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Monday, March 27, 2023

Cover Reveal: Renley (Somnolence, #4) by Ali Lucia Sky + excerpt

(Somnolence, #4)
by Ali Lucia Sky
April 11th 2023
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Paranormal
In her darkest moment, he came willing to burn the world down for her.

During one night of weakness, Adder Rowe gave in to some sweet words, and has a lot of complications in her life to show for it. Now pregnant, she is eking by. But even before that, her ties to CypherSphere Records and Of Ashes To Eternity had left a bad taste in her mouth and an uneasy feeling in her heart.

Renley Titan isn’t anyone’s hero. A chance meeting with his Tether, when she reaches out to his former band, leaves him in a dicey position. Play the game and keep winning the hearts of millions, or break the rules and make the world a better place for everyone by blowing it all up. The volatile keyboardist could go either way.

But when someone comes out of the woodwork looking for a story only Adder can tell, how far will they go to get it?

Please be advised by the content warning inside the book.

It’s recommended that you read the series in order beginning with RAIDEN.

“Yeah, I want to be safe and by his side.” I sigh. “Don’t know if it makes me a basket case, but the co-dependency portion of our relationship has begun.”

Crux lips flatten. “You need a guard.”

“What’s with the guards?” I ask.

“When your mate can’t be with you, at least you have protection,” he clarifies. “They can soothe and care for you, so you aren’t alone.”

Becca snorts. “They can irritate the shit out of you. They can insist they shower with you, so you’re protected.”

I try to hide my smile when Crux licks his lips. I get the impression that he’s got it bad for her. It’s Tobin who responds to her outburst. “You don’t need to be alone.”

She growls in frustration. “You two are tools.” Her head whips my way, “You still want to go down?”

Crux smirks. “That’s literally what she said.”

I nod and stand, but a woozy feeling takes over my sluggish body. It takes a moment to get my head together and nod. Becca, seeing how unsteady I am, addresses the twins. “One of you needs to make yourself useful. If she passes out on the way down to the living room, Renley will fuck you both in the ass with a chair leg.”

Tobin nods. “Probably the whole chair.”

He picks me up in a bridal lift, carrying me down the hall. When we get to the top of the stairs, everyone looks up our way.

Renley is the first to speak. “Why are you carrying Adder?”

Becca sighs. “She was lightheaded but wants to be with you.”

Tobin makes it down the stairs, but Renley’s on his feet waiting there to grab me. His eyes skim across my features before ghosting across my throat and heating. He carries us to a recliner closest to Jazzie, who holds out a bowl of popcorn. I cringe at the smell and shake my head, placing a hand over my stomach.

About the Author:
Ali Lucia Sky is the author of The Powers That Be and Somnolence series. She lives in Southern California with her husband and a house full of kitty cats, a yard full of crows, a backyard of ferals and a possum affectionately named Garcia.

She loves laughing, drinking good coffee, vegan food, and supporting animal rescues.

When she isn’t writing or dreaming of new stories, she can be found planning her next vacation because traveling is life.

If you encounter her in the wild, don’t be offended if she should run away. She’s timid with strangers, but can be plied with shiny things and pictures of your cat or dog.

She’s a weirdo like that.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Dystopian Romance Author Remy Marie: 3 Things about Remy Marie! + giveaway

3 Things About Remy Marie

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!
Passionate, Stubborn, Loving, Curious and Patient.

What is your favorite food?
I have several favorites and they are all unhealthy. I like hamburgers, pizza and fries.

Why do I write?
I like writing because I like telling the story that wouldn’t necessarily be focused on by the mainstream media. Let’s face it, an interracial romance featuring zombies isn’t going to be a bestseller, but I know there’s a few people out there, who are like me, who likes romance and zombies, and knowing that I made them happy with a story like this, makes me happy.

Till the End
by Remy Marie
March 28, 2023
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Interracial Romance
Zombies, cults, and a desperate search for a cure...two friends must test the limits of their relationship in this action-packed apocalyptic romance where secrets are the key to survival.

The US government has been keeping a secret…

During the Vietnam War, they created zombies, and if the undead ever escaped, they created a backup plan.

Code Z.

A last-ditch contingency for if their ill-advised creation should ever cause an outbreak.

Unfortunately, the day has come for that plan to be enacted.
Navy SEALs Malcolm White and Zack Morris are on a mission to rescue the Governor of Virginia from the spreading zombie invasion when they learn that Malcolm’s friend Anne Yamaguchi, and Zack’s wife Kelsey, are stuck in a mall in the midst of a zombie attack.

Abandoning the mission, Malcolm and Zack rush to save them and bring them to the safety of the Little Creek Naval Base. However, they discover that only those who are married to a member of the military are allowed to find sanctuary on the base. That is when a plan is devised, Anne and Malcolm pretend to be married, to protect her from the worst of the plague.

Soon Anne and Malcolm discover this plan creates more problems than it solves. Not only will the couple find themselves struggling to uphold the ruse, while also evading zombies and vengeful demonic cults, they will find that living a lie changes their growing feelings for each other. Feelings that could have the potential to ruin their friendship forever.
This fast-paced apocalyptic romance will leave you turning pages late into the night as stakes rise and friendships are tested. Will a cure be found? Or will the world fall to a monster of its own making?

TW: This book contains mature scenes, gore, sexual assault, and elements of horror

“A modern-day Zombie novel is only the beginning of this unique take on an old favorite. Following the characters as they try to survive, not only against the undead but against man's brutality. I enjoyed this story from start to finish and was rooting for the characters throughout. Some heart-stopping moments, which meant I struggled to put the book down.”

They both ran to the nearest exit. As they ran, Kelsey pushed open the door to the stairwell and was shocked as there was a man in front of her. His mouth was covered in blood, and his stomach was open, with his guts dripping on the floor.

“What the fuck…” Kelsey exclaimed, and before she could say anything else the man was on top of her, attempting to chomp at her. Kelsey evaded his bites, screaming as she held his face away. Struggling, the man inched closer and closer to her neck until Anne pulled the man off her.

“Get off her!” Anne screamed, shoving the man away.

He growled as he was tossed aside, falling down the stairwell.

“Are you okay?” Anne asked, assisting Kelsey to her feet.

“I’m fine. Thanks for saving my ass. I owe you one. What was up with that man? He was obsessed with trying to take a bite out of me.“

“Call me crazy but I think that was a zombie.”

“A zombie? Those don’t exist, right? I mean that stuff is all fiction.”

“Then explain to me why that fucker with no guts was trying to take a bite out of you. Or what about those bodies in the mall. They all had bite marks like they’ve been eaten. Either they’re crazy cannibals attacking the mall or these are zombies. Take your pick.”

Kelsey didn’t need to reply as her answer was solved for her. There was another loud groan, and the man that attacked her stood off the ground. His leg was clearly broken as he paid little attention to the crooked appendage. He crawled up the stairs attempting to get to the women.

“Well…fuck me. I guess he’s a zombie. No normal man would be able to shrug off an injury like that.” Kelsey observed.

“So we solved that question. The next question is how. Like you said, zombies don’t exist.”

“While I would love to have this debate with you, we need to get to my car.” Kelsey said, backing up.

Anne followed her climbing up another row of stairs as the zombie crawled after them. They reached the top level and watched as the zombie continued to follow them up the stairwell.

“Well, I got bad news for you. Your car is parked on a level below Mr. Zombie. We got two options. We go back through the mall, dealing with the carnage out there…”

“I’m not going back out there,” Kelsey dismissed.

“Or we go through Mr. Zombie.”

“I’ll take door number two,” Kelsey mocked.

“Good, I was thinking the same thing. We can take him.”

“But how?”

“Well, if he is a zombie it’s safe to assume that a head shot could take him out.”

“How are we going to do that? We don’t have any weapons.”

“What does Master Sato always say? We are the weapon, the swords we use are only tools. We know hand to hand combat. If we can get the zombie closer, we can kick its ass.”

“The last thing I want is to have that thing be closer to me.” Kelsey replied, disgusted out by the grotesque figure.

“Focus. Breathe. We got this,” Anne commanded, as she stood in a fighting pose.

“You’re right. We got this. Remember to go for the head.”

“Took the words right out of my mouth.”

The man approached the duo at the top of the stairs and Anne let out a loud yell, as she struck first. She swept the leg, undercutting the zombie to fall on the ground. In a split second, Kelsey followed with a high leg kick, burying her heel through the skull.

“Ugh, I think I’m going to be sick.” Kelsey gagged and held her mouth as her shoe was covered with brain matter.

“Don’t say it.” Anne coughed and then looked at the downed man. “Well, at least our theory is correct. Zombies are confirmed. Head shots are confirmed too.”

“Yeah, let’s get out of here.”

Anne nodded and the two ran down the stairs towards the parking garage. There were multiple people running and attempting to drive out of the parking deck. Zombies attacked random strangers, as they begged for their own lives. It was violent, brutal, and horrifying.

As Kelsey ran, she spotted a young girl crying for her mother, that laid dead beside her. Kelsey paused and stared at the young girl.

Anne stopped, her eyes opened wide as she looked at her best friend.

“Kelsey, what are you doing? We need to get to the car.”

“We can’t leave that little girl. Her mother, she’s dead.”

“We’re going to be dead if we don’t move. Come on!” Anne commanded as she grabbed her friend’s hand. Before she could pull her away, the young girl shrieked as her mother had awakened. However, her eyes weren’t filled with life. Instead they were black and soulless like the rest of the undead.

“Kes! Let’s go!” Anne yelled.

“No, we have to save her.” Kelsey took a step towards the little girl, but by then it was too late as the mother stood up and ripped into her daughter, biting off large chunks of flesh. The child’s wails echoed in Kelsey’s ears as she stood frozen in fear. As the mother dug into the kid, she looked up from the child’s corpse, blood dripping from her mouth, and stared into Kelsey’s blue eyes. She stood up from the child and began her charge towards Anne and Kelsey.

About the Author

Remy Marie is a romance author who loves to write about charming heroes and brave heroines. While writing never came naturally for Remy, he continued to strengthen his craft, by constantly reading and writing. If he is not writing or reading, he is usually watching TV with his supportive wife, aggressively cheering for his college and professional sports teams, playing video games, or crunching numbers at his daytime job.

$10 Amazon giftcard – 1 winner, WW,
Signed paperback of Till the End – 5 winners, US only
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!
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Friday, March 24, 2023

Excerpt: The Shifted Series Book One by Roxanna Mason

The Shifted Series Book One
by Roxanna Mason
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 979-8-218-12243-0
Number of pages: 516
Word Count: 109,379
Cover Artist: Benjamin Richard
Jacey Lange has everything she has ever wanted. She is newly engaged, and her menswear line is one of the fastest-growing in the country. Beautiful, successful, and deeply in love, Jacey feels like she's on top of the world.

That is, until she catches her fiance in bed with her assistant.

Everything around her comes crashing down.

Thankfully, her best friend, Leon, welcomes her back to her old apartment with open arms. The people in Jacey’s life watch for months as she wallows in her misery, until Leon hatches a plan: if Jacey agrees to get herself back out there and promises to go out with the next five guys that ask her, no matter who they are, then not only will he give her the master bedroom in the apartment, but both Leon and Jacey’s sister, Elise, will agree to stop meddling in her love life.

In rapid succession, Jacey finds herself falling for five completely different men. Yet despite all their differences, there is something oddly familiar about each one. When she finds out why, it won't just change the way she feels about love, it will make her question everything she once thought was real.

I didn't know what Owen had in mind, but it was already obvious to me that I would go anywhere this man was leading. He kept his hand in mine as he guided me through the crowded bar and toward the pool tables. Thankfully, because the band was still playing, the back of the bar was far less populated.

"Is playing pool normally part of a first date with you, or are you just trying to get me alone?" I teased.

Owen took a step towards me, pinning me between him and the pool table.

"Both," he said with a smile on his face that I could only describe as wicked.

I tilted my head to the side as I looked up at him. "Let's make it interesting, then."


I took a step to the side, sliding out from between him and the ancient wooden table. I grabbed a pool cue off of the rack and tossed it to him before grabbing a decidedly smaller one for myself. "We're going to need more shots," I said to him.

A smile crept over his dark features. "My kind of girl..." he murmured as he lowered his head towards mine.

"Nope, if you want to kiss me, you better plan on winning."

Owen shook his head and left me at the table while I started to rack the balls. A few minutes later, he returned with four shots; two of whiskey, two of tequila. I took one of the shot glasses filled with dark brown liquor straight out of his hand and threw it back. I winced as the alcohol made my throat close in on itself. The truth was, I might have been putting on a show. I enjoyed the way I felt around Owen, but I didn't know if I was as wild as I wanted him to believe.

"So what are the stakes here?" he asked me as he set the remaining shots on a nearby hightop.

"If you win, you get to take me home..." I said in a voice I barely recognized as my own. It was breathy and seductive. Those two shots apparently went to my head faster than I thought.

"And if you win?" Owen asked with a raised brow.

"If I win, I get a second date."

"Who said we can't do both?" he said with a chuckle.

I rolled my eyes. I didn't have this whole impulsive, whiskey-drinking, short skirt-wearing Jacey completely figured out yet.

Owen took a step towards me. He reached for my hips and pulled me toward him. "What do you really want?"

I could feel my pulse banging in my ears, and the loud, crowded bar faded into the background. He reached around my head, threading his fingers into my hair and tugging me towards him. I leaned forward, expecting him to kiss me, but his mouth hovered over mine.

"What do you want?" he asked again.

"You," I said, my voice caught in my throat.

"What was that?" he asked teasingly. His deep voice, vibrating through me.

"I want you."

Finally, he brought his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. Kissing Owen wasn't new to me; we couldn't stop kissing the night he drove me over the Brooklyn Bridge. But this was something else. I wasn't sure I even knew my own name anymore.

"When I take you home, it's going to be because you're begging me to...not because I won at pool."

About the Author:

Website-Instagram-Tiktok Roxanna Mason is a debut paranormal romance author and formally trained actor from Los Angeles, California. It was her deep love of storytelling that led her to study theatre and that same love of storytelling that drove her to write her first novel. When not writing, Roxanna is binge watching horror films, creating vegan recipes, and dancing around her living room to Fleetwood Mac.

Shifted is a contemporary, paranormal, shapeshifter romance where the protagonist finds herself dating 5 different men over a year only to find they may not actually be 6 different men.
#paranormalromance #shifterromance #contemporaryromance #romancenovels #romancebooks #supernaturalromance

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Graphic Novel Review: Scurry - A post-apocalyptic mouse tale by Mac Smith from Skybound Comet

by Mac Smith (Author, Artist)
February 21, 2023
328 pages
Genre: action-adventure, graphic novel, animals, middle school
Publisher: Skybound Comet
A group of house mice struggle to survive a long and strange winter. The humans are gone, the sun is rarely seen, and a cold, dark rain befouls everything it touches.

The mice, long dependent on humans for food, stubbornly cling to their old ways, looting the nearby abandoned houses for any scraps they can find. Once, there was plenty to eat, but now the scavengers return empty-handed, or not at all.

Food is scarce, but danger is everywhere. Poison and traps wait for the unwary in dark cupboards, and a gang of feral cats relentlessly chase the mice whenever the rodents leave the safety of their nest. Now there are even rumors a hawk has come to join the hunt.

As supplies run low and many mice fall ill, desperation creeps in. With the colony at a breaking point, rumors of a wrecked truck filled with food give them hope, but it lies far beyond the forest, where even the cats won’t go.

Included in Scurry, is a two-page READER'S GUIDE. The full TEACHER'S GUIDE can be found on

I was blown away by Scurry! It's a visual feast from the cover to the last page. After reading comics for any amount of time you learn that the cover can be an amazing illustration but the actual comic is more simplistic. But every page--every panel--is an illustration in Scurry. Absolutely beautiful.

Scurry is as a middle-grade trilogy fantasy adventure webcomic by Mac Smith. It took him five years to complete. You can check out his website (an experience of its own)! And read the tale of Wix and his mouse colony. It is also on the webcomic platform Tapas for free. And now you can buy all three parts in one collection from Skybound Comet (a new graphic novel imprint from Image Comics aimed at young adults and middle-grade audiences.)
Three original volumes

Scurry is a dark epic fantasy adventure about a colony of mice. It follows the classic epic fantasy tropes. A richly told tale of betrayals, loyal friends, battles for their lives, and a little mystical help in the form of three foxes called the Witches. It is never stated why the humans are gone but the clues are there.
This story can be enjoyed by all ages...but be careful with kids under six...some of the images and situation could be scary. You can read it for free, but you will want to own copy to share the reading experience with your kids or classroom (there is a teachers guide on his website)...or just to admire.

5 "Don't go there!" Sheep

About the Author:
Spawned from the radioactive swamps of the American South, the hideous beast known as Mac Smith has lumbered west across the desert wastes and north through the desolate mountains to lair in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. His only weapons are confidence born out of ignorance and militant contrarianism.

He enjoys bad movies, playing with his extremely dumb dog and drawing muppets.

It is said that he has beautiful feet for a man.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Book Review: Lone Women By Victor LaSalle

Lone Women
By Victor LaSalle
March 21, 2023
Publisher: One World
ISBN: 9780525512080
Blue skies, empty land—and enough room to hide away a horrifying secret. Or is there? Discover a haunting new vision of the American West from the award-winning author of The Changeling.

Adelaide Henry carries an enormous steamer trunk with her wherever she goes. It’s locked at all times. Because when the trunk is opened, people around her start to disappear...

The year is 1915, and Adelaide is in trouble. Her secret sin killed her parents, and forced her to flee her hometown of Redondo, California, in a hellfire rush, ready to make her way to Montana as a homesteader. Dragging the trunk with her at every stop, she will be one of the "lone women" taking advantage of the government's offer of free land for those who can cultivate it—except that Adelaide isn't alone. And the secret she's tried so desperately to lock away might be the only thing keeping her alive.

Told in Victor LaValle's signature style, blending historical fiction, shimmering prose, and inventive horror, Lone Women is the gripping story of a woman desperate to bury her past—and a portrait of early twentieth-century America like you've never seen.

Adelaide Henry is a Black woman who escapes after her parents’ murders, taking an enormous steamer trunk with her to Washington. She ends up in Montana after taking advantage of some free land with a cabin, sight unseen. Funny thing, she is not alone and has a big secret and the reason why she fled after her parents were killed.

This historical horror tells about wide-open space when the West was still being settled where one could hide a horrifying secret. A secret that maybe too monstrous. If you love historical horror, this book hits all the dark spots. And yet, lovers of American history fiction will love it too.

I gave Lone Women 4 1/2 sheep

Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

About the Author:
Victor LaValle is the author of a short-story collection, Slapboxing with Jesus, four novels, The Ecstatic, Big Machine, The Devil in Silver & The Changeling, and two novellas, Lucretia and the Kroons and The Ballad of Black Tom.

His most recent novel, THE CHANGELING, is an old school fairy tale. It's made to keep you up at night. It's meant to make you scared.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Double Book Review: Smolder (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 29) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Smolder (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 29)
by Laurell K. Hamilton
March 21, 2023
Vampire hunter Anita Blake is no stranger to killing monsters. It's part of her job as a Preternatural U.S. Marshal, after all. But even her experience isn't enough to stop something that is bent on destroying everything—and everyone—she loves.

Anita Blake is engaged to Jean-Claude, the new vampire king of America. Humans think she's gone over to the side of the monsters. The vampires fear that their new king has fallen under the spell of the most powerful necromancer in a thousand years.

In the midst of wedding preparations—including getting Edward, aka U.S. Marshal Ted Forrester, fitted as best man—Anita gets a call that the local police need her expertise at a brutal murder scene linked to a nationwide slaughter of vampires and humans, dubbed the Sunshine Murders.

But there is more than just a murderer to catch: an ancient evil has arrived in St. Louis to challenge Jean-Claude for his crown, his life, Anita, and all they hold dear. Even with Jean-Claude's new powers as king and Anita's necromancy, it isn't enough; they must embrace their triumvirate or allow primeval darkness to spread across the country, possessing first the vampires and then the humans. Evil will triumph unless Jean-Claude and Anita can prove that love conquers all.


Denise B
Getting 5 sheep
Anita is preparing for her wedding to Jean-Claude while trying to balance her work and love life as well. The humans of the world believe she has gone over to the other side with the monsters while the vampires worry that their new king is under her spell as the most powerful necromancer in a thousand years.

Anita receives a call to assist the local police with the Sunshine Murders and even though she doesn’t want to leave Ted, Peter, or any of her bridal party alone, she does what she does best and goes to work. Things start going sideways at the murder scene and only seem to get worse as the night goes on.

I struggled with rating this book between a 4 and a 5. I loved the story, but I did not like that the story did not get resolved and that is the only reason I considered the 4. Hamilton is a master writer that gives you more than you even realize and makes you think about some of the underlying themes of the story as you read it.

Mary Kirkland
I give this book 3 out of 5 sheep.

Anita and Jean-Claude are finally getting married...or are they?

Anita is preparing to marry the new vampire King of America, when a new, very old vampire comes to claim Jean-Claude's place as king. They find that this new nemesis is very powerful and have trouble fighting him when he first appears. Only Richard's appearance back in their lives helps strengthen their hold so they can best him.

So not only does Anita need to worry about wedding plans, her family who hates vampires wanting to come to the ceremony, but now a new vampire threat, Richard coming back and Asher coming back with a new problem named Kane, as well. It was nice to see Richard and Asher back, though.

When Anita is called to a murder scene, things start to go wrong because the government is working on a way to control vampires, but it totally works the opposite way from what they wanted. Anita is mad, and rightly so.

I was waiting for a storyline that I'm used to with lots of action and ended up with lots of therapy talk and talking about problems. I can kind of understand that since Asher and Richard are back and they needed to show Anita, Jean-Claude and the rest of the poly group that they have or are trying to work through their problems in order to come back to the group for good. But this felt more like a book setting up the next book, so there aren't these emotional messes to deal with. I just hope the next book is high on action and has less talking about the emotional problems they have.

Although they figured out who the big bad was in this book, they didn't take him down. They figured out how to fight him and plan to do just that, but it doesn't happen in this book. This was more a setup for that to happen in the next book. This book dealt more with the jealousy, emotional baggage, and problems they have being a poly group with so many people in Anita's life. Some of the issues are being resolved, but not all and Asher's big problem, Kane, is still a big problem he can't control. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with that.

I will say that there are a lot of characters in this series and a lot of them are in this book so I would say not to start with this book if you want it to make sense. I would definitely start this series with the first book and work your way through since there seem to be new characters popping up in each new book and old characters coming back from previous books.

About the Author:
Laurell K. Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series. She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics. Hamilton is a full-time writer and lives in the suburbs of St. Louis with her family.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Excerpt: Smoke (The Ardelean Bloodlines) by Sarah Jaeger

Smoke (The Ardelean Bloodlines)
by Sarah Jaeger
March 23rd, 2023
Genre: Shifter Romance/ Paranormal Romance
Apparently ignoring my parents’ politics wasn’t the right move. Shifters were outed to the public, and months later, I’m still unsure what the big deal is about.

Now my life is in danger and the only one who can protect me is the true king of the wolves.

Cade is nothing like what my mom and the press show shifters to be. He’s thoughtful, reserved… and have you seen his butt in those jeans?

Having abdicated the throne, I’ve vowed to stay out of shifter politics.

Now, my sole responsibility, for the next six weeks, is to make sure no idiots can completely derail the deal I’ve cut with the one woman holding all the cards.

The problem is… the threats against Thalia Clark are nothing compared to the danger of my wolf, now that he’s claimed this human as his.

I’ll kill to protect my mate, but is keeping up my end of the deal enough to save her?

Smoke is the first book in the Ardelean Bloodline series. While this story does contain an HEA for Cade and Thalia, there is an ongoing plot connecting each book in the series. Each book will need to be read in order. There are open door, explicit scenes as well as colorful language not intended for young readers.
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What is she thinking about? Is it what we talked about with Ansel or something more? I step closer, testing her guarded nature. “Country life is dull. I don’t exactly work here, which means I’m pretty much stuck to whatever chores Ansel’s left around the house, and you’re left to whatever sanity-keeping activities you can find. I guess if you’re feeling adventurous . . .” I shrug. “Have you ever been to Arches?”

“No, I’ve heard it’s beautiful, but this is my first time in Utah.”

Thalia’s eyes light up, and I know the answer.

“Would you like to go today?” I ask slowly.

Thalia starts nodding. I smile, seeing her excitement. “Ansel’s right, it’s been too long since I’ve given The Leviathan a little bit of time to run. Plus, I think it would be beneficial for you to meet a wolf, in a positive environment, with someone who’s in control before someone else can further taint the experience. I know Sherman was a little upsetting for you. I can ask Ansel or Ezra, but their wolves are pretty scary looking if you’re not used to looking at wolves.” I pause and give her a smirk licking my bottom lip before sighing. “They’re also not really fucking fluffy.”

“Did you just ask me to take your wolf on a walk?” she returns with a sly smile, raising an eyebrow.

Her comment catches me off guard, and my face heats. There are so many different ways I could answer. But she started it. Thalia was comfortable enough with me to crack a joke. I shrug and release my bottom lip from between my teeth.

Tell our mate. The Leviathan encourages with the image of a ceremonial collar wrapping around Thalia’s neck. I feel him brush and know my eyes just went gold.

My version is dirtier. “Not quite. I’m not following any of the leash laws. And if anyone will be doing any collaring, it’ll be me clasping one around your neck. If there’s going to be any tying, it’ll be you to the bed, while I show you all the ways I can make you scream my name.”

A chill rips through Thalia’s body, and she shudders, her whole body standing taller. I step into her personal space. Thalia wobbles, looking up at me. I watch her wet her bottom lip with her tongue. Drawing a deep breath, I catch the scent of her arousal.

The Leviathan paces. Give mate wolf, we run together.

“Easy, Draga Mea.” I kiss her forehead. When I step back, I see her trying to figure out the cute nickname The Leviathan’s given her. Only having the briefest memory of Romanian spoken in the home growing up, even I had to look it up. My Darling. I could tell her, but I’m not sure she’s ready.

A backpack, snacks, water, and a trip to the restroom later, I walk Thalia out of the house and to the garage. The classic pickup truck Ansel loves so much is right where it always is. Thalia seems impressed when the old Ford roars to life. I just smile. Ansel’s love for this truck runs deep, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t turn over.

We’re somewhere farther onto Ansel’s property and close to the border with the national park. It’s a gamble that we may come across someone. It’s not common for tourists to make it out this far, but we’ll have to be in the national park to see some cool rock formations. It’s selfish and maybe a bit cocky to risk bringing her into public like this, but I want her to have a positive experience. I know The Leviathan is set on wanting to give her a wolf, but not so badly that he would sabotage all the progress we’re making in having her accept wolves and what this life looks like.

We find Ansel’s secret entrance to Arches National Park. It’s denoted by an old wooden trunk tucked off the side of the gravel trail behind some scrub brush.

Putting the old Ford in park, I turn in my seat to look at her. “Two rules.”

Thalia’s eyes go wide, and there’s the smallest hint of fear.

“Okay . . .” She draws out the last syllable.

“Don’t run. The Leviathan will chase. I’m worried he’ll push you down and you’ll get hurt. Humans are breakable compared to wolves, and even a friendly little shove could hurt you,” I caution.

Thalia nods. “The second one?”

“Breathe.” I lock eyes with her. “Enjoy this and know I’m here.”

About the Author

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Apparently, to be an author one must have a bio. Well, I'm human despite the fact that I wish to be a shifter. I have an issue with the way some words are shaped. And that means sometimes, they must be spelled incorrectly to be right. This is something I'm passionate about. So, we'll get along fine! Oh, yeah: Midwest USA, married, all fur babies.

​The Ardelean Bloodline is Sarah Jaeger’s debut series

Twitter: @RRBookTours1 #RRBookTours #Smoke

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Escaping the Dashia (The Paraxous Star Cluster) by Rebecca Inch-Partridge + giveaway

February 23, 2023
Y.A. Science Fantasy
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Discovering who you are can be dangerous - even deadly.

Twyla's been living in hiding on Earth, hoping to leave her past behind. But when her mother, Madam Cassiopeia DeConnett finds her and kidnaps her back to the Paraxous Star Cluster, she expects her daughter to take her rightful place within the family business. The DeConnetts are Dashia- a group of genetically- engineered telepaths who use their powers to control some and ruin others. Their criminal organization is rich, powerful, and spans The Cluster.

When escape seems impossible, Twyla considers suicide. Then she meets Dovain, another prisoner, and their friendship blossoms into something more. Together, can they figure out how to free themselves? Can she trust herself enough to risk loving him? If she does, will that love save her, or lead to her destruction?

About the Author:

Rebecca Inch-Partridge is an author, editor, and avid science fiction fan who grew up imagining a more inclusive world. She grew up writing stories about The Bionic Woman meeting Captain Kirk. She is a frequent panelist at writers’ conferences and science fiction conventions. She received her bachelor’s degree from William Jessup University in Management and Ethics—which she swears is not an oxymoron. Rebecca lives in Auburn, California with her husband, their dog McKraken, two cats, four chickens, and one turkey. Discover more about Rebecca and her fictitious universe at 

@RABTBookTours #RABTBookTours #EscapingtheDashia #RebeccaInchPartridge #YASciFi 

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Movie Review: Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam! Fury of the Gods
March 16, 2023
Directed By: David F. Sandberg
Writing Credits: Henry Gayden (written by), Chris Morgan (written by), Bill Parker (Shazam created by), and C. C. Beck (Shazam created by).
Cast: Zachery Levi, Jack Dylan Grazer, Adam Brody, Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, Rachel Zegler, Asher Angel, Meagan Good, Djimon Hounsou, Ross Butler, D.J. Cotrona, Cooper Andrews, Marta Milans, Jovan Pena, Grace Caroline Currey, Faithe Herman, Ian Chen. Gia Gadot (Wonder Woman) makes an appearance too.
Music: Christophe Beck
Production Company: New Line Cinema, D.C. Entertainment, Warner Bros.
Running Time: 2 hours, 16 minutes
Genre: Comic book hero, fantasy.
Film Website-FB -Instagram-Twitter
The film continues the story of teenage Billy Batson who, upon reciting the magic word "SHAZAM!" is transformed into his adult Super Hero alter ego, Shazam.

Billy Batson (Captain Marvel—as that is his name in the comics in 1941 and one point, a person in street calls him that!) and his fellow Shazam heroes and family don’t know it, by three goddesses are after them, angry that the god power their father, Atlas, had in a staff, was stolen and put in one mortal child from Earth by a wizard. They have the wizard in a prison, and have stolen the broken parts of the staff from Acropolis Museum, killing most of the guards and humans visiting in there, even making many into statues. In Philadelphia, Billy with his foster siblings save people on a collapsing bridge but are called out for the destruction. At home, everyone is drifting apart due to them growing older and having personal interests. Billy is worried about being kicked out of the Vasquez family after turning 18 and aging out of the foster system. In a dream, as Shazam, Billy is warned by the Wizard about the daughters of Atlas. Billy and his siblings then do research on the daughters.

The first movie was good. This one not so much, but then again, it is a comic book superhero movie. We have the actions of teens, even when they are "adult" superheroes. Billy is close to 18 years old and has to think about the future out of the foster program. Job or college. He must grow up sometime. And sometimes Billy tries to get his family together to do something about the Daughters of Atlas, but then goes back to being the immature teen. Until the ultimate battle (and I did love this.). 

If you are looking for Shakespeare and a serious movie, then look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a couple of hours of a popcorn movie, then this is it. Non-spoiler (I won’t talk about them, but stay until the end.) There are two clips, one right after the end of the film--before the credits--and one at the end of the credits.

I give Shazam! Fury of the Gods 3 1/2 superhero sheep.

Reviewed by Pamela K. Kinney

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Interview: Illustrator Bre Indigo (The Dog Knight graphic novel)

Welcome comic artist Bre Indigo. They share what they've learned in the comic industry and most pics!

Sharon: Do you have a favorite dog in The Dog Knight?
Bre: Oh, that’s hard. I would enjoy all their company for different moods. Keeping up with Terror would be great for a workout, and snuggling up with Loyalist, Dane, and Legal would be a wonderful end to a day. I could even imagine I’d have a good time binge-watching tv shows with Dowg. But… I have a soft spot in my heart for The Omnidog. They’re so mysterious and wise. I feel like I could learn a lot from them and their calm nature.

Sharon: What sold you on the idea of illustrating The Dog Knight?
Bre: It wasn’t a hard sell at all. Reading the script was elating and my imagination got carried away from the jump. I know this sounds so cheesy, but the idea of getting to illustrate their story felt in some way like reconnecting with my inner child. The story reminded me to be kinder to myself, to allow myself to feel more confident in my individuality, and to show more appreciation to those I love in my life. I’m such a sucker for kids’ stories. They remind me of the basics of what it means to be a human on this little planet. I’m so happy that The Dog Knight found me at the stage of my life that it did.

Sharon: What tools do you use when drawing?
Bre: I do all of my work digitally, either on a Cintiq or iPad. Some sketches might find my sketchbook, but they’re super rough.

Sharon: How did you and Jeremy end up working together?
Bre: My agent Brent Taylor brought the project up and I enthusiastically said yes, haha. His side of the story might be more interesting.
Sharon: At what point in your career did you find an agent and why?
: Brent approached me shortly after my work with Rey Terciero ended on Meg Jo Beth and Amy. I signed with Brent because doing all the job search work by myself was way too hard. With his help I don't have to break as much focus from the artwork, and I can be more productive.

Representation might not be for everyone, but his expertise is valuable to me. I'm so happy to have him in my corner and to create art he appreciates too :)

: Besides Frankie, what character was the most fun to draw?
Bre: You’re gonna hate me, but they’re all fun to draw, because I make it fun. My favorite thing to draw are expressions though. Frankie’s so unintentionally silly, and the bratty expressions on Dallas and Austin’s faces were fun to emulate while I drew them. I think Diane’s mom-expressions were my favorite though. I hope that the characters' individuality shone through with their expressions and body language. It’s something I hope to get a lot better at. That and drawing animals.

Oh, oh. The Shadow creatures were cool. I am really proud of their designs. They’re simple, but I think they’d probably make a background static noise in your head and warm the air around you because they’re, like, ripping through dimensions or something… yeah that was really cool to think about. I wish that I could convey those feelings more with my drawings… Maybe I’ll do even better when I get to draw them next ;)

Sharon: As part of the queer community, were you able to offer insight into Frankie’s experiences?
Bre: I jumped in when the script was already completed, so not too much. I only found one or two moments where my critique was even necessary and Jeremy adopted them immediately.

: Chapter 9: The Trial of Smell was my favorite (Chapter 8 Trial of Justice was a close second!) I loved the outfits Frankie tried on, looking for their style. Do you have a favorite chapter? And Why?
Bre: Ahh, thank you! Deciding which outfits Frankie would wear was soooo hard. But I put together a little Pinterest closet for them and figured it out. I still struggle with outfit issues myself at 29, haha.

As for my favorite… gosh this is hard, and I don't wanna be too spoilery.

But in Chapter 3, when it all starts, and Frankie is thrown into the deep end even though they don’t know if they want to be or deserves to be The Dog Knight. I could relate to the imposter syndrome Frankie might have felt there. I know that kind of sounds dark as an answer, but sometimes heroes have to be put on the spot to learn their self-worth!

: How do you deal with imposter syndrome…pull yourself out of it?
Bre: It might be different for others, but working on my confidence by practicing healthier self-talk was a big foundational change. I'm learning to appreciate and treat myself how I treat others. It also helped me to take a step back and acknowledge that I'm doing my personal best, that I need to stop taking everything so seriously, and to give myself credit when I achieve a goal.

In the end, nothing is 100% earned or 100% chance, so if something great lands in your lap, you don't run away from it. You positioned yourself in life for those things to come your way. So, handle it the best way you can and know that even if you fumble it, it's not the end of the world...

Well... In Frankie's case, it might have been, haha! But that's why it's also good not to tackle huge things alone. Frankie has a great community and support group, which makes it a lot easier to learn these lessons. Asking for help isn't a weakness.

: What kind of music does Frankie like to listen to?
Bre: Being a drummer with a smart and creative mom like Diane, I’m sure Frankie has very diverse listening tastes. But they’d probably like something with fun lyrics, creative beats to finger drum to, and bonus if the bass makes their brain tickle.

Sharon: What kind of music do you listen to?
Bre: I listen to everything. You put it on, I’ll give it a chance. My mom and dad raised me on stuff like Elton John, Def Leppard, Madonna, Prince, Tupac, TLC, and Missy Elliott. My grandparents introduced me to Barry white, Donna Summers, Bob Seger, and Genesis. When I was a teenager, friends introduced me to Asian Kung Fu Generation, STRFKR, Daft Punk, Radiohead, Cibo Matto, SOAD and Death Cab for Cutie. Then I ventured into Tierra Whack, M83, Brockhampton, and Tame Impala in the last few years... Only to name a few. Sharing music is like a love language to me. I only wish I had the time to deep dive into every genre all over the world.

Sharon: How long have you been making comics? 
Bre: I’ve been drawing comics since I was around 19. But I’ve been drawing generally since I was about the age of 6. I started to take it seriously as a way to make money around the age of 16 and began doing character illustration commissions for people on deviantART and Tumblr. I originally wanted to get into animation but didn't have the direction and education to get into that industry. I started my first comic, Jamie, for fun in my last year of college and then it just kind of became a passion. I’m glad that things turned out this way. My art style has changed so much over the years. Here is a snippet of the first version of Jamie, maybe from around 2017?
2023 Jamie

Sharon: What other projects are you working on?
Bre: I’ve got a million and one projects going on in my head, but my priority outside of contractual work is my free webcomic Jamie. I want to finish it and wrap up that part of my own growth and development to move on to stories that are challenging in different ways.

I have a soft sci-fi in mind that follows 3 aliens that are outsiders in their respective worlds and they find support and comfort together on their little ship by sharing their cultural, social, and physical differences. I wanna balance a cute colorful style with heavy themes surrounding the idea of understanding one's place in the vastness that is the universe. I have drawn inspiration from the anime Kaiba, and the movie 5th Element, as well as the series Star Trek, specifically Deep Space Nine.

Another story follows two young men from drastically different backgrounds, who think they want dramatically different things out of life, and who find themself in the same correctional facility in the middle of nowhere. With everything and everyone around them a threat, can they find commonality, tenderness, healing, and belonging with one another? This isn't going to be wildly original, but telling the story will do something for me. It'll be more mature than other stuff you might have seen from me.

There’s also a fantasy I’d like to start following a prince, a magician, an actual wizard, and an alternate dimension. The concept is just vibes and character designs right now.

Other graphic novels illustrated by Bre

Sharon: A prince, a magician, and a wizard walk into a bar in an alternate dimension…lol, sorry, I had to say it.
Bre: It was the perfect setup. I don't blame you haha.

But yeah...if anyone wants to make sure they happen I got a Patreon you can support. I got… uh, stickers and postcards ;) haha.
Sharon: Patreon is a fabulous way to support your favorite creators.

Sharon: Pros and cons of collaborating on a comic vs. doing one by yourself (like with Jamie).
Bre: It’s not efficient, but I have been writing Jamie as I go for a while. So, getting a completed script with a goal in mind from the jump was so liberating! I just got to go wild with my imagination and everything is really linear when working with a writer. There had to be something about getting a fresh idea in my hands for the first time in a while that helped too. Not to mention the flexibility that I had with the art and the excitement to show Jeremy what I did with his story really motivated me.

While every project has its own unique challenges, that’s just a part of life. I think it’s been great for me to work with a team because it has taught me to trust and adjust, prioritize and appreciate. Besides, it does feel great to have a finished book in hand after 3 years while I’m still looking at another 5 years for my independent project. Don't cry for me :’)

Sharon: What was the best decision you made in regard to making comics?
Bre: That I started, took myself seriously, and urged myself out of my comfort zone whenever possible.

Sharon: For any aspiring artists out there, what is something you wish someone had warned you about in the webcomic business?
Bre: Well, some of this might be obvious to others, but for me, a few of these things took a lot for me to finally get.

📌On the creative side
👉One thing I really felt unprepared for was nasty or rude comments. It’s good to have a strong sense of self-worth before drawing attention to your art on the internet. I had to remember that some people never grow out of being bullies. I think most people are better at taking that stuff in stride than me, but for those that have a hard time, try to trust yourself a bit more. You’re not going to please everyone, so make sure you’re enjoying yourself while you create.

📌Regarding business
👉If you want to make money with your comic, there are a lot more ways to make money off your comics online without signing away your IP nowadays, so don’t go signing the first contract that comes your way without really thinking about it and what your goals are. If you can, get representation, and if you can’t but want to move forward, ask a lot of questions and do research. Make sure you understand what you’re signing. Every moment is a learning opportunity but that doesn't mean you have to stumble.

👉Another thing is you should mirror your comics on multiple websites/apps if you’re not under contract. Sometimes readers are willing to migrate to follow your story, but a lot like to get cozy on their favorite website or app and very little will encourage them to transfer to another, and that's perfectly fine. But if you want your stories read by more people and you want to try to make this a sustainable hobby or career, you’ll have to diversify when you’re able to.

👉Do not be afraid to say no and draw boundaries in what you’ll do for work. Other opportunities will show up if you keep at doing what you love.

👉Invest time and energy into your relationships with other artists.

👉I guess last, stretch. Seriously. Do some sort of daily movement if you can. Don’t take your body for granted. Don’t work through hand and wrist pain, take a break. Drink water, and get some fresh air. I used to be stubborn, but you’re actually more productive at art when you’re feeling good anyway! So win-win <3

Sharon: Do you have any pets? Can we see a pic?
Bre: We have two cats, one is a calico named Riley (6 years), and the other is a Russian blue named Griselda aka Zelda (3 years). They’re my daughters and I would die for them.

Sharon: Do you have a favorite celestial body/wonder?
Bre: Impossible!! Space is literally mind-blowing!! When we look into space, we’re staring at creation itself. Just thinking about all that we don’t know makes me terrified and thrilled. I wish I could fly through a nebula or see a black hole with the glow of another star behind it, or witness a pulsar spinning unimaginably fast. I wish I could touch Neptune’s atmosphere and soar over Saturn’s rings. I wanna see a star go supernova!! …Obviously, that would all kill me, but it would be cool. I haven’t even had a chance to see the full, raw night sky from Earth’s surface without light pollution. I gotta get out to the desert sometime. If I wasn’t so poor at math and prone to daydreaming, I would have loved to have gone into Astronomy.

The Dog Knight (The Dog Knight, 1)
by Jeremy Whitley (Author), Bre Indigo (Illustrator), Melissa Capriglione (colorist)
May 16, 2023
Genre: graphic novel, middle-grade, fantasy, superhero, Children's Animal Comics , Children's Fantasy Comics, comics
Publisher: Macmillian
A nonbinary middle schooler saves a dog from bullies and is offered the chance to become the Dog Knight, protector of a magical pact between humans and dogs, in the first book of this humorous and heartwarming middle-grade graphic novel series from Jeremy Whitely, author of Princeless, and Bre Indigo, illustrator of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy: A Graphic Novel.

Frankie knows who they are. They’re a drummer, they’re nonbinary, and they’re… the Dog Knight?

One day Frankie is a relatively normal middle schooler, with relatively normal challenges, like finding the perfect outfit to wear during their drum solo during the upcoming band concert. The next, they save a friendly golden retriever from bullies and suddenly find themselves in a giant magical doghouse, with a funny looking helmet, talking to a group of dog superheroes called the Pawtheon about a job offer.

If Frankie can prove that they possess the six dog virtues of loyalty, kindness, honesty, justice, stubbornness, and smell, they will be named the Dog Knight and be given the power to fight alongside the Pawtheon and save the world from the forces of chaos.

Maybe there is more to Frankie than they thought?

Bre Indigo
An illustrator of the graphic novel Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy and the online web-comic Jamie, is a black, queer, freelance artist and illustrator based in Orange County, California.