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Monday, November 30, 2015

Book Review: Assassin's Creed: Underworld (Assassin's Creed #8) by Oliver Bowden

Assassin's Creed: Underworld (Assassin's Creed #8)
by Oliver Bowden

Paperback, 464 pages
December 1st 2015 by Ace

Brand new tie in book to the new Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

A disgraced Assassin. A deep-cover agent. A quest for redemption.

1862, and with London in the grip of the Industrial Revolution, the world's first underground railway is under construction. When a body is discovered at the dig, it sparks the beginning of the latest deadly chapter in the centuries-old battle between the Assassins and Templars.

Deep undercover is an Assassin with dark secrets and a mission to defeat the Templar stranglehold on the nation's capital.

Soon the Brotherhood will know him as Henry Green, mentor to Jacob and Evie Frye. For now, he is simply The Ghost.

Assassin's Creed: Underworld is the eighth gripping novel from Oliver Bowden set in the immersive world of Assassin's Creed.

Six years before the start of Assassin's Creed Syndicate we are introduced to Ethan Frye (Father to twins Jacob and Evie) and his student Jayadeep Mir who will later be given the moniker "The Ghost".

Underworld is broken into 3 parts, Parts 1 and 2 are the history and set up for Ethan and Jayadeep working together in an attempt to stop the Templars from gaining an artifact from the Frist Civilization.

Part 3 is focused on Jayadeep and the Frye twins, which is the main focus of the game Syndicate.

I had a bit of a struggle getting into this book, it was difficult to get a grasp an actual time line. It was hard to tell if it was a current part or a flash back, until you were about 4 or 5 paragraphs in. There were a few too many characters at times and that made it difficult to follow what was going on. For example, 3 Goons, Hardy and The Other Hardy.

There is one character in the book that I did like, Frederick Abberline, who starts off a Constable and the nickname "Fresh Face Freddie". He is that one cop that does everything thing by the rules, but as he gets more involved with the incidents going on in London he learns that the rules are not always right. Later on , Frederick becomes a valuable asset.

If you are a fan of the Assassin's Creed video game series I'd say check out this book and the others in the series.. If you are even curious about the games and don't want to pay the price of the game itself, check out the books.

3.5 Sheep


About the Author:
Anton Gill (aka Oliver Bowden) has been a full-time professional writer since 1984, and in the course of the last 27 years he has published 35 books. Gill was born in Ilford, Essex, the son of a German father and an English mother, and grew up in London. He is an acclaimed novelist and Renaissance historian currently living in Paris, France. Bowden has written novelizations of several of the Assassin's Creed console games.

Oliver Bowden is a pen-name (a pseudonym adopted by the author) in order to hide his true identity. However, his profession and location are accurate.
According to Bowden's interview with UbiWorkshop, he is an avid gamer and gains much of his inspiration for character development throughout the writing process from playing the Assassin's Creed series.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Comic Review: Harrow County #7 from Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Tyler Crook

Cover Artist: Tyler Crook
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date: November 11, 2015
Format: FC, 32 pages; Ongoing
UPC:7 61568 26606 1 00711
“One of the best horror comics I’ve ever read. Super creepy!”—Josh Williamson (Birthright)

When your twin is the evil half of a dead witch that can control monsters and the undead, a joyful reunion just isn’t in the cards—which means there’s only one option for Emmy: war!

“Harrow County is a masterful creation that lingers in the small moments of terror in our daily lives.”—Bloody Disgusting

Creepy as always. We now see Emmy’s twin sister from the city, Kammi, with her servant wander through the woods and cemetery, searching for the haints and monsters hidden there. Seducing tem to her side. Meanwhile Emmy feels something in her gut that all is wrong. She does chores as she always has done, even though no one now comes for help, hoping the chores will soothe her. But she cannot ignore something is brewing. Something wrong.

Harrow County #7 uses its artwork and colors to draw the reader into feeling the uneasiness as Kammi stalks the unnatural things. The Southern gothic charm hides the rot and fear beneath. The comic series represents the South in a way those not from the area don’t know—weird and spooky, downright creepy.

5 Sheep

Pamela Kinney

Comic Review: Archie vs. Predator issue #4 (of 4) from Dark Horse Comics


Writer: Alex de Campi
Penciller: Fernando Ruiz
Inker: Rich Koslowski
Colorist: Jason Millet
Cover Artist: Andrew Pepoy
Genre: Science-Fiction, Humor
Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date: July 22, 2015
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.99
UPC:7 61568 27991 7 00411
“Look at these Archie vs. 
Predator comic covers and weep at their glory.”—io9

As casualties continue to mount, it’s up to Betty and Veronica to put aside their differences if the gang hopes to rid Riverdale of the Predator menace—but can the girls keep their claws out of each other long enough to keep the Predator’s claws out of everyone?!
This is the last issue of the 4 issue series. In this one, Veronica tells Betty her father built a panic room in the house and they will take the wounded Archie and themselves and get inside it, then blow up the house with the Predator in it. The panic room should keep them safe. After they got Archie in a hospital bed reminisce of the diagnostic bed in Star Trek and get Archie stabilized, both girls head out to take on the Predator. I won’t spoil it for you, but there is a surprise ending I never saw coming.
The colors are so Archie comics, with blood and alien monster thrown in. Honestly, this was a fun series to read and one of the best mashups ever. If you don’t want to watch your favorites from the Archie comics get it, then I would suggest not to read this. But if you enjoy the Predator movies and grew up on Archie, be set for fun and blood.

I give Archie vs. Predator issue #4 (of 4) 5 sheep

Pamela Kinney

Winning the Internet...Civil War and a dog's eye view

I've watched this trailer more times than is probably healthy... I pledge my loyalty to Team America cause The Winter Soldier is freaking hot...

This is beautiful and happy. Thanks to Anna Cade for this find!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Comic Review: The Complete Love Hurts (Horrifying Tales of Romance by Kim W. Anderson) TPB from Dark Horse Comics

Artist: Kim W. Andersson 
Cover Artist: Kim W. Andersson
Genre: Science-Fiction, Horror, Fantasy
Dark Horse Comics
October 28, 2015
Format: FC, 240 pages; TPB, 7'' x 10''
Price: $19.99
Age range: 16
ISBN-10: 1-61655-859-8 
ISBN-13: 978-1-61655-859-8
Lovelorn supervillains, psychopathic online daters, murderous reality TV show stars, and heartbroken cowboys, samurais, and astronauts star in this massive tome from Swedish comics creator Kim W. Andersson—making his US debut! Andersson delivers a shocking series of short stories about love gone horribly wrong—romance comics with brutal, terrible twists which show that, no matter who you are or what you do, love can be one deadly bitch!

* Winner of the Swedish Comics Academy’s highest honor!
* Into by Peter Snejbjerg!

Love, infatuation, rejection, disappointment – all are very human emotions we can relate to. Kim W. Andersson takes all of these and more and runs right off a cliff while being chased by creatures of the night in Love Hurts: Horrifying Tales of Romance. Adultery, young love, obsession, crushes, dating, marriage, children, having to leave a partner behind, envy, betrayal – the stories of varying lengths touch on all of these with deliciously warped fingers. It’s downright impressive how well he blends romance and love with the macabre and never seems to use the same twist or punchline twice.
Every story yanks the carpet out from under your feet, but never quite in the same way. The amount of themes he uses to a highlight the emotional aspects is also mind-bendingly fun: horror movie tropes of who lives at the end of a killing spree, a dark fairy tale setting where a woman deals with a prince who can’t decide on a bride, a woman reliving a first date over and over. Even the shorter vignettes give you something sideways and impactful, including a couple bent on attacking each other for a surprising reason to new parents showing off their little girl. Absolutely nothing is sacred, and there’s plenty of humor to go with the ‘what the hell.’ Despite the title, it’s not all romance, either. I’ll never look at a teddy bear every again and there’s a zombie/dark magic story that brings home the importance of family in an unforgettable set of pages.

Honestly, writers of all types can take a lesson from this book because the narratives are so tight, so forward-moving, so relatable, yet so memorably twisted, it’s a prime example of how to craft a short story. Every tale is unique, visceral, and strong – I only mention some above others because that’s what happens to be at the front of my mind. I’ve reread this three times now and can’t truly put a finger on any offering that doesn’t fit or serve the book well. The art is vivid, expressive, and adds to the outright insanity. Love Hurts is one of those rare collections that is strong from start to finish. It grabs you by the throat, plays tonsil hockey with you, and when you start to relax, it pulls away to reveal that you’ve actually fallen in love with an alien that has designs on your brain. It kept me laughing, left me a little disturbed, and made me want to recommend it to everyone.

5 lovelorn sheep

Alpha Male Diner: Irish Vampires by Lauren Smith (The Bite of Winter book tour)

Irish Vampires
recipe by Lauren Smith
The Bite of Winter (Love Bites #1)

* Two vampires height six foot three inches
* 1/2 cup of stubbornness
* One vampire should be light-haired and the other dark
* 1 tsp of vampire voodoo (they’ll convince you to do just about anything with their bewitiching eyes)
* 3 tablespoons immortality
* 2 cups of undeniable animal lust
* ¼ cup bloodlust
* 2 teaspoons loneliness

* Irish accents like silk to the ears
* Two centuries of wondering the earth looking for their mates
* Determined to share a woman they love if they both perchance fall for the same woman
* A desire to find the meaning in their lives after losing the first mate they shared a hundred years ago

Mix the ingredients and seasonings in a king-size bed, carefully fold in the following:
* Animal Magnetism
* Jaw-dropping gorgeous
* Wicked smiles
* Sensual lips and naughty hands

This meal might cause an increased pulse, a light sweat and a need for release. Should you experience any of these symptoms, keep reading on to the last page.

The Bite of Winter (Love Bites #1)
by Lauren Smith
Paranormal, Erotic Romance
November 24, 2015
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Format: Digital eBook
ISBN: 978-1-61922-495-7
Zoey Blake is about as far down on her luck as she can get. A car crash took her parents, leaving her destitute and on the street. When she’s attacked by another homeless person, her lifeblood drains away as her fading vision is filled with the face of a handsome stranger.

Ian Kennedy, a century old Irish vampire, never could resist rescuing a stray. As a few drops of his blood heals Zoey’s wounds, he realizes she’s a sweet, tempting, flesh-and-blood woman. But there’s one problem. Connor, who made Ian promise decades ago: no more mortal lovers.

After another vampire murdered his soulmate, Connor O’Shea swore never to let a mortal woman pay the price for loving him. Until he feels Zoey’s skin and tastes her lips. She makes him want to break that vow.

Zoey finds herself caught in their web of seduction. But as Christmas draws near and her grief deepens, happiness seems far out of reach. And Ian and Connor join forces to prove their love is sacred, special…and forever.

Warning: This book contains two scorching-hot Irish vampires, one lady with plenty of pluck but zero luck, naughty lingerie, and enough Christmas cheer to redeem even the darkest creatures.

Add The Bite of Winter to your Goodreads shelf!

About the Author:
Amazon Best-Selling Author Lauren Smith is an attorney by day, author by night, who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She’s a native Oklahoman who lives with her three pets: a feisty chinchilla, sophisticated cat and dapper little schnauzer. She’s won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including being an Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2
Director: Francis Lawrence
Film series: The Hunger Games
Adapted from: Mockingjay
Story by: Suzanne Collins
November 16, 2015 (USA)
PG-13, 2h 17m
Fantasy/Science fiction
Realizing the stakes are no longer just for survival, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) teams up with her closest friends, including Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and Finnick for the ultimate mission. Together, they leave District 13 to liberate the citizens of war-torn Panem and assassinate President Snow, who's obsessed with destroying Katniss. What lies ahead are mortal traps, dangerous enemies and moral choices that will ultimately determine the future of millions.

This is the movie we all hoped Mockingjay Part 1 would have been. If you haven't read the books then prepare for a very dark and emotionally heavy movie. There were a few parts that dragged, but there were lots of big action fight scenes.

This is a movie that is appreciated on the big screen. So if you've seen the first two (let's forget part 1) then it is worth a matinee price.

3.75 "arrow to the heart" sheep


Book Review: Pas (War of the Alphas Book 4) by SM Reine

Pas (War of the Alphas Book 4)
by: SM Reine

July 27, 2015Pages: 244
Deirdre Tombs is a Beta without her Alpha. Everton Stark is missing, just days in advance of the election to replace Rylie Gresham as leader of all North American shifters.

She can’t control his allies anymore. She can’t win the election without him.

Everything will be lost unless Deirdre can become a better monster than Stark.

Pas is book 4 in the War of the Alphas series by SM Reine. This series is a continuation of Reine’s long running series which focuses on what happens after Genesis. This is the final book in this set of the series. The next continuation of the series will be the Mage Craft series which will premiere at the end of June 2016!

Everton Stark is missing! He went into the Winter Court for revenge and no one has seen him since. Deirdre still feels strongly that Stark should be the next Alpha and should participate in the election. So she does what any good Beta would do. She continues on like Stark is just busy and she is following his orders. The problem with that? Eventually, the allies are going to want Stark not Deirdre.

In this epic finale of the War of the Alphas Deirdre found the answers to so many of her questions and I can’t wait to see what she will do in the future of this continued world of Reine’s. 

5 Sheep


About the Author:
Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I'm the New York Times Bestselling Author of urban fantasy known as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). You can usually find me writing on my treadmill desk at 2am whilst listening to dubstep. Yes, dubstep.

If you would like to know the instant I have a new book available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil! I'll only email you when I have a new release, which is generally no more than once a month. I can't write any faster than that. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sheep found Black Friday and Cyber Monday online deals!

Amazon has BIG deals and savings every year around this time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to bring the discount boom! Now is the time to stock up, grab all your gifts and of course we wanted to help highlight some of the awesome.

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Book Review: The Bloody City (Siren Song Book 2) by Megan Morgan

The Bloody City (Siren Song Book 2) 
by Megan Morgan 
Lyrical Press
November 10, 2015
Pages: 297
On the run . . .
It’s been four months since the head of the Institute of Supernatural Research was murdered. But that doesn’t mean June Coffin is out of hiding yet. In a world where being different can get you killed, it’s best to keep a low profile. Especially for a Siren who can control other people with the call of her voice. That goes double if your powers might be inexplicably growing…

On the hunt . . .
But June isn’t the only one trying to clear her name. There’s Sam, the charismatic paranormal rights leader, and Micha, the first human on record to go paranormal. All of them must bargain with a mysterious vampire named Occam Reed if they want to stay alive.

Out of time . . .
As tensions increase between humans and paranormals, June must decide who to trust. If only she could hear the song inside her heart…

June, Sam, Muse and Micha have been on the run for what seems like forever. June wants to clear her name and Sam wants to clear his. Muse is slowly dying and no one can help her. If they want to stay alive and have a possibility of clearing their names they must make a deal with a vampire named Occam. He can’t be trusted and proves that at every opportunity.

A good read for the second book of the Siren Song series. Good mystery and intrigue with a little steam thrown in for good measure. Morgan does a great job of keeping you guessing throughout the whole book. If you haven’t taken the time to read this series, it’s well worth your time.

Getting 4 sheep

Denise B 

About the Author:
Though I was born in Reno, Nevada, and spent some of my childhood there, I’ve lived most of my life in Ohio: the past seven years in Cleveland, specifically, the home of rock and roll. I love Cleveland, though I’d like to live in Chicago or New Orleans someday (or hey, maybe both, a girl can dream!).

I’ve been writing for most of my literate life, and began pursuing a professional writing career at the tender and naive age of thirteen. I’ve (hopefully) improved a lot since my overwrought high school writing days, but my passion and focus has always been the same: I want to write stories. I love writing romance because I think it’s something everyone can relate to–everyone loves love, and a little bit of sex doesn’t hurt, either. I’m a big fan of paranormal elements, so most of my stories have some kind of spooky twist. If you like passion, sex, and chills down your spine, I’m the author for you!

I work as a bartender in an airport lounge currently, because writing doesn’t pay the bills yet. It’s an awesome experience that brings me into contact with interesting people. My days are never boring. I’ve been a bartender and server for a long time, so I can tell you a thing or two about working in the service industry.

I’m much older than I look but not as wise as I seem. I live with my cat and my adult son, and I’m blessed with a huge circle of friends and family. My real name is not Megan Morgan, I chose that name because it sounds ‘romance authorly’ and is far less weird and more glamorous than my real name.

If you have any specific questions or comments, feel free to contact me at

Book Review: Alpha: An Urban Fantasy Novel (War of the Alphas Book 3) by SM Reine

by SM Reine
250 pages
June 4, 2015
No longer an Omega, Deirdre Tombs has found her animal. She only had to die and rise from her own ashes to discover it.

And she’s returned with a purpose.

For the first time in history, the role of Alpha is up for election. If Everton Stark takes charge, he could disband the ruthless government organization that has made life miserable for shifters like Deirdre.

One problem: Stark doesn’t want to run. He only wants vengeance against his wife, Rhiannon, who killed many of his followers and stole the Ethereal Blade.

While Stark is focused on revenge, Rhiannon is focused on winning the election for Alpha. Victory means tearing the Winter Court apart with civil war. It means riots. It means unleashing a deadly unseelie assassin that devours souls. Anything to get her dragon shifter mate in power…with Rhiannon at his side.

Alpha is book 3 in the War of the Alphas series by SM Reine. This series is a continuation of Reine’s long running series which focuses on what happens after Genesis.

Deirdre is no longer a mystery shifter, or an Omega. She finds her animal when she dies and rises from her own ashes. She is just as surprised by the turn of events as Everton Stark is! Riley Gresham has decided that the role of Alpha should be voted on by all gaean species. Deirdre wants to help the gaean’s so bad and thinks Stark is the one to solve all the problems of the world. Only issue, Stark has no interest in doing so. All he wants is revenge! Revenge against Rhiannon, his wife and Melichor her dragon shifter mate!

Even though I would love to hate Stark, I find myself siding with him and Deirdre at every turn. Stark is brutal but there is still a spark of humanity in him. Deirdre is the only one that brings it out in him. The spark of passion and tension between these two characters is very dynamic.

5 Sheep


About the Author:
Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I'm the New York Times Bestselling Author of urban fantasy known as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). You can usually find me writing on my treadmill desk at 2am whilst listening to dubstep. Yes, dubstep.

If you would like to know the instant I have a new book available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil! I'll only email you when I have a new release, which is generally no more than once a month. I can't write any faster than that. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Comic Review: Johnny Red #1 from Titan Comics

Johnny Red #1
Garth Ennis (writer)
Keith Burns (art)
Titan Comics

action/adventure, war
32 pages
matureLegendary British fighter ace, Johnny 'Red' Redburn, returns once more as the commander of the Falcons – a Russian fighter squadron battling the Nazis in the skies over Stalingrad. But dogfighting Messerschmitts is about to become the least of his troubles when the NVKD – the notorious Soviet secret police – come calling!

I loved, loved, loved Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon's The Preacher series, which I only discovered a few years ago. After reading all of the graphic novels in that series though, I was a full-fledged fan of their work. So when I saw Garth Ennis was collaborating on a new WW2-era comic book series, I just had to check it out.

It begins in present day, however, with a self-made millionaire—one of those Silicon Valley types—on the hunt for a relic of the Second World War to fix up and fly. Kind of like how some buy yachts, some buy Ferraris, and some just go for whatever trendy status symbol is hot that year to show off to their friends and enemies. Well, for Tony Iverson, he wants a Hurricane, the iconic warplane, and the one he's found, bought, and had delivered as a bullet-ridden wreck has one heck of a story behind it. Though that story is shrouded in mystery, denying him the details of how a British plane wound up bound for Russia, lost at sea, and discovered buried in the former East Germany. For answers, Tony meets up with the man who served as a mechanic in the Russian air force, and regales Tony with how he came to meet the pilot of that plane, Johnny “Red” Redburn.

Sgt. Rodimitz's story in the latter half of this opening issue is where things really get interesting. I suppose Tony Iverson as a gateway character, someone through which readers unfamiliar with the war and all that can grab a foothold on the story, is perfectly fine. I, personally, would have probably preferred had the story just been a straight-forward WW2 tale of how a British pilot wound up leading a Russian squadron in their battles against the Nazis. But, that air of mystery surrounding the plane does add some hint of magic to it all, like a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. The treasure in this case being the history.

The artwork is pitch perfect for a comic like this, with rough edges and vibrant colors out front showing off the characters and their planes, with muted backgrounds especially in the more war torn backdrops, so your eye is constantly pulled towards the action.

Where the series appears to lack that brash humor I so enjoyed with the Preacher comics, the care and consideration poured into this story is something any reader should enjoy, especially anyone with a penchant for war stories.

4 stars from Gef Fox

Holiday Book Giveaway Event

Happy Holidays from some of your favorite Urban Fantasy/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance authors! Five lucky winners will receive a random selection of books from NYT Best Selling Authors Faith Hunter, Jennifer Estep, Darynda Jones. Also Christina Henry, David B. Coe, John Hartness, Gail Z. Martin, Stuart Jaffe, and Mindy Mymudes. (Not all authors will be included in each prize pack.)

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Book Review: Waking Hearts: (A Cambio Springs Mysteries Book 3) by Elizabeth Hunter

Waking Hearts: (A Cambio Springs Mysteries Book 3)
by Elizabeth Hunter
Nov 24, 2015
Pages: 315
When everything you've longed for is standing right in front of you, would you find the courage to chase it when you've given up on dreams?

Fox shifter Alison Smith gave up on happy endings when her ex-husband walked out, but that didn't mean she was allowed to give up on happiness. With four growing kids, Allie is determined to look on the bright side and carry on, even when life seems to keep kicking the girl who's fallen down.

Four kids, two jobs, and a pile of debt left over from her ex seem overwhelming most days. Luckily, Allie has the best friends a girl could ask for. Especially a certain quiet bear who's always been her rock.

Patient. Oliver Campbell knows what it means to be patient. But twenty years of wanting one unavailable woman may have pushed him to the edge. With Allie working every night at his bar, their friendship has begun to fracture.

Then old ghosts offer one more kick to the little family that's already down, and patience is a virtue Ollie can no longer afford. Allie's ex-husband may be gone, but his actions are haunting his family. With danger licking the borders of Cambio Springs, the bear and the fox will have to work together. And twenty years of unspoken truths may finally come to light.

WAKING HEARTS is the third paranormal romance novel in the Cambio Springs Mysteries series.

Ollie has loved Allie forever but has never been able to tell her. In high school it was because he waited too long and Joe Russell came in and swept her off her feet. Now that Joe is out of the picture Ollie feels it isn’t the right time to come clean about his feelings. Allie has 4 kids, 2-part time jobs and a mountain of debt left by her dead beat ex-husband. Every night she is with Ollie her feelings for him grow but she knows that he doesn’t see her in the same light.

I can’t say that I have a favorite author because I have a lot of favorite authors and there is no way I could say I loved one more than the other! I can say that Elizabeth Hunter is one of them. I really enjoy all of her series and I can’t say that about all my favorite author’s. Well written and articulate Hunter paints such a vivid picture in her stories that I feel as if I am a part of them.

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Elizabeth Hunter is a contemporary fantasy, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance writer. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College and a former English teacher. She once substitute taught a kindergarten class, but decided that middle school was far less frightening. Thankfully, people now pay her to write books and eighth-graders everywhere rejoice.

She currently lives in Central California with her son, two dogs, many plants, and a sadly dwindling fish tank. She is the author of the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World series, the Cambio Springs series, the Irin Chronicles, and other works of fiction.

38 New Book Releases in Speculative Fiction for November 24

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