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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Comic Review: The Devil You Know #1-4 by Frank Mula with AA88Press

The Devil You Know #1
Written by Frank Mula
Pencils Kellik M Iskandar
Inks Nunun Nurjannah
Colored by Victoria Pittman
Lettered by Victoria Pittman
Edited by Sal Brucculeri


Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Religious,
26 Pages
Digital Release Date
November 19 2014
Age Rating 17+ Only
Sold by comiXology $.99
One late night, Greydon Cross comes home to find his family slaughtered and Satan himself standing before him. Fueled with rage, he rushes towards Satan but is struck down before he could have his revenge. Upon his death, God appears before Greydon and gives him a choice. He could choose to go to heaven and enjoy eternity in Gods kingdom, or he could choose to go to Hell, where God would grant him powers to seek out Satan and destroy him. There was one catch however; once Satan was destroyed Greydon would have to become Satan himself.

His desire for revenge too strong to ignore, Greydon agrees to Gods terms and descends to hell on a mission to assassinate the devil and avenge his family. Upon finding himself in hell, Greydon must battle his way through an army of demons, all the while discovering the limitations of his new powers.
Issues #2-4

The Devil You Know is about the age old question: If given the power to do Good or Evil, what choices would you make. Many biblical stories and adventure fantasies play with this idea and Frank Mula combines the two, creating a fast moving action adventure. The main character, Greydon Cross, makes his first choice when God gives him a chance to live in peace in heaven or go to hell to for revenge. Issue #1 introduces us to Greydon Cross and the beginning of his journey into hell with the powers to destroy Satan and take his place. At the end of issue #1 is an interesting afterword by Mula. He explains where the idea for this story came from and some of the themes explored, like the need to become a monster to defeat one.

I love the premise, who doesn't love a good vs evil story? It moves at a quick pace with plenty of bloody battles, friendships forged and even an evil queen. The story is easy to follow and the digital artwork complements the dialogue. I I thought it was clever to make the cyclopes' speech bubbles shaped like their one eye. There is also plenty of sarcastic humor from our hero/anti-hero and a new twist on the heaven vs hell dynamic.

Overall this is an interesting comic and worth the great price of $.99 an issue. And I am curious to see what choice Greydon will make once he becomes the leader of hell.

3.5 "Destroyer" Sheep


About the Author:
I am a thirty-seven year old father of three, living in central New Jersey. I have been reading comics as long as I could read, mostly the Big two with Marvel being my favorite, but in recent years I have become a big fan of creator owned comics. Outside of comics I love almost everything geek culture. Huge Star Wars fan, love video games (PlayStation), sports (Mets and Jets), TV (BtVS, BGS, and The Wire are my favorites), and books (Song of Fire and Ice, Sirens of Titan, The Stand).

A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Frank is the creator and writer of the action/fantasy comic book, The Devil You Know. Taking techniques such as character dialogue and shot compositions learned in film school and blending them with a comic format and a solid knowledge of comic book history, Frank has put together The Devil You Know with his loyal comic team. Co-President along with Sal Brucculeri, Frank is one of the two faces of AA88 Press

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