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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Book Review: Mastered (The Enforcers #1) by Maya Banks

Mastered (The Enforcers #1)
by Maya Banks

December 29th 2015
Paperback, 368 pages
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Breathless Trilogy comes the first novel in the Enforcers series—a bold new direction in erotic romance that explores the games men and women play, and the price they’re willing to pay for pleasure.

What he wants, he takes with no remorse or guilt.

She stood out in his club like a gem, unspoiled and untouched. A lamb among wolves, she clearly didn’t belong. Drawn to her innocence he watched as she was surrounded by men who saw what he did—but no one but him could touch her. He summoned her to his private quarters. He sensed her fear. He also recognized the desire in her eyes. And he knew she wouldn’t leave before he possessed her. She had no need to know his secrets. Not until he had her under his complete and utter control.

What he wants, she isn’t sure she can give him.

The moment he told her want he wanted, she couldn’t resist. Instinct told her to run, but her heart said stay and walk the fine line between pleasure and pain. Though she wasn’t sure she could ever completely surrender, the primal part of her wanted to try, even knowing this man could break her in ways she never imagined. Because once he possessed her, he owned her and it would be too late to turn back. She can only pray that he doesn’t destroy her in the end.

Coming May 2016: The Enforcers Book II: Dominated

Evangeline knew she did not fit in. Her friends talked her into going to the hottest club around just to make her ex squirm a bit for dumping her and see what he is missing. Instead of feeling beautiful and sexy however, she felt like a complete outcast. The looks she received from the club goers even the workers told her she did not belong, she did not have what it takes. Everyone here was beautiful and she was just, well just Evangeline. Everything she came to do completely backfired and put her in the hands of the clubs owner, the most handsome intimidating man she ever met, Drake Donavan.

Drake Donavan, watched her walk into his club, annoyed at his bouncers for even letting her in. She did not belong, they would eat her alive. Her beauty and innocence was so alluring and she had no inclination at all of what she possessed and every man in the room knew it. He had to have her, summoning her to his private domain he will have her and there is no doubt about that.

If you like steamy romances with hot domineering sex, then this book is for you. Alpha male vs Innocent female, she did not know what hit her and by the time you finish this book you won’t know what hit you either. Putting it down just was not in the cards, I could not. Was it the steamy crazy sex, or the story itself that kept me so enthralled honestly it was all the above. It started off with a wow moment, did that just really happen and it did not stop until the end.

There is not a lot of drama the story's focus was the building of the relationships and not just between Drake and Evangeline but with the secondary characters as well. Characters that could have created a stir and added a depth of drama was introduced in the end but the story ended. Maya Banks did state that Drake’s and Evangeline’s story was supposed to be only one book but their story consumed her which I love because you can definitely feel that in her writing. Their story was so compelling.

I cannot wait to see how their story ends

4 Innocent Sheep

Tammy K

About the Author:
I live in Texas with my husband and three children and our assortment of pets. I’m more of a cat person, but my daughter became convinced she NEEDED a dog.

When I’m not writing, I love to hunt and fish with my family. We all love the outdoors and go on family hunting trips every year. We also love to travel.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of a writing career is getting to meet so many wonderful readers. There’s nothing better than dishing books with someone who loves the romance genre as much as I do. Romance readers are passionate and vocal. We love our books, love our happily ever afters, and we love to spend time talking to others about our favorites. THIS is why I love my job so much, and I’m so grateful to readers who gave ME a chance when I began my career. So thank you.


  1. I fell in love with her historical romances, and the first KGI books, but her erotica is really not for me. I was lucky enough to meet her a few times in Berlin and she is just such a nice person, I love hearing her speak about her work, and why she writes what she likes to read herself.

    1. I've seen her once at a convention but didn't get a chance to listen to her or meet her. I'm not an erotica fan either but the KGI books do look good. I have the first one...just got to find time to read it :)