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Monday, December 28, 2015

Comic Review: Princeless: Make Yourself #0

Princeless: Make Yourself #0
(W) Jeremy Whitley (A/CA) Alex Smith

23rd December 2015
Action Lab Entertainment
The beginning of a new chapter for Princeless! Adrienne and Bedelia have checked two of Adrienne’s sisters off of their list and they have three more rescues left to make. But sometimes the hardest fights aren’t with any monsters, but with yourself. Adrienne finally has to face an issue that she’s been struggling with for a long time.
The chrysalis of self hate cracks, and the butterfly of spiritual awakening emerges.
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Princeless is probably the best comic out there for young girls (any age or gender will love it). It conveys "girl power" in realistic terms. I mean the sword fighting princess with a flying dragon isn't real, but the social issues and self-image struggles she faces are. While the world wants to put her in a box, she is fighting to be herself. You get all this without being hit over the head or feeling like you are being preached too. The comic is an action adventure fantasy with lots of humor and encourages being true to yourself, friendship and kicking butt while riding a freaking dragon!

Make Yourself #0 is a one-shot about Adrienne's very real struggle with her hair. I know, this sounds like a girl stereotype. But Adrienne's love/hate relationship with her hair is one that girls with kinky hair face. Adrienne thinks about all the things she's done, or had done to her, to make her more like her sisters, more like a princess. It takes a fire-breathing bug singeing off most of her hair for her to realize just how much this has impacted her life. And she is ready to make a change.

I loved this issue for many reasons. The humor, the bright and bold artwork and, as with all Action Lab comics, great writing.

You go Adrienne! You go girl!

5 "Let's go rescue some princesses!"

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