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Friday, April 7, 2017

Book Review: Bad War (A Military Paranormal Romance) by Summer Cooper, Stephen Kingston

by Summer Cooper, Stephen Kingston
July 10, 2016
794 pages

Vietnam has taken my friends and almost my life. 

Some days, I wish that I had died on that battlefield with them, at least they won’t have to deal with the humiliation I’m about to face when I get sent home.

What’s Mary going to say about her wounded husband?

How am I going to give her the life I promised her now? 

She deserves better...


All I wanted was a chance to see him again, to spend another night of passion with him.

That day is finally here! 

The day that I’ve most looked forward to, but also the day that I’ve most dreaded.

Now he’s coming home, I’ll do everything in my power to make him the happiest man on the planet… for as long as I can… whatever it takes. 

Author's Note: This beautiful paranormal romance is not your usual military romance! The story contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only. 

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First, let's just chat a wee bit about this HOT cover. I mean, come on! It's all kinds of yummy meooooooow. Add to that it's a Military Paranormal Romance and you have just served up all my fav wet dreams in one ka-boom! Ma'ma likes.

I thought I knew what was going to happen when I started reading this one. I was wrong. And to be honest, I really liked that. This wasn't what I expected and the change of pace added a new layer of flavor to my dark dinner. Yes. there are dark parts. Yes, there are some very adult themes and topics. No, I wont spoil them for you here. Just keep in mind that this read is for those that don't need all the sugary sweet kisses. I sure don't!

Some heartbreaking tear jerker moments for sure but under all that is a love that stands the test of time. There's some mix feelings about the story having a HEA and that's okay. This tale didn't really need one in my opinion. I was overall very impressed with this author, her writing style and the characters she made come to life. I look forward to reading more!

Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep


About the Authors:

Summer Cooper
Besides her love of chocolate, dogs and music… reading and writing is Summer’s number one route to escape from crazy friends, family and the in-laws! 

She found her own happily ever after with a martial arts fighter who also happens to be an adorable IT geek! Now, she loves to write about hot alpha males that come with a pretty face and covered in tough-as-nails muscle... who are secretly looking for their true soul mate (shhh…)!

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Stephen Kingston

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