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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Book Review: Priest of Skulls (Tarot Witches: The Raven Knights Saga Book 2) By: SM Reine

Priest of Skulls (Tarot Witches: The Raven Knights Saga Book 2)
by SM Reine
July 31, 2019
Pages: 187
Allene Whelan is trapped in the True Kingdom, held captive by their cruel leader Macsen. It’s her job as the newest Raven Knight to assassinate him by any means necessary. As a sylph whose greatest weapon is her body, that means seducing him…all the way to the grave.

But the closer Allene gets to Macsen, the more she realizes he’s being played by a crueler enemy: Morgause, the manipulative sidhe he regards as mother. And Macsen doesn’t seem interested in hurting Allene. The closer they grow, the less she wants to kill him.

Trapped by passion in a shadowy labyrinth of lies, Allene forces Macsen to make a choice. Does the Priest of Skulls want to rule through death, or through love?

Morgause and Macsen left a trap behind when they disappeared from the stage which allowed them to kidnap Allene and hold her hostage in the True Kingdom. Allene isn’t concerned about her situation because as a Raven Knight her job is to assassinate Macsen however she can. Since Allene is a sylph she can use her body to seduce Mascen and accomplish her goal but as she gets closer to him, she finds that he isn’t bad but is being controlled and manipulated by Morgause who is supposed to be his mother.

Reine’s imagination keeps amazing me as she is able to start and continue growing her amazing book series. The Raven Knights Saga is hot and sexy with a touch of intrigue and trouble. Allene is a nobody character who is transformed into a very powerful one who can use sex to her advantage whether she is trying to or not. The mystery character is still Keane, who I hope in the upcoming books is explored more in-depth. Magic, mystery, love, sex and betrayal are just a little bit of what you can expect from this fantastic series.

Review: Knave of Blades (Tarot Witches: The Raven Knights Saga Book 1)

Getting 5 sheep

Denise B

About the Author:
Hi everyone! My name is Sara, and I'm the New York Times Bestselling Author of urban fantasy known as SM Reine. I collect swords, cat hair, and typewriters (which I do use for writing!). You can usually find me writing on my treadmill desk at 2am whilst listening to dubstep. Yes, dubstep.

If you would like to know the instant I have a new book available, you should enlist in my Army of Evil! I'll only email you when I have a new release, which is generally no more than once a month. I can't write any faster than that. :)

Book Review: The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1) by Abigail Owen + giveaway

The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1)
by Abigail Owen
July 30, 2019
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Kasia Amon is a master at hiding. Who—and what—she is makes her a mark for the entire supernatural world. Especially dragon shifters. To them, she’s treasure to be taken and claimed. A golden ticket to their highest throne. But she can’t stop bursting into flames, and there’s a sexy dragon shifter in town hunting for her…

As a rogue dragon, Brand Astarot has spent his life in the dark, shunned by his own kind, concealing his true identity. Only his dangerous reputation ensures his survival. Delivering a phoenix to the feared Blood King will bring him one step closer to the revenge he’s waited centuries to take. No way is he letting the feisty beauty get away.

But when Kasia sparks a white-hot need in him that’s impossible to ignore, Brand begins to form a new plan: claim her for himself…and take back his birthright.

Kasia is a phoenix, making her one of the most sought-after creatures in the world. All paranormal creatures seek to capture and exploit the good fortune a phoenix can bring. In an act of self-preservation, Kasia and her sisters have led reclusive lives. When a centuries-old vendetta threatens the phoenix sisters, Kasia is forced to put her faith in Brand, a dragon shifter mercenary hired to safely deliver her into the hands of the Blood King for a potential mating match. Brand, however, has his own secrets fuelling a vengeful agenda.

Rogue King was an engaging read from start to finish. This is a dynamic start to a series I cannot wait to explore. Owen’s characters are multi-faceted. Even the villains are granted a stint in the spotlight so readers can understand their motives and desires. The characterization is rich and has set the table for future installments. The politics of the dragon world is complicated and perilous. I’m hooked.

This is my first Abigail Owen read and I’m impressed. Owen’s work is on par with paranormal romance greats like Felicity Heaton and Christine Feehan. Her writing is sexy as hell. Owen’s plot and characters were more complex than typical paranormal romance fare, which is rare in this genre. I appreciate her creativity and shifting perspectives.

I eagerly anticipate future installments in this series

5 Sheep

Bianca Greenwood

The only warning she got that she was being followed was the flick of a shadow in the headlights. Before she could react, a massive golden dragon slammed down on the road in front of her about half a mile out. She almost expected the ground to shake with the force, but the act was near silent.


She gritted her teeth and tightened her hands on the wheel. Rather than stop, Kasia hit the gas, pushing the car to go faster. He wasn’t taking her without a fight, that was for damn sure.

The dragon’s deep golden scales glittered in the oncoming headlights. He didn’t budge. But he did growl, his tail slashing back and forth.

“Move, you scaly bastard,” she muttered.

But she didn’t let up on the pedal.

He lowered his head and let loose a growl of warning, which she responded to by stomping harder on the gas.

“Get out of the way!”

She had no intention of playing chicken. If he didn’t, she’d ram this car down his fire-breathing throat. The hell with it. She didn’t want to go back to that cabin in Alaska anyway. Maul would miss her, but he’d be the only one.

Only the dragon didn’t move. Okay then. Kasia braced for impact.

At the moment she should’ve slammed into him, the beast heaved himself into the air, and she zoomed past, fishtailing underneath him from the force of the wind his wings caused.

He must’ve backed up, because he landed on the road in front of her again.

“You want another go, you oversized flying iguana?” she shouted, and bore down on him.

And again, he hopped out of her way only to land in her path.

Damn. Kasia held in a scream of fear-tinged frustration. They could keep this up all night, getting them nowhere fast. He wasn’t going to let her go.

With a growl of aggravation, though not defeat, Kasia stomped on the brakes. The tires squealed in protest, and the unpleasant odor of burning rubber followed her as she skidded the car to a stop broadside of the dragon, only a few feet away. If she rolled down her window, she could reach out and touch him.

The terrifying creature moved around the car, his movements more of a glide, like golden water flowing around her. He lowered his head to gaze in at her with an eye the size of her entire thigh. He snorted, and smoke trailed from his nostrils as he glared at her.

Please let this be Brand, and not some other phoenix-stealing dragon shifter.

Kasia glared back but raised her hands off the steering wheel in a gesture of surrender.

About the Author:
Award-winning paranormal romance author, Abigail Owen, grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

No matter the genre, she loves to write witty, feisty heroines, sexy heroes who deserve them, and a cast of lovable characters to surround them (and maybe get their own stories). She currently resides in Austin, Texas, with her own personal hero, her husband, and their two children, who are growing up way too fast.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Sheep Movie Review: The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King (2019)
Jul 19, 2019
Directed By: Jon Favreau
Written By: Jeff Nathanson

Music by Hans Zimmer
Stars Danny Glover (grownup Simba), Beyoncé (grownup Nala), Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, John Oliver, John Kani, JD McCrary (young Simba), Shahadi Wright Joseph (young Nala), (There are more voice actors, but this are the main ones.)
Rating: PG (for sequences of violence and peril, and some thematic elements)
Genre: Action & AdventureAnimationDrama
Runtime: 110 minutes
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

From Disney Live Action, director Jon Favreau's all-new "The Lion King" journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub's arrival. Scar, Mufasa's brother-and former heir to the throne-has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba's exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his.

Yes, this is like the original animated film from 1994 (which my son and I saw back then). But as my husband pointed out to other people, he liked it more. The animals in this acted like animals should. They were computer CGI effects, but you wouldn’t know, except for a bit of the movement. And some scenes I bet were actual scenes maybe filmed in Africa whenever herds of antelope or zebra ran. But you cannot make animals act certain ways, especially wild ones, so I understand why CGI was used for this film. What made me happy is they used James Earl Jones to voice this Mufasa as he had for the 90s movie. Although his voice was not as deep as it was back then, then again, his Vader in Episode III was the same. I guess age gets us all. Still, I am glad they used him.

Whether taking your child to see or going yourself in memory of the animated film as a child, or even as an adult with a bit of child inside, this movie is worth seeing.

I give The Lion King (2019) 5 roaring sheep.

Pamela Kinney

Book Review: How to Wake an Undead City (The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy Book 6) By: Hailey Edwards

How to Wake an Undead City (The Beginner’s Guide to Necromancy Book 6)
by Hailey Edwards
May 28, 2019
Pages: 285
The Beginner's Guide to Necromancy, Book 6

Savannah has fallen to the vampires, and it’s up to Grier to take out their leader, Gaspard Lacroix, and restore peace. Lacroix might be more powerful and immune to her magic, but she’s got a plan. Too bad it’s got holes big enough for a new threat to waltz through while the city is on her knees.

Now Grier must risk her very soul if she hopes to slay her enemies and prevent her world from going up in flames. But salvation comes at a steep price, and she’s not the only one who will pay. The cost just might break her, and the man who owns her heart.

Savannah is at the mercy of Lacroix, an extremely powerful vampire and also her grandfather. Grier must find a way to defeat him and save her beloved city but to defeat him it may take more than she has to sacrifice.

This series is one of my absolute favorites of all time. I had a hard time reading this book because I knew it was the last one in the series. All the questions that need answering will finally come to light and there are more than a few surprises in that department. Edwards is a brilliant writer, who paints such a vivid image of her characters and stories that it’s hard to put down her books. The love and relationship that has developed between Grier and Linus is one to envy and her friendship with Lethe has a depth all its own.

Denise B
About the Author:
Hailey Edwards writes about questionable applications of otherwise perfectly good magic, the transformative power of love, the family you choose for yourself, and blowing stuff up. Not necessarily all at once. That could get messy. She lives in Alabama with her husband, their daughter, and a herd of dachshunds.

Monday, July 29, 2019

The Blood Knight Chronicles by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom + giveaway

The Blood Knight Chronicles is reborn with a new twist on legends. 
With best-selling author Linda Thomas-Sundstrom 

Hi there, Sheepters. Happy Monday to you all. So glad you could join me here for a look at this new paranormal series that has, like its immortal main characters, just been reborn to ebooks and print. 

This is a happy birthday celebration post for the first book release in a seven-book series titled The Blood Knight Chronicles. Take a peek at book 1… 

Before we meet this book’s hunky immortal main character, here’s the scoop on the series. 

The Blood Knight Chronicles (7 book series)
A long time ago, a group called the Seven was formed from seven of the best knights of the Round Table. These knights were offered immortality in order to protect a holy relic known as the Grail, which contains secretive powers best kept hidden from the masses. 

Seven immortal knights, protectors of the Grail, will live through time until we find them now, in the current century…. in this series. Called “Blood Knights” because of the way they became immortal. Not vampires, though they do possess not only fangs, but longings for the kind of justice no mortal men could conceive of. Undefeated in battle. Unearthly gorgeous. If not exactly righteous, something close, with the will to protect humankind from monsters that lurk in the shadows of a modern world.

One Blood Knight per book in this series. Seven books. 

First up: Lance VanBaaren. (You might recognize the name LANCE from legends surrounding the Round Table. Yep. He just might be that one).
by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
July 12, 2019
267 pages

Publisher: GothicScapes
When tough ex-cop Jesse Stewart finds him by accident while in Europe on a missing senator’s daughter case… and they meet face-to-face… both Lance and Jesse must reconcile the immediacy of their feelings of connection and either dig, tooth and nail, into a hidden past, or go down fighting for a just cause.

In the lead to this post, I used the term reborn. That’s because the first version of Golden Vampire was published by Harlequin’s Nocturne line in 2011. Now in the hands of GothicScapes, my author edition of this story sees the light. YAY !!! 

Reborn. Like Lance and his six Blood Knight brethren, to face a new time.

Posted here is the original 2011 cover from Nocturne (which looked nothing like Lance). The new GothicScapes cover above captures Lance much as I envisioned him.

Golden Vampire was translated into several languages and remains a great and inspiring first book in this series that continues this October with Immortal Obsession.
I hope this reworking of legendary characters spikes your interest, as it spiked mine. I’m writing the sixth book about them now, and fall in love with each and every one for their looks, strengths, sense of honor, and even their flaws. I mean, when they love, they love forever!
More of these knights can currently also be found in the Nocturne line: check out Immortal Redeemed (Galahad) and Angel Unleashed there.

Look for more from the GothicScapes label in the future on all retail sites, and a few spin-offs as well.

Got questions? Leave them here. And maybe you’ll want to enter the birthday gift giveaway of a signed print version of one of the books in this series. Immortal Redeemed – also a “top pick” from trusted review sites.

Happy reading!
Leave a comment you can.
Cheers for now~

About the Authors:
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom is the author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels and novellas, both dark and light, for HarperCollins/Harlequin Nocturne and GothicScapes, with more than 30 stories that trespass into the supernatural realm.

Linda is the author of contemporary, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy books for Kensington, Amazon Montlake, GothicScapes, Harlequin Nocturne, and Harlequin Desire. She currently has 30 stories that trespass into the supernatural realm, with ton of ideas for more.

A signed print copy of one of the other books in this series: Immortal Redeemed.

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Book Review: Sharkantula: Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula. (A B-Movie Novel Book 1) by Essel Pratt

Sharkantula: Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula. (A B-Movie Novel Book 1)
by Essel Pratt
October 24, 2018
219 pages
Publisher: Immortal Gaze Publications; 2 edition
Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula.

When a genetically modified tarantula finds itself loose in the Great White shark exhibit at Shark World, the feisty arachnid sinks its fangs into the main attraction. Without warning, the Great White mutates into Sharkantula and the opening day show turns deadly. The mutated shark/tarantula hybrid is hungry and ready to feast upon the flesh of those that don't run away fast enough to escape her webbing. Desperate to stop the carnage, a group of Shark World employees join forces with the tarantula's keeper in an effort to stop the devastation before Sharkantula can escape the confines of the aquatic theme park and spread her terror across the United States.

The book begins with scientist Dr. Fisher and his assistant are being threatened by the government not doing the experiments the government wanted, but trying to find a cure for cancer, using genetically changed spiders. 

One of those spiders escapes and ends up at the marine park, Shark World, where it bites a Great White shark. It is now a sharkrantula. The monster is insatiably hungry and attacks people.

Sharkantula is what happens when you add a campy B-movie premise to horror and science fiction and make it a novel. You get monsters, all the characters you would see if this had been a movie, gore (it is a shark, plus a tarantula, too!), and loads of fun. 

Before you think it is safe to read a book at the beach this summer, watch Shark Week, or binge all your Sharknado movies on DVD, read Sharkantula. It might just make you careful about taking a dip in the seawater off that beach or checking to see if any siders are hanging around your house before turning on the TV. 

I give Sharkantula: Shark. Tarantula. Sharkantula. (A B-Movie Novel Book 1) 4 Shark Week sheep.

Pamela Kinney

About the Author:
Essel Pratt is a master of horror and fantasy, conjuring tales that haunt souls and inspire imagination. As a student of psychology and teller of tales, Essel writes to share the complex nature of his imaginings with the world. His ever-expanding catalog of short stories spans multiple anthologies and collections, ranging from whimsical fantasy to bizarre horror, including everything in between. Dedicated fans have praised his creations, labeling his talents as prolific in substance. 

Hailing from Mishawaka, Indiana, his passion for writing began in the early years as his imagination taunted from within, begging for a release. Dabbling in art at first, he found that the stories that pleaded to be told could not be imprisoned by ink and paint alone. His most notable and prevalent accomplishments include Final Reverie, Sharkantula, and the multiple short stories that have garnered a following of their own, such as the adventures of Detective Mansfield.

Inspired by C.S. Lewis, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Harper Lee, William Golding, and many more, Essel doesn't restrain his writings to straight horror, instead exploring the blurred boundaries of horror within its competing genres, mixing the elements into a literary stew.

Saturday, July 27, 2019


*image created by Adrienne Wilder
🦈Highlights for Shark Week 2019🦈
🦈Discovery Channel premieres its first-ever scripted, feature-length film just for Shark Week starring Josh Duhamel: Capsized: Blood In The Water.

🦈After each day’s specials, Rob Riggle will host “Shark After Dark,” the week’s nightly talk show.

🦈Shark Trip: Eat. Pray. Chum will star Rob Riggle, Adam DeVine (“Pitch Perfect”), Anthony Anderson (“black-ish”), Joel McHale (“Community”) and Damon Wayans Jr. (“New Girl”)

Expedition Unknown: Megalodon
Sunday, July 28, 8 p.m.
Five times bigger than a T. Rex, with jaws capable of crushing a tank, the Megalodon was the ultimate apex predator. This 60-ton mega-shark ruled the world’s oceans for nearly 20 million years. Then, suddenly, it vanished. So how did the king of the deep lose his throne? Paleontologists are using fossilized teeth — the only surviving evidence of the Megalodon — to take a bite out of the mystery of its disappearance. These prehistoric dental records may hold the key to when this monster shark went extinct and why. Meanwhile, marine biologists are studying the Megalodon’s modern shark descendants to understand what caused its demise. What they’ve uncovered is a deep sea Game of Thrones that pitted one species against another in a battle for dominance. Josh is diving into shark-infested waters to unravel one of the oceans greatest mysteries: what happened to the mighty Meg?

Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.
Sunday, July 28, 9 p.m.
From Will Packer, the record-breaking producer of Girls Trip, comes the ultimate Shark Trip. Rob Riggle is back and campaigning for his own Shark Week special — but he’ll only get one if he can find a way to bring along some of his celebrity friends and get them to swim with sharks. The trip is booked, the bags are packed, and the adventure is ready to begin — whether or not his friends realize what they’ve signed up for.

Sharks of the Badlands
Monday, July 29, 8 p.m.
White sharks are infiltrating the waters off Cape Cod. This year alone a record 150 white sharks were recorded off the coast, and for the first time in 80 years, a white shark attack turned fatal. Greg Skomal teams up with Andy Casagrande and shark expert Kina Scollay in New Zealand to test the most exciting, cutting-edge new technology for shark detecting surveillance. If all goes well, they hope to bring it back to Cape Cod to make the water safe again.
Legend of Deep Blue

Monday, July 29, 9 p.m.
Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington head back to Guadalupe Island to search the depths for Deep Blue. Believed to be the largest great white shark in the world, Deep Blue, measures almost 21 feet long and over 2 and a half tons. If they can locate her, they might be able to shed some light on the mysteries of these deep-sea mega sharks.
The Sharks of Headstone Hell

Monday, July 29, 10 p.m.
In the middle of the South Pacific lies a tiny speck of land called Norfolk Island. At the end of the 18th century, it was the site of one of the harshest penal colonies on Earth. But today, it is the gathering spot of some of the largest tiger sharks on earth… and an extraordinary event — full size animal carcasses tossed into the sea by the present-day islanders. Has this practice completely altered the behavior of these massive sharks and made shark attacks on humans more likely when this beef buffet is outlawed? Shark scientist Riley Elliott is on a quest to find out.
Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing
Tuesday, July 30, 8 p.m.
Ramping up the adrenaline levels for Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing, Paul de Gelder and James Glancy bail out of an aircraft at 3,500 feet to experience first-hand what it’s like to crash land into some of the world’s most remote and shark infested waters. This time the location is Palau in the Pacific, renowned for its rich shark life and many plane wrecks.

Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters

Tuesday, July 30, 9 p.m.
You asked for more, you got it! Back by popular demand, hosts Paul de Gelder, Mike Dornellas, Nick Lebeouf, and Jamin Martinelli will put themselves in harm’s way as they reenact five recent shark attacks to find out how things could have ended differently. What do you do if you’re surrounded by human or fish blood? Could the electronics we’re bringing into the water be triggering attacks? Our hosts will attempt to answer these questions and more as they stage the most daring shark experiments ever attempted in search of answers. No cages are allowed.
Air Jaws Strikes Back
Tuesday, July 30, 10 p.m.
Air Jaws returns as shark expert Chris Fallows leads a team of researchers into a newly discovered shark vs. seal battleground at the base of a 200-foot cliff. Here a deadly game of life and death plays out in waist deep water. As the great whites stalk the seal colony, the seals have learned to team up and mount counter attacks against the predators. And for the first time, these extraordinary predatory events are captured in their entirety by the researchers.

Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark
Wednesday, July 31, 8 p.m.
Wildlife biologist and animal tracker Forrest Galante embark on a mission to the Indian Ocean to search for the supposedly extinct Pondicherry shark. This rare species was last seen in the 1970s, but recent photos of unidentified sharks around Sri Lanka and the Maldives lead many to believe it could still be alive. Along with his wife Jessica, a team of wildlife experts and filmmakers, Forest dives into an untamed wilderness to track down this amazing shark. But because of its ability to osmoregulate, meaning it can swim in fresh or saltwater, Forrest must cover tons of ground — including deep ocean, shallow coral reefs, underwater caves, and even jungle rivers. Armed with cutting edge technology including a 3D structure scanner and genetic testing, Forrest’s team leaves no stone unturned in their quest to validate whether or not the photos of a strange shark swimming in the Indian Ocean are Pondicherry. If they can prove it’s still alive, it will be removed off the extinct species list, and they can redouble their efforts to study and protect the Pondicherry’s ongoing existence.

Capsized: Blood in the Water
Wednesday, July 31, 9 p.m.
Based on the harrowing true story of an October 1982 shark encounters. After a yacht bound for Florida capsizes during an unexpected storm, its crew is left to drift for days in the chilling waters of the Atlantic where they become prey to a group of tiger sharks. With the hope of rescue dwindling, the crew must do everything in their power to survive as the sharks continue to hunt them.

Return to Shark Island
Thursday, Aug. 1, 8 p.m.
With the help of shark scientist Dr. Craig O’Connell, and the confirmed cooperation of Réunion’s newly established CRA Shark Protection Program, Return to Shark Island investigates the ongoing shark crisis that is threatening to bring this former island paradise to its knees and sets out to answer the critical questions: Have the islanders’ worst fears come true? Is this so-called ‘spike’ in shark attacks now the new normal? Why have Bull Sharks, rarely seen before 2011 on the populous west coast of the island, now apparently made it their home and hunting ground? Why despite all the measures taken by the authorities are people still dying and crucially, what, if anything, can be done about it?

Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe
Thursday, Aug. 1, 9 p.m.
150 miles off the coast of Baja, Calif., Guadalupe Island is a notorious hot spot for Great White sharks. Here to target the abundant seal population, Great Whites are silent hunters, stalking their prey and killing with a surprise attack. But the waters surrounding Guadalupe Island are crystal clear. So how do they do it? At other white shark hot spots around the world there is always a kill zone — a place where more predation events occur. But here in Guadalupe, an attack has never been witnessed. Now, a team of experts led by Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou and Melissa Marquez, are setting out to record never before seen white shark hunting behaviors. With the help of cutting-edge technology and three kinds of specialist cameras, they aim to discover the location of the Guadalupe Kill Zone.

Monster Mako: Perfect Predator
Thursday, Aug. 1, 10 p.m.
One of Shark Week’s most exciting missions over the years has been the search for the largest Makos called Granders in the world. Joe Romeiro and Keith Poe revisit the most exciting events and discoveries from Monster Mako and Return of the Monster Mako all leading up to brand new footage captured off the coast of California of rare Mako behavior.

Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers
Friday, Aug. 2, 8 p.m.
An intrepid team of shark explorers venture out for a third year to the famed Isle of Jaws, a remote island off the West Australian coast. Two great white shark males, believed to be brothers, are at the heart of an intriguing mystery — do these animals recognize, and prefer to live and hunt with, a blood relative? The team endures a runaway submersible, face-to-jaws encounters, and deploys a mini-ROV camera dubbed “The Guppy” that provides some of the most chilling close-up visuals yet. By using the latest in tracking technology, a major mystery is finally solved.

Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver
Friday, Aug. 2, 9 p.m.
Master illusionist, author, and inventor Andrew Mayne is going to attempt to create the first-of-its-kind SHARK SUIT to overcome the senses of a great white shark and make him invisible to the world’s most perfect predator… He teams up with underwater cameraman Andy Casagrande and Dr. Neil Hammerschlag on a global quest to uncover the power of the great white’s predation senses — all to prepare him for the ultimate test — putting himself in the middle of a great white frenzy in Australia. Will it work? Andrew’s life depends on it.

I Was Prey: Shark Week
Friday, Aug. 2, 10 p.m.
In the Pacific Ocean, danger lurks just below the surface. Along the sundrenched coast of Southern California, single mother Leeanne Ericson is enjoying a relaxing day at the beach when she’s confronted with her worst nightmare — a giant Great White shark that grabs her leg and drags her under the water. Off the rugged northern coast of Hawaii, spearfisherman Braxton Rocha is ambushed by a Tiger Shark so massive it could easily swallow him whole. In the wake of these vicious attacks, both victims must fight through their injuries and the unforgiving elements to reach safety before it’s too late.

Sharks Gone Wild 2
Saturday, Aug. 3, 8 p.m.
Discover everything that has happened in the world of sharks this year — the unbelievable viral videos, the biggest news stories, and the latest cutting-edge shark science.
Shark Week Immersion

Saturday, Aug. 3, 9 p.m.
Rooster Teeth tackles Shark Week as the Immersion crew answers a wide range of shark-fueled questions by taking some of the most iconic shark moments from pop culture history and bringing them to real life.
Best of 2019 Shark Week
Sunday, Aug. 4, all day
Encore presentations of the biggest specials from Shark Week 2019

Book Review: Vampire Detective Midnight (Book 1) by JC Andrijeski + giveaway

Vampire Detective Midnight (Book 1) 
by JC Andrijeski
June 27, 2019
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Vampire with a past and homicide detective, Naoko “Nick” Tanaka just got transferred to the NYPD, where he works as a “Midnight,” or vampire in the employ of the human police. Like all state-registered vamps, he gets his food delivered to his door, lives in government housing, and basically can’t sneeze without the U.S. government knowing about it.

Still, he’s determined to play by the rules. More than anything, he just wants to be left alone, to finish out his immortality in peace… but he’s barely there two weeks when things already start to go sideways.

It starts with a weird case involving inexplicable paintings that predict murders before they happen.

Between his mystery painter, a bunch of dead hybrid-humans, a conspiracy involving the richest families in New York, and a school principal who has an unsettling effect on him, Nick finds he can’t get personally uninvolved with any of it.

Instead, he gets sucked in even deeper, until he’s pretty sure he’ll end up forcibly reprogrammed by his human masters — assuming they don’t just rip his heart out of his chest and be done with it.

VAMPIRE DETECTIVE MIDNIGHT is book #1 of a gritty, romantic new series set in a futuristic, dystopian New York, involving vampires, humans and psychics trying to rebuild their world after a devastating race war that nearly obliterated all of them.

In this science fiction paranormal novel set in an alternate New York City, Naoko “Nick” Tanaka has been a vampire for a few hundred years. After a war between humans, Seers, and vampires—the humans won—Nick chose to go back to doing what he did when he had been human, a police detective. 

Vampire employees of the police are call “Midnights” because they work the night-shift. Transferred from the L.A Police to NYPD, he is like all state-registered blood drinkers. He gets his food (living donors) delivered to his door, lives in government housing, and basically can’t sneeze without the U.S. government knowing about it. Nick and his partners are called to investigate a murder of four people who Nick soon realizes are human-seer hybrids. At the crime scene, there’s an ominous painting of the murder they are investigating. They discover the picture was painted days before the murder.

The world-building, characters and storyline are unforgettable. I can see this New York City, the Bladerunner Dystopian flavor where the rich live in the lovely area, but the homeless and degenerates are fenced off from the rest. 

No one is allowed outside of the bubble the city is under, due to a poisonous atmosphere, but Bick goes surfing in because it doesn't affect him. 

Because it’s a mix of the hardboiled detective, paranormal, and dystopian science fiction set in the future, I'm not sure hard science fiction readers will like this. But I suggest you give it a try.

I give Vampire Detective Midnight 4 sheep.

Pamela Kinney

He needed to feed.

It was putting him in a foul mood.

That, and all this fucking blood…

Nick frowned, staring around at the alley floor.

It hit him again.

There was something wrong with this blood.

It smelled too fucking good.

It smelled way too fucking good.

That couldn’t all be Nick’s hunger.

“Anyway, that’s what I can tell you so far,” he said, making his voice deliberately casual. “Without knowing who the victims are, or what brought them to this alley, it’s pretty hard to speculate on motive, but…”

Nick hesitated then, realizing something.

Frowning, he stepped closer to the pools of blood.

Nose wrinkling, he crouched down so he could smell it from closer, even though the scent was overpowering, even from a lot further away. Taking a few full whiffs, he felt his fangs begin to extend in earnest.

That time, he couldn’t pull it back.

A flush of heat hit his gut and chest, burning in his throat. It was intense enough, he almost got hard, but he’d gotten pretty good at squelching that reaction, too.

He stood up at once.

Really, he lurched back.

It happened so fast, that smell and his reaction to it, Nick forgot to modulate his body’s natural reflexes to accommodate the people around him. He was up and moving in a heartbeat, darting back in pure instinct, without slowing his movements at all.

He moved fast enough to make the humans around him freeze.

Instantly, they turned into prey.

Ignoring them, and ignoring their deer-in-headlights reactions to how he’d just moved, Nick backed away from the pool of blood with a scowl.

He backed away from the human detectives and tech team, too.

“They’re hybrids,” he said, emotion reaching his voice.

He turned around, staring at the humans sharing the alley with him.

The stared back at him, faces blank, eyes holding flickers of fear.

Frustrated, wanting to smash through that frozen prey look, Nick let his voice turn into a harder growl.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Nick said. “Did you hear me? They’re all fucking hybrids.”

When they still didn’t speak, he averted his gaze with a scowl. His eyes returned to the alley. Staring around at all of that blood, it sank in what it really represented.

Once it had, he couldn’t help but feel sick.

About the Author:
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JC Andrijeski is a USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL bestselling author who writes paranormal mysteries and apocalyptic fiction, often with a sexy, romantic and metaphysical bent. JC has a background in journalism, history and politics, and loves martial arts, yoga, meditation, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, painting… and of course reading and writing. She grew up in the Bay Area of California, but travels extensively and has lived abroad in Europe, Australia and Asia, and from coast to coast in the continental United States. She currently lives and writes full-time in Bangkok, Thailand.

Current series include: Vampire Detective Midnight, the Bridge & Sword series, the Quentin Black Mystery series, The Morph series, and the Alien Apocalypse series. She’s also written a number of standalone novels, novellas and short stories, as well as nonfiction articles and essays.

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