed. Her heart so pure and accepting of him he could not stand for her to know how dark his soul was. Could she accept him if she knew, he did not give her a chance. He could not destroy her purity, her acceptance of who she thought he was so he had no choice but to let her go in the end and take his heart with her. However Hayley maybe pure and good but she is also strong and knows what she wants. She does not make it easy.

The Enforcers series is one of my favorites. Banks can take the most dangerous darkest of men and bring them emotionally down on their needs for the woman they love. You feel the raw emotion in them. Kept was no different. Silas’s soul runs the darkest, he kills without a second thought and without emotion. It’s his job. The main men in the Enforcer series all have one thing in common, they were dealt a raw deal; a sucky child hood. They are at heart good men. It is almost as if the universe made up for the original raw deal and sent them pure good woman to make them whole again. Hayley was exactly that for Silas, he saw the light again the goodness he has deep inside which is why in the end he had to let her go. He knew who he was and did not want her to see him any other way but the man who helped her get on her feet so to speak.

I highly recommend

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5 Raw Deal Sheep

Tammy K

About the Author:
I live in Texas with my husband and three children and our assortment of pets. I’m more of a cat person, but my daughter became convinced she NEEDED a dog.

When I’m not writing, I love to hunt and fish with my family. We all love the outdoors and go on family hunting trips every year. We also love to travel.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of a writing career is getting to meet so many wonderful readers. There’s nothing better than dishing books with someone who loves the romance genre as much as I do. Romance readers are passionate and vocal. We love our books, love our happily ever afters, and we love to spend time talking to others about our favorites. THIS is why I love my job so much, and I’m so grateful to readers who gave ME a chance when I began my career. So thank you.

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