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Friday, May 31, 2019

Excerpt: The Mark of Fallen Flame (Weapon of Fire and Ash Book 1) by Brittany Matsen + giveaway

Today we have the release day blitz of The Mark of the Fallen Flame by Brittany Matsen! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

The Mark of Fallen Flame (Weapon of Fire and Ash Book 1)
by Brittany Matsen
May 31, 2019
365 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Two days before the start of senior year, Emma Duvall is attacked by creatures that hunt from the shadows. A hidden world that exists within her own, explodes around her as she is faced with menacing creatures of the deep, ugly venomous creatures with voices so beautiful they bring humans to their knees, and a wicked beast with eyes the color of blood. When she touches them, their dark powers flow into her, awakening a hunger in her that had laid dormant for seventeen years. The darkness is seductive when it deals in rage. And rage is exactly what she needs to survive. Not only must she keep her powers a secret, she must also contend with the new boy in school.

He is both dangerous and unnaturally handsome, drawing her in like a magnet. What she can’t explain is why being close to him causes her physical pain. And those that hunt the monsters of the night—the Giborim—sworn to protect the humans, find that Emma may be just as monstrous. Except the striking, centuries-old, Blaze, who seeks revenge for the mother and sister he lost. Emma will do anything to impress him and earn his trust. Including using herself as bait to ensnare the final piece of Blaze’s vengeance.

War between the two races is looming on the horizon as the wicked creatures of nightmares seek to enslave humankind. When Emma is thrown in the middle as the ultimate weapon, she must allow herself to be wielded…just long enough to save the world. For when the raging fires of her wrath are unleashed, the world with be painted in the ashes of her enemies.

Exclusive Excerpt: 
When Emma and Rowek were alone again, her gaze snapped back to his. He watched her, his lips tugging to the side. His eyes were brighter, the golden hue shining through. Like a flame doused with gasoline. “What’s one thing you’d like to know about me?” Emma thought for a moment. “What would happen if I touched you again.” His expression burned hotter as a wicked grin spread his lips. The invisible cord that drew her to him pulled tight, and she surrendered to it. A tendril of heat licked through her. Any fear or hesitation on her part was gone. She slid her hand across the table, lightly brushing her finger over the top of his hand. A spark crackled above their skin. She started, but she didn’t withdraw her hand. Rowek didn’t seem at all surprised, he just watched her. Her fingertips trailed up the back of his hand, and his eyes flared in response. Gently, as if trying not to startle her, his hand grabbed hers. A jolt went through her, but it wasn’t power. It was a heady sensation to be touched by him. She let him pull her to her feet. Like she was in a trance, she let him guide her. His hands cupped her hips, and her heart galloped wildly. With little effort, he tugged her down onto him, her dress curling up her thighs as she straddled his lap. A fire stirred inside, every inch of her aware. Her hands ran up his chest, under the dark suit jacket. She could feel the toned muscle hidden beneath as her fingers brushed up to his tie and pulled it loose. “What is your tattoo of?” Her voice was like silk. “I’d show you all of it, but I’d have to take my shirt off.” His hot breath tickled her neck. She worked the first button open as his lips brushed against her skin, setting her on fire. Her fingers stilled, eyes fluttered closed, letting his touch consume her. Kisses trailed up her neck, and she shivered. His lips touched her jaw bone with feather-light delicacy. “Is it a symbol?” she rasped, fighting to remain in control. He made a noise in the back of his throat that sounded almost feral. Like he didn’t want to stop kissing her. “Yes,” he replied, voice gruff. Then he kissed her.

About the Author:
Brittany is an American by birth, but a Kiwi at heart, living in the wondrous New Zealand with her husband and their son. Writing has been a passion since she was very young. In middle school she had articles published in the local newspaper, and the school paper in high school. She attended the Institute of Children’s Literature with the hope of one day creating stories for the world.

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New Release: With Love From New Orleans (Voyages of the Heart, Volume 2) Anthology

Cover Designer: T.E. Black with T.E. Black Designs
Release Date: 5/30/2019
Genre: Multi-Genre Romance
Only 99 cents for a limited time!

Voyages of the Heart
Cities around the world have their own charming allure which pulls you in, allowing you to enjoy their secrets. They offer love, passion, laughter, healing, and even heartbreak. The authors have penned these emotions and more into their stories one page at a time. Pack your luggage to join us on our voyage of the heart. Our next destination: New Orleans!

With Love From New Orleans

Romance in the “Big Easy” isn't for the faint of heart. The mystery hidden in the worlds created by VOTH's authors will keep you enthralled in each and every tale. The only promise on this voyage of love is that we’ve sealed each story with a kiss of passion which will entice you to come back for more. Welcome to New Orleans where every page reveals a new secret as we explore the city's round-the-clock appeal.
Alyssa Drake | Amy Allen | Annalise Alexis| Ashlee Shades | Autumn Sand | Bella Emy |
Brian Miller | Carrie Humphrey | Jade Royal | Jas T. Ward | Lilly Black | Katherine L.E. White | 
Maggie Adams | Maria Vickers | Natalie-Nicole Bates| Nia Farrell | Patricia D. Eddy | 
Roux Cantrell | Sandra R. Neeley |Tamsen Schultz


With Love From London 


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Character Confessions: Teenage protag Emma confronts her author L.J. Epps + giveaway

L.J.: Hi Everyone, and thanks for having me at I Smell Sheep!  

I’m here to discuss my series, Extinction Of All Children. Emma wanted to tag along with me today because she’s curious as to everything that’s being said about her. I’m sure if I say anything wrong, she will stand up to me and correct me in the same manner she corrects President Esther. I have to say once I told her where I was going…and her being the way she is…I knew something like this would happen. Lol 

EMMA: I can’t help it if I’m curious. You know I always need to know what’s going on so I can help out and make things better if needed. I don’t know why you’re complaining. You wrote me this way.

L.J.: I’m not complaining…all I’m saying is it’s not always your job to make everything better for everyone. Someone else could choose to stand up.

EMMA: I realize that but you are done writing the series now…so this is how I am. I will stay this way unless you plan on rewriting and republishing the series.

L.J.: No, I have no plans on rewriting and republishing. Although it was fun it was a lot of hard work…so I guess you will stay like you are. Lol

EMMA: What does lol mean? Why do you keep saying it? You never had me say it in any of my conversations. Not in Territory L or Territory M or even Territory U. I notice you say it a lot.

L.J.: It means to laugh out loud.

EMMA: There was never any laughter in my world…or the world you created. Maybe that’s why I don’t get it or its meaning.

L.J.: I’m sorry about that. But you lived in Territory L where everyone was poor and I couldn’t really inject laughter into the story because everything was supposed to be bleak and dark. I did have you have a little happiness when you went dress shopping with your mother so you could wear a nice dress to the party that was in your honor.

EMMA: That wasn’t really happiness especially after I found out where and from whom the dress came from. And I didn’t even want to go to that party. Why should I have a party in my honor just because I was the last one allowed to live! Why should I have a party in my honor when everyone else my age or younger died!

L.J.: Now calm down! I didn’t mean to get you upset. We came here for a friendly conversation.

EMMA: I came with you because I had a few things to add. I thought by coming here today I could get my viewpoint across…so let me do that!

L.J.: I would like you to do that…but only if you’re calm while doing it. I wanted to talk to the people here at I Smell Sheep about the love I had for the characters while writing the series.

EMMA: If you had such love for your characters why did you sometimes have them talk in such a stiff or stilted manner

L.J.: I chose to write this particular series that way because the world they live in is drab and dim. I felt that having them or you talk this way added or put emphasis on how overformal and depressing the world they live in is.

EMMA: I guess that makes sense. But why did you have to have me whine so much in book two?

L.J.: You weren’t so much so whining as expressing how much love you felt for your niece, Abigail. So, what you would call whining I would call that showing how much you missed her. Why are you rolling your eyes at me?

EMMA: Although I was upset about my niece, I still would have toned down the whining. I realize you call it expressing my concern. But I don’t agree.

L.J.: You don’t have to agree. I am the writer and I write what I feel.

EMMA: I see your ego is rearing its ugly head.

L.J.: That’s how you would talk to Rich or President Esther. I have to say I don’t appreciate you taking that tone with me, and I disagree. This was the first fantasy series I ever wrote and I was a bit nervous. I don’t have a large ego. I was too nervous for that. I just hoped others would like the story I came up with.

EMMA: Speaking of first why would you make my first kiss take place in the first novel? Don’t you think that was too soon for a young girl like me to have a kiss? Why was it with Eric and not Samuel?

L.J.: Hold on now…wait a minute. I felt eighteen was an appropriate age for you to have your first kiss. I also felt that was the right time in the novel for you to have it. As far as Samuel goes you barely knew him.

EMMA: So, I would just kiss anyone who was there at that time?

L.J.: Now you’re putting words in my mouth. I’m saying you were closest to Eric at that time so the moment was right for the both of you. You were going through a lot being the spokesperson for the territory.

EMMA: I didn’t want to be the spokesperson for Territory L but no one else would speak up. All I wanted was a good job and to be treated equally. You could have written it differently but you didn’t.

L.J.: Emma, I am the writer you have to have faith in me. I believe the story came out with you on top showing your strengths and your weaknesses. I think you were shown in a good light. You should appreciate what I did for you.

EMMA: Since I’m always curious…I wonder will I be in your next manuscript?

L.J.: I’m sorry to tell you this Emma, but your time with me has ended. My current project is adult women’s fiction, romance. I’m still working on it but it doesn’t have any teenagers in it…just a little girl.


L.J.: Don’t look so hurt, and don’t take it personal. It’s just time to move on. But you never know I may revisit your life one day. I believe now my time is almost up and all I’ve done is answer your questions. I’m a guest of I Smell Sheep, but they haven’t been able to ask me anything. I knew I shouldn’t have let you come along. I still love you though and always will. I have to leave now and catch up on some writing. Emma stop frowning at me and come along. 
by L.J. Epps

Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Dark Fantasy
Publisher: L.J. Epps
ISBN: 978-0-9971913-3-2
Number of pages: 250
Word Count: 79,826
Cover Artist:
What would you do if you were the last eighteen-year-old in the territory? Join Emma on a wild ride and find out how she survives this fate.

The futuristic world of Craigluy has been divided into three territories and three economic classes. A large wall separates the territories, so the poor cannot mingle with the rich.

Since President Esther, the ruler over all of Craigluy, believes the poor do not have adequate means to take care of children, they are no longer allowed to procreate. Pregnant mothers are imprisoned until their babies are born, then the infants are taken away.

Emma Whisperer is the last child to survive. She is the last child born in lower-class Territory L before the law was instituted in the year 2080. She is the last eighteen-year-old.

Emma struggles to understand why she was spared while others weren’t. She doesn’t like the laws and believes they should be repealed. Her family doesn’t agree with her; they discourage her rebellious streak. Yet, she helps them to cover up their own family rebellion. She helps them to hide a big secret, a secret that could be both disastrous and deadly for members of their family.

As she meets new people along the way, Emma learns who she can and cannot trust. And, in the end, she makes a gut-wrenching decision that may be disastrous for everyone.

She finds herself in danger for doing what she feels is right.

Get the entire series on Amazon

“On your feet.”

I hear a loud voice. My heart jumps. It sounds like Rich.

There are no windows here, but my internal clock tells me it is bedtime. I was waiting for the lights off in ten minutes call. Instead, I see him standing in front of my cell. He looks the same yet scarier, and his green eyes peer at me. His hair looks as bright as a ripe cherry. My hands shake.

“I’m not going to say it again. You’ve been summoned to see the president.”

“But it’s almost time for lights out.” My voice quivers.

“I don’t care what time it is. I gave you an order.”

I stand and my knee twitches. The ice pack, lying on my side, falls and crashes to the floor. My cell door opens with a squeal, and Rich steps inside. He is dressed in his uniform, and he smells of musk and liquor. I didn’t think guards could drink while on duty, but what do I know.

“Let’s go,” he says, clutching my arm.

Once I’m out of my cell, he snaps the handcuffs on. The coldness straddles my wrists. Like a dog on a leash, he leads and I follow. My stomach is in knots. I don’t know what to expect once we reach the president’s quarters. But, we don’t go to the fifth floor; the elevator dings on the second floor. He pulls on my handcuffs and yanks me off the elevator. My gym shoes scuff against the hardwood floors as we walk down the long hallway. We end up at the conference room.

The room is bright red. There is a large window. I see a few remnants of sunlight, peering through the blinds. There is a long, brown table that looks like it is made of marble. There are four chairs on each side and one large chair at the end where President Esther sits. She has on a dark blue pants suit and a white shirt. Her silver hair is pulled back into a bun, and her lipstick is bloodred.

“Sit down, Emma,” she says, pointing to the chair next to her. “I thought we could have a chat.”

I plunk down, but not next to her. I sit a few seats away.

“You’re cautious, I like that.” Her mouth curls up.

Rich still stands in the room. He’s glaring at me, like a fire breathing dragon. I shiver.

“Thank you, Rich.” President Esther looks at him. “That will be all.”

“Are you sure you don’t need me to stay?”

“No, I’ll be fine.”

“But, I think I should.” He steps closer. His eyes narrow.

“I said I’ll be fine, Richard.” She uses his full first name. “You can go now.”

“As you wish,” he says, with a lion-like growl.

I never knew his full first name was Richard, but I’m glad she told him to leave. He seems like he would challenge her, at every turn. I wonder why she keeps him around. He looks like a coldhearted killer, so maybe she needs his talents. I pray, once he leaves the room, my knee will stop wiggling. He roughly exits, stomping like a drunken man whose liquor has been cut off. The door bangs as he slams it behind him.

“Sorry about that.” Her piercing blue eyes gape at me. “He goes overboard, sometimes.”

About the Author:
L.J. Epps is a lover of all things related to books: fiction and nonfiction novels, as well as biographies and autobiographies. She has also been known to sit and read comic books from cover to cover, several times over.

Over the last few years, L.J. has written several manuscripts; her mission is to publish all of them. She enjoys writing fiction in several genres, including contemporary romance and women’s fiction, as well as young adult dystopian, science fiction and fantasy. She loves to write because it immerses her into another world that is not her own.

Tour giveaway 
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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Book Review: Warlock from Wales (The Cauldron Effect Book Two) by Shereen Vedam + giveaway

by Shereen Vedam 
May 21, 2019 
Genre: Fantasy Regency Romance, PNR
ISBN: 978-1-989036-01-3
Number of pages: 284
Word Count: 86,890
Cover Artist: Desiree DeOrto
A historian in search of truth. A warlock charged to stop her.

When Hugh is yanked from his apprenticeship and summarily assigned to guard a human female, he is justly incensed.

But when a water demon snatches her from under his nose, he sets off on a desperate race to save her, and prove he is a warlock to be reckoned with. 

Warlock from Wales is a paranormal historical romance set in 1816 England. Mary Bright, an inquisitive amateur historian, is thrust into the world of witches and warlocks when her brother becomes entangled in a plot to expose magic to world. Mary is set on saving her brother and the lore of the Wychan race. To do this, Mary must seek the assistance of the lore witch, the keeper of all Wychan-related documents. Hugh Renfrew Price, a young warlock on the rise, is charged by the Warlock Council to duplicitously accompany Mary on her search for knowledge. Once Mary obtains the necessary documents, Hugh must destroy all evidence of his race or face severe sanctions at the hands of the council. Almost immediately, Hugh is captivated by Mary and conflicted about his mission.

Vedam’s storytelling is magical. The world she weaves is fantastic and imaginative; a world where all objects are sentient and part of the magic. Musical instruments, haystacks even, start each chapter with a unique, albeit quirky, perspective on the story. These interludes are often comical and always endearing and give the story added whimsy.

This is not my usual romance reading fare. It was far too chaste for me. Vedam builds the romance between Hugh and Mary in a titillating way, wholly appropriate for the time. Sadly, the slow and suggestive build up doesn’t ultimately lead to much. But what this book lacks in steam, it more than makes up for with charm.

I had not read book one in this series prior to beginning Warlock from Wales but found it readable as a standalone.

Four Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

The Honorable Mary Bryght, eighteen-year-old daughter of the late Viscount Holywell, faltered and came to a startled halt. She’d been traveling through the woods to her friend's home to deliver some astonishingly grand news about her brother. A sound drew her gaze toward a strand of willows that drank from a small pond. There, a stranger in a dark cape watched her, tapping a riding crop against his Hessians. At the malevolence emanating from him, the hairs on Mary’s arms stood to attention.

In the space of one glance, her mood shifted from cheerful to fearful. She swallowed, tasting dread, and swiftly gauged how fast she must run to reach Rose’s cottage before this stranger’s long strides reached her. She took one deep breath in readiness to sprint, when the man appeared at her side, his large hand grasping her upper arm so hard it pinched.

She cried out. He dropped his riding crop and covered her mouth with his hand, swamping her senses with a pungent aroma of horse sweat and leather.

Fifteen feet! That’s how far away he’d been. Yet, he had closed the distance between them as if it had only been two feet. Heart pounding in terror, she kicked his shin, bit hard onto a gloved finger and with her free hand, punched his throat as her father had taught her.

He grunted and loosened his grip.

Mary tore away and ran. Within a half dozen steps her body froze. There was no other way to describe the bizarre experience. She could not shift one foot, one hand, one finger. She was a statue in mid-motion.

About the Author:website-FB-Twitter
Once upon a time, USA Today bestselling author Shereen Vedam read fantasy and romance novels to entertain herself. Now she writes heartwarming tales braided with threads of magic and love and mystery elements woven in for good measure.

Shereen's a fan of resourceful women, intriguing men, and happily-ever-after endings. If her stories whisk you away to a different realm for a few hours, then Shereen will have achieved one of her life goals.

5 ecopies of Warlock from Wales (kindle version, US)

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Book Review: Unchained Desire (Rapture Book 1) by R.C. Alvarez

Unchained Desire (Rapture Book 1)
by R.C. Alvarez
May 27, 2019
269 pages
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Chained to a demon queen for hundreds of years, fallen angel Ramiel has given up on his brothers and sisters—and humanity. He has seven days away from hell to replenish his power and that’s all he cares about—right up until his meeting with the much too innocent Kyria. He fell for that act before and it landed him in hell, he won’t be making that mistake again.

To save her sick father, Kyria knows she must find Ramiel. He’s dark, brooding and everything Kyria should be scared of, but the haunted look in his eyes makes her think there’s more to him. The tattoos and chains don’t frighten her either, but the connection she has with him does. When strange creatures attack her, Ramiel steps in to protect her.

Ramiel believes he’s reluctantly helping Kyria, but what neither of them knows is that she may be the one to save them all...

Thinking how to start this review and all I can come up with is, what a damn fun debut story! There was so much to enjoy and all kinds of sexy characters that kept me hooked until the very end. 

Seriously, a great way to kick off a new author and saga on such a strong note. Tons character building and nice foundation for a new world that this author does a fantastic job balancing. Never too much of one thing, yet giving up all that juicy romance we buy these books for. 

Hot as Hades at times and filled with humor at others. This story never takes itself too seriously, yet looses nothing with an artful take on the genera. I'm a fan already, looking forward to the next stop on this PNR road. 

Getting 4 and 1/2 Sheep


About the Author:
The Paranormal Romance writing team of Storm Navarro and Jolie de la Cruz spend their days delving into myth and madness and coating it with romance. Texas born and raised, both authors have a penchant for strong men and wild rides. Their first book will be launched into the world May 27th.

Chaos Reigns, Vol. 1 The Hand of God (The True Tree Chronicles #2) by GS Scott + excerpt

Chaos Reigns, Vol. 1: The Hand of God (The True Tree Chronicles Book 2)
by G. S. Scott
May 21st, 2019
Genre: Epic Fantasy (with Romantic Elements & LGBTQ Characters)
Cover Designer: Colleen Nye
Editor: Genevieve Scholl
Publisher: True Tree Press
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR
For 500 years, the God of Chaos has ruled in a torturous reign of brutality. Now, desperate gods and goddesses are seeking an end to his dominion. To counter them, Chaos calls for the Cleansing: the sacrifice of all children under two.

Ellis escapes the Cleansing through intuition and prophetic dreams. Visions drag him north toward an ethereal tower, deep in The Lands of the Dead. His life is saved by Dirge, a swordsman with a haunted past who thinks Ellis was born to end the reign of Chaos. Ellis grows to head a troupe of traveling entertainers. His only true friend is Daylin, a young woman and former priest’s slave who talks with wolves. Always on the move, they stay steps ahead of the fire-wielding priest who killed Ellis’ parents.

To the north, villagers discover Betal at the forest’s edge. Sensing Betal’s immense power, a local paladin excludes Betal from the Cleansing and declares him The Hand of God. As Betal falls into a roll as an acolyte to Chaos, strange dreams of wolves haunt him. His only friend is a fellow acolyte, Mangin, a beguiling young woman who delights in twisting the minds of others. The pair set out to Citadel, where they will become full-fledged priests, if they can escape a murderous beast and assassins who stalk the path.

When the two groups meet, intrigue, love, and sex intertwine them. Can they trust one another when the old gods challenge Chaos using mortals as pawns? Even fools know to trust Chaos is to invite death.

Heartless squatted on the edge of his golden throne, his eye color changing wildly. A snarl played on his lips as he reveled in the power flowing from the Lord of Chaos through the bejeweled, multihued crown, entangled within his long black hair. At the foot of his dais lay the bubbling pool that used to be his herald—the man had the poor luck to bring him the spy. Heartless didn’t dare kill his eyes and ears within the Council of Taneer so he took his rage out on the herald.

A voice whispered in the back of his head.

He glanced at the spot where the spy’s gateway closed when the man left, the lingering scent of burnt ozone still in the air. “What were you holding back?” he asked, his voice echoing in the vast, dust-choked chamber. The light from mangled, crystal chandeliers and rush torches, along with the sparse rays peaking in through boarded windows left the castle in perpetual dim, earning it the name, the Black Keep.

Heartless clenched his fists, the knuckles whitening. It didn’t matter what the spy withheld, the news he brought was bad enough. His face twisted. “Gabriel thinks he can take what is mine? The gall! I won their damned Game. Edis—Chaos himself—chose me, and I won. The world is mine. And now the Arbiter expects me to step down over some time limit? A time limit?” Heartless hurled his golden scepter across the room, the crystal top shattering on the rippled, uneven marble floor. Taking a deep breath, he chuckled. “A Rebirthing? Why would Gabriel do such a thing? Why be a mortal when he’s already a god?”

About the Author:
G. S. Scott is the author of CLEANSED, and SORROW’S HEART, from the series THE CHRONICLES OF THE TRUE TREE.
Mr. Scott spent his youth, sitting in a basement playing tabletop role-playing games. It got his creative juices flowing. Characters of all types banged around in his head, demanding to be let loose into the world. And he obliged them.

G. S. Scott is active in local writing groups and is an avid gamer, with the Fallout series topping the list. He enjoys local theater with his playwright wife, Sarah. He knew she was the one when she quoted Monty Python on their third date.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sheep Movie Review: Brightburn (2019)

Brightburn (2019)
May 24, 2019
Directed By: David Yarovesky
Written By: Brian GunnMark Gunn

Cast: Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner
Runtime: 91 minutes
Studio: Screen Gems
Rating: R (for horror violence/bloody images, and language)
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy
What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister?

Went to see Brightburn with my husband, 18-year-old daughter and a friend of mine. First off...I was so not expecting what I saw. That isn't a bad thing, but it is a horror movie..."Silence of the Lamb" gore type. This character (who isn't called Bizarro—anti-Superman—but that's who he is) is evil...there is no happy ending.

My daughter and I liked it a lot. My friend liked it but not quite as much because they thought the gore had no purpose. My husband didn't like it at all mostly due to the gore and slow pace.

It did move slowly in the beginning. They tried too hard to draw out the suspense and set up some jump scares. The acting was excellent and well cast and they did the most they could with only a $7 million budget.

You know where the story is going, the question is how far will they go...all the flocking way! It was like the proverbial train wreck. I knew what was coming but couldn't look away.

Even with all its faults, I loved the premise. True evil supervillains. The ending sets up the possibility for an evil superhero franchise. You need to pay attention to the "news stories" at the end. You get a peek at the "others."

This is the opening weekend and it was only playing on one screen at our theater and it was the smallest one. You don't need to see it on the big screen to enjoy. I think it will do better on Blu-Ray/DVD than in the theaters. BUT if you like horror movies then check this one out.

My husband gives it 1 1/2 sheep
My friend, Holly and I give it 3 1/2 but I would have given in 4.5  if it had been a little faster paced.


Book Review: Knave of Blades (Tarot Witches: The Raven Knights Saga Book 1) by SM Reine

Knave of Blades (Tarot Witches: The Raven Knights Saga Book 1) 
by SM Reine 
May 14, 2019
Pages: 194
Allene Whelan is scavenging through the ruins of post-apocalypse Oregon when she finds a strange tarot card, the Knave of Blades. Touching it awakens her magic—the power of the sylph, a rare and deadly Seelie sidhe who can defeat any other of her kind. Her pollen is intoxicating. Her magic is irresistible. And she’s suddenly at the center of the Autumn Court’s war against the rebellious True Kingdom.

She’s the only person who might be able to defeat Macsen, the prophesied Fenrir who will one day grow big enough to devour the world. But first she needs to make herself strong enough to face him, and that means collecting power as only a sylph can. Joining the Raven Knights means committing more than her life to defeating the True Kingdom. She’s committing her soul…and her body.

A new paranormal romance series from New York Times Bestselling Author SM Reine.

Allene has been scavenging through what’s left of Oregon after the apocalypse and when she finds herself upon an unexpected situation, she finds a unique tarot card, the Knave of Blades. When she touches the card, it awakens the magic she didn’t know she had inside of her and she becomes a deadly and rare seelie sidhe who is able to stop other seelie sidhe making her a formidable weapon.

If you haven’t read the tarot witch series do not let that detour you from this book because even though there are some characters in it from other Reine series, it doesn’t detract from the story and you won’t be lost at all. If you love hot and steamy sex scenes this is definitely for you! Seeing inside of Faerie is something that draws you into the imaginative world that this book offers.

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I'm the New York Times Bestselling Author of urban fantasy known as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). You can usually find me writing on my treadmill desk at 2am whilst listening to dubstep. Yes, dubstep.

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Excerpt: Coven’s End Series by Lia Davis and L.A. Boruff + giveaway

The complete series:


Coven’s End: Kane (Coven’s End, #1)
L.A. Boruff & Lia Davis
May 8, 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Bad boy. Alpha. Lethal.

Some say those are qualities of a good leader. Others disagree.

Heir to the Vampire throne and Lilith’s only son, I’m being forced to find a mate.

Unfortunately for my beloved mama, I found my fated mate already.

No one compares to her.

The problem?

She’s a Lycan princess— completely off limits. If that’s not bad enough, I’m not her only potential mate.

Can I ignore the pull of my fated mate to make my mother happy and take the throne?


“You will choose a mate, and then take the throne.” Lilith’s voice resonated with a finality that made me cringe. I held in my irritation and scanned the great throne room. When she put her power into her words, no one—not even me—could disobey.

Fucking rules.

Lilith was my mother—and Lucifer knew I loved her—but I couldn’t rule the vampires while under her thumb and no more than her puppet. When I did become the High King of the vampires, there were going to be changes. The old ways didn’t work for us as they once did.

I fisted my hands over the arms of my throne. Why we were meeting in the great room to discuss my mating situation was beyond me. Mother was supposed to be gone already, but The Blood—the vampire council—demanded I find a mate first. They never gave their reasons, which made me suspicious.

“Mother, it isn’t that easy.” My chest tightened with an unfamiliar feeling. Longing and loneliness stirred within. I’d already met my mate, not that it would do me any good. I couldn’t claim my one true mate, ever.

It was several years ago. My guard had convinced me to go to a local bar owned by one of their own that catered to both vampires and lycans. Many of the lycans attended public schools with the humans, able to blend in all but one night a month when the moon was full. The younger lycans were notorious for bar-hopping, and vampires weren’t much different.

A vampire-owned bar wasn’t unusual. We owned the night, after all, and humans in bars made poor choices, leaving us open to feed without detection or having to use our telepathic abilities. Using telepathy to mask our feeding always drained us.

We’d entered a local bar that particular night, and I’d almost left when I smelled them. Lycans. A growl escaped me as I walked through the door, my guard flanking me. It was no secret that vampires and lycans had warred since the beginning of time. Well, maybe not that long, but there were times it felt that way.

Scanning every dark corner of the place, I spotted several of the wolves crammed into booths in near the back of the bar. The entire establishment reeked of them, so I slowed my breathing to minimize the overwhelming scent of dog.

Ignoring the lycans, my guard and I made our way to the bar where a small group of vampires close to my age gathered. They met my gaze briefly and nodded their heads once in a slight bow. I nodded back in greeting. One thing I hated about being the vampire prince was my people insisted on being at attention in my presence. It was annoying. My people weren’t fucking puppets.

They were people with lives. As long as they didn’t expose us to the humans, I didn’t care what they did.

It was one thing I was already starting to change—I only wanted them to address me formally when I was sitting on my throne.

Once seated, the bartender took our drink orders and left. My guard rested against the bar so he could watch the door and my back simultaneously. “You know there are large factions of younger vampires in favor of ending our centuries-long feud with the lycans.”

Yeah, I knew. However, I had little interest. “Nothing I can do about it at the moment.”

My time to rule would come soon enough—three to four years to be exact – and I didn’t want to waste my free years worrying about vampire-lycan politics.

The air conditioning kicked on, blowing cool air through the bar and mixing the scents of vampire and lycans. That was when her scent hit me full-force, nearly knocking me off my stool. Rose water and mint, mixed with an intoxicating earthy spice that called to my soul. My body heated and my heart pulsed, pumping blood straight to my dick. What the fuck?

My head whipped around, searching for the owner of that scent—the scent of my mate. When I spotted her, the noise from the bar around me seemed to disappear for a few moments. Her wavy chestnut hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, and two thick strands of hair framed her oval face. She wore a pair of faded blue jeans with tears cut into the thighs and a black T-shirt that said, “I howl at the moon.”

She was a lycan. Fuck me.

“Who is she?” I nudged my guard. He came to the bar frequently and was more likely to know. I suspected he was one of the ones encouraging vampires to give lycans a chance.

My guard followed my line of sight and grunted. “Jillian,” he said. “She’s hot, but she’s too hot. Trouble. She’s the lycan princess, only heir to the High Alpha.”

Fuck me. She was my mate. I knew it as surely as I knew I could never be with her. An ache formed in my soul at that thought. Normally I didn’t have a problem with breaking the rules and taking what was mine. But this was different.

I had to take the vampire throne one day soon and choose a vampire mate. It was the law and my future. A future I’d have to live without my fated mate. I’d never be accepted if I had a lycan as my mate, much less the lycan princess.

About the Author:
In 2008, Lia Davis ventured into the world of writing and publishing and never looked back. She has published more than twenty books, including the bestselling A Tiger's Claim, book one in her fan favorite Ashwood Falls series. Her novels feature compassionate yet strong alpha heroes who know how to please their women and her leading ladies are each strong in their own way. No matter what obstacle she throws at them, they come out better in the end.

While writing was initially a way escape from real world drama, Lia now makes her living creating worlds filled with magic, mystery, romance, and adventure so that others can leave real life behind for a few hours at a time.

Lia's favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers, but it's her home and she loves it!

About the Author:
L.A. Boruff lives in East Tennessee with her husband, three children, and an ever growing number of cats. She loves reading, watching TV, and procrastinating by browsing Facebook. L.A.'s passions include vampires, food, and listening to heavy metal music. She once won a Harry Potter trivia contest based on the books, and lost one based on the movies. She has two bands on her bucket list that she still hasn't seen: AC/DC and Alice Cooper. Feel free to send tickets.

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