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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Double TV Show Review: Fallout (Amazon Prime TV Series) - some spoilers

April 10, 2024 (USA)
Based on: Fallout; by Bethesda Softworks
Created by Graham Wagner, Geneva Robertson-Dworet
Starring: Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle MacLachlan, Moisés Arias, Xelia Mendes-Jones, Walton Goggins
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Running time 45–74 minutes
Amazon Prime Video
Genre: Action, Drama, Post-apocalyptic, Science fiction, Western
In a future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles brought about by nuclear decimation, citizens must live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits.

Reviewer: KD
Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep

Fallout season one on Amazon Prime is based on the video game. I never played the game and knew just about nothing, so went in just with the shows version of what this world was like

"In a future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles brought about by nuclear decimation, citizens must live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits."

Turns out, that only the richest can buy into a bunker. Everyone else either dies, becomes a mutant of sorts or joins up with waring group. It's a dog eat dog world, like literally you are going to eat someone's butt or their dog, cat, etc. Everyone is out to get each other, living top side is a free for all and adapting or death is the order of the day.

It takes a while to figure out what's going on and who can be trusted. Seems like no one can. There's not much description of what each faction is about, you kind of have to just keep watching and put the pieces in place as they come about. But by the end of the last episode, I still felt like a lot was missing.

However, you do get to understand that the major money players and big corporations are the ones pulling the strings. It's scary to even dream up that the very people making these vaults are the same ones that want to drop the bombs. Wipe the slate and start over a fresh new world, in their version. Pretty crazy and sadly could be VERY true. Hopefully not, but you never know.

Lots of fun cameos from random actors, that was a laugh to see someone famous in just one episode. Overall, enjoyed this one and certainly want to watch season 2. Seems the foundation is laid and now Lucy sets off with the ghoul to find some answers.

Certainly worth a watch, just make sure you have a strong stomach for some parts!

Reviewer: SharonS
Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep

I agree with Katie! Fallout is worth a watch. I'd also knew nothing about the game it is based on, but it is dark comedy at its best. It will have you laughing and saying "Ew, gross!" at the same time. But it also has some dramatic moments.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Alpha Male Diner: Serving WOLF SHIFTER prepared by A. Mariposa + a taste test

Meet “Heart of the Wolf’s” male lead, Gareth Delarosa, an Alpha wolf without a pack.

Welcome to Alpha Male Diner, a neat little cuisine off Highway 20, just outside the small town of Black River, NY. It’s a real backwoods kind of place, lots of mountains and trees and weird little gravel roads leading to nowhere. But you know, a lone Alpha wolf has to run his car garage somewhere.

Serving up a steamy “WOLF SHIFTER” on a silver platter, Gareth Delarosa is part Latin Lover, part Army vet, and 100% freak in the sheets. Order him up with extra HOT sauce:


Gareth Delarosa

Recipe created by
A. Mariposa 
Heart of the Wolf
1. Long black hair and tattoos.
2. Three or four inches over six feet.
3. Are those mountains or chest muscles?
4. Damn he looks good in plaid.

1. Obsessive male vibe when he knows what he wants.
2. Moody, protective scowl and sensual lips.
3. Tendency to dominate every situation.
4. Gun he keeps under the backseat of his Camaro.

Consider pairing with these side dishes:
1. A collar and handcuffs after a sensual massage.
2. A bumpy ride in the backseat of his classic Camaro.
3. Netflix and chill (or Netflix and steam . . .)
4. Street tacos and a slice of lime.

Let’s try a taste test!


Read First 10 Chapters FREE on Kindle Vella!

Waking Up in Your Forbidden Crush’s House. Wearing His Shirt. You know, Normal Things™.


Maddy stiffened. Her heart gave a little flutter. She knew that voice. His deep, husky baritone was unmistakable.

She looked back over her shoulder.

It was him.

Oh good lord.

He stood at the entrance to the kitchen, a towel over one shoulder.

Their eyes met.

She felt a little zap of lightning.

She swallowed. Hard.

Maddy turned around to face him. She was shocked. He was her secret. Secrets were supposed to remain hidden. Not standing before her, face-to-face.

This was her first time standing so close to him outside of work, in broad daylight, without a dark moonlit forest obscuring his physique. His honey-hazel eyes glimmered beneath stern brows. His black hair, a warm tone like rich earthen humus, fell freely past his shoulders.

His massive chest made two little mountains under his white T-shirt. He was very tall and packed with muscle; she guessed him to be three or four inches over six feet.

A full sleeve of tattoos covered each arm. She had never really looked at them before. Up near his left shoulder, partly hidden by his shirt, she saw a vibrant, grinning skull in the sinister style of Dios de Los Muertos. The word LOBO in rustic Southwest font ran down his right forearm, while LOCO ran down the left. If his arms were both down, it read “lobo loco.” His right arm also carried the astrological symbol of a Scorpio, or maybe it was just a big fucking scorpion. The rest of the sleeve was too intricate for her to really appreciate at a glance.

His skin was deep tan. He wore blue jeans and steel-toed work boots. Something like car grease stained his shirt. She wondered, not for the first time, if he worked at a garage.

Maddy realized she was staring with her mouth slightly open. She shut it. She met his eyes again. She really didn't know what to say.

“You hungry?” he asked.

Then he walked back into the kitchen.

Maddy followed him with some hesitation. She felt like a stray cat who had wandered into someone’s house. He set a plate of bacon down on the kitchen table, and she pulled out a chair and sat down. Next to the bacon was a plate of scrambled eggs and two big waffles with maple syrup.

“I didn’t know what you liked,” he said, like he needed to explain why he’d served her an entire breakfast buffet. “Eat up. I’ll finish the rest.”

“Uh . . . thank you,” she mumbled.

She picked up her fork and speared one of the waffles onto her plate. The sight of so much food made her suddenly ravenous. She felt like she had burned ten-thousand calories the night before. She started shoving warm, syrup-covered waffles straight into her mouth.

He continued washing the dishes. The voice on the TV droned on. Maddy’s ears suddenly perked when she heard her name. “Now on local news, five bodies were found in the woods just outside Black River, NY . . . Police are saying animal attack . . . nearby mobilehome abandoned . . . currently searching for Madeline Donovan, a student at Black River High School. If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call . . . .”

So the police were looking for her. Wow. Color her impressed. Someone must have reported her missing. Maybe because of the gunshots? Certainly not her father, it sounded like Dean still hadn’t come home.

Another voice interrupted Maddy’s thoughts, a memory from the night before: “Rough up the guy. . . Toss his place . . . Leave a message.”

Maddy’s hands started to shake.

Her fork slipped through her clumsy fingers. It clattered to her plate. Then to the floor. It made a lot of noise.

The man turned to look at her.

“Sorry, uh . . . sorry,” she muttered.

Her hands clutched the bottom of her shirt as she tried to stop trembling.

He was still watching her. That made it worse. This isn’t normal. Nothing about this is normal. She was in his house. Her head was bandaged, and she was sitting in his boxers and a T-shirt. She felt a weird sense of vertigo. Everything was surreal.

She stared at her plate. Her cheeks were burning. She tried not to think of the unnegotiable fact that she was wearing his clothes, which meant someone must have undressed her the night before, which meant he absolutely saw her naked.

“You okay?” he asked.


He shut off the sink. Then he passed through the kitchen and into the living room, where he picked up the remote. He turned off the TV.

“Sorry if that bothered you,” he said.

“It’s alright,” she said.

She turned in the chair. She could see him clearly; he was only about ten feet away. She studied his face again. The light from the window cast shadows beneath his high cheekbones.

Devilish. He had a masculine neck, a cleft chin, a straight nose and a slightly prominent brow that gave his face a stern appearance. His lips were firm and sensual. His lashes were long and dark. His eyes were a bright, unusual hazel color. Sometimes they were green, and sometimes they were gold. She couldn’t tell if he was Native American, Mexican, Brazilian or a little bit of everything. To her, he looked like an exotic model from somewhere warm and tropical.

She felt a flutter in her stomach. It was not a shy tickle, but a steroid-enhanced butterfly striking her ribcage. She liked him so much. But . . . he was an adult, and she was only nineteen.

So, like, probably too young for him. God, she could not stop blushing.

“So what happened last night?” he asked.

Heart of the Wolf
by A. Mariposa
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Black Butterfly
Date of Publication: 05/31/2024
ISBN: 9780999310298
Number of pages: 300
Word Count: 120,000
A steamy paranormal romance about forbidden first love!

Maddy Donovan is trying to survive her senior year of high school. Her life is far from normal. Her stepdad is a shameless alcoholic. The power bill is due. And she has a math test tomorrow. She's living in survival mode, and she has no time to date that spicy older guy who keeps coming by the hardware store. What's his name again? Right. Gareth Delarosa. Black hair, hazel eyes, over six feet tall--guys that hot don't belong in Black River. He's been her secret crush for the last five years, but there's an age gap, and he's way off limits.

But it seems like fate has other plans. When Gareth saves her life the night of a break-in, she wakes up in his bedroom, in his bed, wearing his shirt. Her secret fantasy is staring her in the face. Oh wait, he's a werewolf? Right. Seems like her luck. True love is about to upend her world.

Welcome to a love story about crossing boundaries, taking risks, healing from trauma and learning to live on the wild side. This is not your grandma's love story!

Recommended for readers 18+, contains spicy scenes and adult content.

Buy now on Amazon!

About the Author:
A. Mariposa is penname for YA Fantasy writer, T. L. Shreffler. She writes Paranormal Romance that's steamy, spicy, a bit gritty, a little messy, and a whole lot of Happily Ever After! Her first PNR series The Wolves of Black River can be described as Shameless meets True Blood. For fans of Alpha males, shifter romance, forbidden first loves and historic small towns, this series is for you. <3
Heart of the Wolf by A. Mariposa, a NEW friends-to-lovers Paranormal Romance with a spicy alpha wolf and forbidden first love!
#werewolfromance #agegap #alphamale #shifterromance #pnr #steamy #romancebooks #booktok #friendstolovers 

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Horror: Dirty Spirits by Sawney Hatton

 Experience the offbeat occult/paranormal novel from the twisted mind of Sawney Hatton.

Dirty Spirits
by Sawney Hatton
March 15, 2024
Genre: Horror/ Supernatural Horror

They say you can't choose who you fall in love with, and Doug believed it.

He didn't expect to fall in love with an addict. Once he did, he knew the relationship would be challenging. But there are some things you can never imagine happening, crazy stuff you can never prepare for no matter how hard you try. All Doug can do now is hang on and hope the love of his life isn't dragged back into hell by her ex-fiancé who can't move on.

Because while Liam Fowlington may be dead... he's far from departed.

"The tension is tight, the pacing is amazing, and I was kept on edge the entire time. The book is very reminiscent of Jordan Peele's GET OUT, but with more of the paranormal mixed in." -The Writing Werewolf
Content Warnings:
Drug & alcohol addiction plays a large part in the story. R-rated sex and violence.

Free on Kindle Unlimited

About the author

Sawney Hatton is an author, editor, and screenwriter. Other incarnations of Sawney have produced marketing videos, attended all-night film festivals, and played the banjo and sousaphone (not at the same time). He loves a good day trip into the unknown.

IG: @sawneyhatton @rrbooktours

#rrbooktours #rrbtdirtyspirits #dirtyspirits #horrorbooks #darkfiction #occulthorror #paranormal #supernatural #scaryreads #scarybooks #ghoststories

Sunday, June 9, 2024

Excerpt: Dragon Masters (Silver Leaf Legacy Book One) by E.W. Saloka + giveaway

Dragon Masters (Silver Leaf Legacy Book One)
by E.W. Saloka
May 29, 2024
Genre: Fantasy romance
Publisher: E.W. Saloka
Number of pages: 260
Word Count: 112,395
Cover Artist: Blue Valley Author Services
Let the Games Begin

Zach was an ordinary guy living a mundane life. Attending classes, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends at Sal’s Pizza. Typical stuff for a fifteen-year-old, until one snowy night when a winged horse suddenly appeared. After that, nothing would ever be the same. Orcs, wizards, and dragons!

Zach couldn't believe this was his new norm. Now instead of playing fantasy games, he was living one.

So, when he receives an invitation to join an elite group of Dragon Riders, things really heat up, especially when he meets two beautiful girls vying for his attention. The sweetly innocent Shanna, and Lux, an enchanting, but mysterious fae.

Zach didn't know how to ride a dragon; he couldn’t follow a manual online. No "How to Ride a Dragon in Six Easy Steps" guide. It was no wonder Dredd called him “Kid”
Dredd Domino, the Dragon Masters’ Champion. with an attitude and swagger to match his celebrity status. Droves of girls willing to do anything to be with their hero. But Dredd only desired an ethereal beauty who played dangerous games with the dragon rider’s heart.

The Dragmar Wizard told Zach, that receiving an invitation to join the Valdorian Order of Elite Riders was a high honor. Only a select group of dragon riders were chosen to participate in their annual death-defying race. Refusing their request would be an insult to the Race Council and not taken lightly. Once a rider was selected, there was no turning back. Not ever.

Enter the realm of Brandiss-Dor where intrigue, steamy romances, and prophecies abound. Family bloodlines and secrets steeped in the legacy of the coveted Silver Leaf lie within. Some will lie, steal, and even kill for it.

Book One of the Silver Leaf Legacy ends on a cliffhanger. Dragon Masters is a mash-up of cozy and epic fantasy with heart-stopping romance. Tropes are snarky dragons, forbidden love, love triangles, and morally grey villains.

Are you ready to take flight?

The Ice Wizard ground his teeth and looked away. “I’m not your hero, Mella.”

“To me you’re heroic, not the beast you think you are. You saved me today from being kidnapped by the orcs, they were taking me to the Norbe Swamps!” She shuddered at the thought of slimy hands on her as they chained her and threw her over their riding-beast. Their putrid breath as they hovered and gloated over their captured prey.

“Daksha called me a beast, so she’s gone now. I drove her away.” His blue eyes darkened.

The pain in his voice ripped through her. With shaky breath, Mella drew close to him. She took Rianor's strong hand and held it up to her lips.

He could feel the whisper of her soft breath; his ice-blue eyes met hers. “You should go now.”

“Is that what you want Rianor?” she gazed into his eyes; those eyes so full of darkness and passion.

Suddenly, he pulled her closer; his mouth found hers. His lips whispered against hers as he gripped her waist tightly.

She melted into him. “I never stopped loving you. All those years trapped in that lonely existence my heart yearned for you. I couldn’t tell you because you were with .. with Daksha.” Tears stung Mella’s seafoam eyes.

“No... don’t cry.” He tasted the saltiness of her falling tears as he kissed each one away. He had to hold back his Blue Ceress magic. Mella was a sweet and gentle siren, but only the Emerald Fire could match his darkness, and Daksha was the white heat the Ice Wizard craved.

“You’re thinking of her, aren’t you?” Mella pulled away. “You desire her, but do you love her?”

“I can’t feel love. I told Daksha I loved her, but she needed to hear those words. To me, love is nothing but a hollow emotion.”

Mella touched his arm gently. “But why would you do that if you knew it would hurt her?”

“I have no easy answers, do you see why I can’t be your hero?”

About the Authors:

E.W. Saloka are writers, artists, conceptual designers, and a husband and wife team.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Brandiss-Dor. Their Silver Leaf Legacy series is the culmination of twenty years of working in the fantasy collectible industry. William began sculpting professionally several years ago with fantasy being his preferred subject.

Elaine began writing the storylines to accompany William's sculptures for his art shows and Ren Faires. Eventually, those stories grew into an outline for Dragon Masters. William is a dragon expert so she relies on his expertise to bring the dragons to life in their story. Between his fantasy and her romance their characters shine.


Thursday, June 6, 2024

YA Historical Fantasy: Woven Song by Rachel Krotec

Woven Song
by Rachel Krotec
June 7, 2024
Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Historical Fantasy, Mythology
Found Family
Fallen Gods
Orange Cat Chaos
Will they, won’t they
Epic fight scenes
Chronic illness rep
Girls with swords

Isolated on the moon and yearning for the warmth of family and friends, Kaguya-hime falls to the mortal realm while unknowingly sealing away her divine identity. But the mortal realm isn’t as harmless as it seems…

Banished from the imperial city of Gobe after being accused of murder, Yuki returns on the emperor’s request with the hopes of restoring the family dojo. But when Yuki’s dreams are seemingly dashed after confronting tragedy, she is forced to face the unsettling truth behind her banishment.

On the verge of death, her life becomes intertwined with the dragon god, Ryu, and Yuki finds herself at the center of a fight to save the mortal realm from Izanami, the ruler of Yomi—the land of the dead. Caught between her life as a mortal and her hidden divine identity, Yuki must fight to write her own mythology before the gods do it for her.

Woven Song weaves Asian mythology into an epic tale of love and loss, of betrayal and loyalty—where secrets are currency for the wicked, every friend might be a foe, and love sounds like a lullaby.


About the Author:
RACHAEL KROTEC grew up in the wilds of Florida, which helped cultivate her vivid imagination and a deep appreciation for the fantastical. With dual degrees in creative writing and psychology, she brings a unique perspective to her writing, delving into the depths of human emotion. She is the author of the Anima trilogy. Visit her at or on Instagram.